Using Lapbooks with Literature

In our homeschool we prefer living books over textbooks.  Some of our favorite homeschool moments happened while snuggled up reading books together.   Two of the three children are fluent readers but we still enjoy reading aloud together.  We really enjoy using lapbooks with literature studies.  Using lapbooks is a fun way to record what we have learned through reading books.

Using Lapbooks with Literature

Using Lapbooks with Literature

We are a family that really enjoys reading together.  We also enjoy listening to audio books while driving around town or on road trips.  Using lapbooks with literature has proven to be a fun way to encourage retention and strengthening comprehension of the stories that we read.

My kids have always enjoyed making lapbooks.  My kids enjoy showing their creativity and individual personalities in their answers and design that they put into each lapbook.  Alex enjoys creating sometimes silly, yet accurate, answers.  He is an often serious child and creates silly, yet accurate, answers to the questions in his lapbook ,  It seems to me that lapbooking is a fun outlet for him.

This year we read several abridged versions of classic stories.  We enjoyed Call of the Wild, Alice in Wonderland, Swiss Family Robinson, Robinson Crusoe and so many more.  I found lapbooks that match up with these classics over at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  After reading a classic we enjoy watching the movie, comparing the two is included in the lapbook template which we enjoy.

How to Make a Lapbook

You can make a lapbook using file folders or card stock.  They can also be very simple or as complex as you would like them to be.  There are lots of free lapbooks available online, you can check out my lapbook list here.  If you want to be super creative there are templates that you can use to create your own as well.  If you are unsure what a lapbook is or how to make a lapbook please check out my post:  How to Make a Lapbook.

For several months we have been listening to the Little House series.  We just finished Little Town on the Prairie.  I was thrilled when I found FREE lapbooks for each of the Little House books over at Marine Corps Nomads.

You can simply google what you are reading and you are pretty sure to find a lapbook that goes along with it.  Homeschool Share is an excellent resource for free lapbooks so I always check there first.

Benefits of Lapbooking

Lapbooks are very beneficial in a learning environment.  While working on lapbooks the child must find the information that they are looking for to answer questions on specific templates which is way more fun than a simple worksheet!  I find that my children pay closer attention to what they are reading so that they can anticipate question that may be asked when completing the lapbook.  This attention to detail strengthens their comprehension of the story.

Studies have also proven that when children are given hands on activities to learn while they study they will retain more information. Lapbooks do exactly that; they help them retain the information they are learning.

My kids love to review their work which reinforces what they have learned.  They also enjoy showing them to family and friends, they are proud of their work.  I view at them as keepsakes of our homeschool journey.

Using lapbooks with literature has been beneficial for our family.  It is a fun way to record and keep track of the wonderful stories that you have read.  I know that we will continue using lapbooks with literature for years to come.


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