Health Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Inhalers

I have used Himalayan salt in our home for years.  I have Himalayan salt lamps throughout my house and I use Himalayan salt in the kitchen so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered a Himalayan salt inhaler at our local herb store.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhaler

I was searching for ways to treat my daughter’s asthma naturally and this was the first product that I found.  I purchased the salt inhaler for Ava and am so pleased with the results that I think we will all start using Himalayan salt inhalers!

Himalayan salt inhalers are great for people with asthma but this salt inhaler offers many more health benefits as well.  These inhalers can also help with sinus problems, the common cold, allergies, hay fever, congestion, and more.

Using a Himalayan salt inhaler is known as salt-therapy.  Salt therapy has been used for thousands of years.  Salt rooms are available in many locations as more and more people discover the benefits of inhaling Himalayan salt.  A salt room is great but using a salt inhaler is much more convenient (and probably more affordable!).

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhaler

You may be wondering what a Himalayan salt inhaler is and how you use it.   Himalayan salt inhalers are a convenient and drug-free device that allow you to inhale Himalayan salt vapors that deliver amazing respiratory relief.  The inhaler is ceramic and the Himalayan salt crystals rest in a chamber inside of the inhaler.  As you breathe from the inhaler natural moisture in the air absorbs the salt particles into the lungs.  Unlike steroid inhalers and other pharmaceutical drugs, this therapeutic approach offers absolutely no negative side effects.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhaler


Now let’s get down to it, the health benefits of Himalayan salt inhalers.

Respiratory health.  Salt inhalation therapy has been used to boost overall respiratory strength and lung capacity.  This  is why we began using a Himalayan salt inhaler: asthma.

Salt is an anti-inflammatory.  Asthma is an inflammatory disease so using Himalayan salt for treatment makes total sense! There are studies from the 1800’s that found breathing pure salted air in salt mines helped reduce respiratory problems and the irritation cause by smoking and air pollution.

Reduces Allergies.   If you consistently use a salt inhaler it can balance the histamine response in the lungs and sinus cavity by coating and protecting mucus membranes.  Ava suffers from allergies as well so this provides her relief from those as well.

Reduces mucus build-up.  Salt is a natural cleansing expectorant, and can aid in reducing excess mucous and general nose and throat stuffiness.  This is great for Ava and her allergies and asthma.  Salt thins and dries up mucus while moisturizing membranes.  This is the perfect for respiratory conditions such as  bronchitis, dry cough, asthma, cold and flu,   It works great for people suffering from COPD, pneumonia, sore throats, sinus infections, hay fever, and other allergies.

There are more benefits that I have read about such as helping to lower blood pressure, reducing redness and swelling, improves mental calmness, and promotes better sleep.  I have no experience in these but it is worth looking into!

How often do you use it?

The recommended duration of usage is 15-25 minutes per day.  Ava uses it everyday and will use it all year round.  She usually uses it while chilling out on the computer or watching a show.

How do you use it?

Place the mouth between your lips and gently inhale through your mouth, exhale through your nose.  Do not exhale back through the device.

Here is Ava using hers…

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Salt therapy offers so many benefits.  We started using it for asthma and allergies but it seems there are many more benefits than I imagined.  I will say that I also use tinctures, bee pollen, and honey to help Ava with her asthma and allergies, we also have albuterol to use when needed.  My goal is to strengthen her lungs so she will not be dependent on prescription drugs to live comfortably.

You can purchase your own salt inhaler locally or from Amazon:


I hope that you find this post helpful.  If you have any more uses for a Himalayan salt inhaler please share in the comments!

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  2. Tom Shrill says:

    “I was searching for ways to treat my daughter’s asthma naturally and this was the first product that I found.”

    So wait, you just straight up bought the first inhaler you found on the internet? Hopefully you did a lot of research on it before actually buying and using it at least…

    • Angela says:

      Yes, I did a lot of research on it. The reason I mentioned that it was the first product I found was because it is apparently a very popular treatment and I was totally unaware of it. I also researched which inhaler I wanted as well. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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