The Kids And I March Against Monsanto

Today is May 25.  It is also a global day of protest against the biotech giant Monsanto.March Against Monsanto: Earth Mama's World


I wanted to join the thousands of people from across the world in an effort to raise awareness of the health and environmental risks of genetically modified organisms or GMO’s.   I decided that this was also the perfect opportunity for my children to march in their first protest.

My children know that GMO’s are not good and they understand that we eat organic whenever possible because it is good for our health and the environment.  When I discussed the March Against Monsanto I explained to them that Monsanto was a company that we do not support because their products and practices are very bad for our health and our environment.  I briefly explained the havoc that Monsanto is causing to the bee population and the suffering it has brought many many farmers.  I did not go too in-depth with our conversation because I didn’t want to scare them (Monsanto scares me!), I just wanted them to understand that we were marching on the side of what we think is right.

They were very excited to make their protest signs.

March Against Monsanto:  Earth Mama's World

We also made shirts for them to wear.  Alex has always loved farms, his great grandparents were farmers, and he chose ‘Save the farmers!’ for his shirt.

Ava created a chant that she wanted to say during the march.  It went like this:  “Go away Monsanto, Go away GMO, and never come back.  Ever.”  I really like it!

Signs and shirts were made, our march chant was ready, and we were headed out the door when I realized that Audrey was covered in her mysterious hives. She didn’t seem to be uncomfortable so we headed out to be a part of the March Against Monsanto.  Audrey fell asleep on the 10 minute drive, I was so glad that I had a carrier on hand!

March Against Monsanto:  Earth Mama's World

Alex marched alongside of me holding his sign in support of the bees.  Ava rode in luxury in the wagon with all of our signs taped on the sides.  Audrey slept in the carrier the entire march.   My husband was also their in spirit, I was sending him pictures the entire time!

The kids and I are very happy that we participated in the March Against Monsanto.  We met some really nice people and saw a few friends.  It was a great way to further explain the importance of activism to my children and they were so excited to march alongside so many like-minded people.   I hope that the March Against Monsanto helps to bring attention to the dangers of GMO’s and Monsanto.

I hope that my children look back and know that they were part of something big.   Do you get you children involved in activism?

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