Thankful for the Chaos

I have taken a break from sharing in this space.  It is not because I have nothing to share, it is simply because I have very little time to share.  Our life is crazy and chaotic at times, leaving me feel insanely overwhelmed, and I am thankful for every moment.  I am thankful for the chaos.

Thankful for the Chaos

Thankful for the Chaos

I am thankful for my amazing family.

I am extremely thankful that I am able to homeschool Alex, Ava, and Audrey.

I am thankful for our homeschool community of awesome friends for my children and myself.

I am thankful that I get to experiment in the kitchen and I am grateful that my family is willing to participate in my experiments!

I am thankful for every decision that I make that helps my family live a more natural life.

I am thankful for Shane who works his ass off so we can live this amazing life.

I am thankful for all of the love that I am surrounded by every single moment of every single day.

Thankful for the Chaos

Without this chaos my life would be so quiet and I am nowhere near ready for that quiet that I know will eventually be upon me.

I miss sharing here

I enjoy sharing our homeschool adventures, new recipes that I love, and fun ideas that I stumble upon that help me to live a more natural life.   I love interacting with people who stop in here – those that I know in real life and those that I have gotten to know because of this space.  I miss being here.

I intend to share here more often because it brings me joy.

That is my intention and I am sharing it with you.

I will briefly share a quick recap of what has been going on in our world.  You can certainly expect me to write about all of this soon!

Our Family

There are five children in our family and we just added our SECOND grandson.  Oh my goodness, he is just perfect.

It is so amazing to see a person that you have known since they were little BE a mama.  I am so thankful for our family.

Thankful for the Chaos

I am thankful for my parents and I am thankful that my children know their grandmothers. I am SO thankful for the three-week road trip that we made to visit all of our family.



I really cannot express how thankful I am for our family.


We discovered several food allergies in our family this year which has led me to become even more creative with my cooking.  Although, it turns out that Ava can eat diary I am still having fun creating nut cheeses and more with my (new) amazing Vitamix.  It sits happily on my counter next to my Instant Pot.

Most of my recipes will be gluten-free due to Audrey’s dietary needs, it’s just easier this way.

I also joined a CSA this fall and am excited to make a bunch of new recipes.  For example, this week I plan to make carrot top pesto, garlic roasted radishes, and bok choy egg roll in a bowl.  Yummy!

I am thankful for all of the local co-ops that I get to be a part of.  This allows us to eat better and not spend a fortune!

Thankful for the Chaos


Oh my goodness, my kids asked for more field trips this year.  I love homeschooling and find that this has been our busiest year so far!  I have been setting up so many fun field trips.  We struggle with finding time to ‘do school’ because we are constantly out and about.  I am so thankful for our amazing homeschool community as field trips are easy to fill with amazing kids and parents.

Field trips we have already been on  – Watson Christmas tree farm, NOAA,  Kennedy Space Center, airport fire station, Ice at Gaylord Palms, Reptile World Serpantarium, Wonderworks, Fort Christmas, Loggerhead Marine Center, Bushe Wildlife Sanctuary, Audubon Center, theater performances, and more.

ava snake

Trips still to come – Daytona International Speedway, a citrus farm, Chocolate Kingdom, Gatorland, and more!

Natural Living

Natural living is something that I am always thankful for and always striving to do better at.  This week I plan to make elderberry syrup in my Instant Pot.

Alex has been having stress headaches so I intend to make a salve for him.  My kids are going to get back into the routine of getting adjusted more frequently.  Living a natural life is something I work towards every single day.  Even days when they eat french fries.

I cracked up when I took the lid off of my pot of simmering bone broth to see this.  My broth was giving me the finger!

Thankful for the Chaos

I am Thankful to be Back in this Space

Just sharing my thankful thoughts has me excited to be sharing in this space again.  My intent is set and I hope you will check back to read more about our life filled with love and chaos.

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