Taking A Break With Daddy

Today my husband, AKA daddy, went back to work.  No biggie right?  Well it is when work is 1,000 miles away.  He will be gone for five or six weeks.  The kids are adjusting…so am I.  It is bittersweet when he leaves.  We need the income from his job but we miss him while he is gone.

Shane was home for the last two weeks.  I just finished sifting through all of the photos from his time at home with us.  We had two amazing weeks with him.  I am dedicating this post to him.

To honor my husband I am linking this post up with the unschooling blog carnival for June.  This months blog carnival is a Tribut To Dads.

Shane is an amazing husband and daddy.

Here are the highlights of our fun-filled daddy time:

A trip to the zoo!  They are checking out the fish and stingrays.

An evening at the beach.

We enjoyed a beautiful breezy evening by taking a bike ride and flying kites.

An afternoon visit to the river.

Audrey spots a dolphin!

 A visit to our favorite ice cream shop.

We explored the trails at the Environmental Learning Center in Wabasso.

Alex found a gopher tortoise!

We had a blast at the Sebastian Inlet tide pool.

Shane netted a few urchins.

And caught a crab!

Many days we never left the house.  We spent a bunch of time in the backyard and in the pool!

We spent two amazing weeks as a family having fun together and loving one another.

The kids and I are at home transitioning to their daddy being gone.  My husband is 1,000 miles away transitioning to being away from his family.  We are all anxiously awaiting his next trip home so we can celebrate our family again!

5 thoughts on “Taking A Break With Daddy

  1. Ruth Scott says:

    My heart goes out to you. My husband was in the Navy for 20 years and that gave us the opportunity to live overseas. It still meant that he was gone from us a lot! (In Japan it was for 3 months every three months). Time together became very important when he was home, and it looks like you have discovered that as well. While your husband is gone, you can build up some wonderful experiences to share with him when he returns. Your photography is beautiful! You should be able to document the news of the “holders-down-of-the-fort” team exceptionally well! I’ll be praying for you!

    • Angela says:

      Thank you for your kind words Ruth. I certainly appreciate the time that I have with my husband when our family is all together. I am not sure that he ever looked at my blog before he left but he really enjoys checking in on it now! My son enjoys being my ‘big helper’ while his daddy is gone 🙂

  2. Thank you Angela for sharing these very personal memories – I loved looking at your pictures. Isn’t it true that the most simple things can make the sweetest memories!


  3. What a nice post. It’s difficult to deal with separation like that but y’all seem to be managing happily. Delightful addition to the carnival.

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