Using Lapbooks with Literature

Using Lapbooks with Literature

In our homeschool we prefer living books over textbooks.  Some of our favorite homeschool moments happened while snuggled up reading books together.   Two of the three children are fluent readers but we still enjoy reading aloud together.  We really enjoy using lapbooks with literature studies.  Using lapbooks is a fun way to record what Read More

Fun Learning Lessons:  The Periodic Table of Elements

Homeschool Learning: Discovering & Understanding the Periodic Table of Elements

Alex decided to ditch the science path that we were on this homeschool year in order to learn about chemistry (yeah, we often change it up mid-year).  I knew that learning about chemistry would involve learning about the periodic table of elements and that scared me.  Once I got over this fear I found many Read More


Preschool: Letter Recognition

Ava is 3 1/2.  She is picking up so much from learning along with Alex.  I recently discovered that she knows all of her letter sounds from (1) listening to Alex learn and (2) watching Leapfrog Letter Factory over and over again.  I can assure you #2 had more of an impact! I guess Ava is ready to start Read More


2011-2012 Curriculum

1/30/12 **I have to say that our ‘curriculum’ is under construction….I am dabbling in unschooling also known as  interest-led learning.  We are still working on Horizons Math and I have slowed down quite a bit on reading because I think Alex needs a little more time.  He is currently choosing what he wants to learn for our Unit Studies.  He Read More


Homeschool Week 8

  Halloween fun has come and gone.  The transition to Thanksgiving is underway.  We will now to move on to a topic that Alex is very excited about…Native American Indians.  I am still researching the lessons that I am going to use to teach him about the Native Americans and how the English came to be on Read More


I just discovered Lapbooks…Whoo-Hoo!!

Okay, I am really overly excited about this one.  I have been seeing posts all over my homeschool facebook group about lapbooking.  It seems that many homeschoolers out there are lapbooking.  I never really checked out what lapbooking was until yesterday.  Oh my, why haven’t we been making lapbooks?!   Someone posted a free about me lapbook so I decided Read More