Still Loving Our Life

Oh my, it’s been nearly four months since I have shared in this space.   I am still loving our life, it is amazing and crazy and I am trying to enjoy every moment.  Recently the energy that I spend here needed to go to other projects but I found my balance and here I am!

My family is still (and always will b) the center of my crazy, amazing life.  We are still at it...homeschooling, having fun with real food recipes, living naturally and intentionally while trying to be present every single moment.  It’s not easy and I don’t always get it right but I sure do try.

So, I’m going to check in with a quick update of what has been going on and what I hope to share here in the weeks to come.

p.s. (mom & dad) there are lots of pictures at the bottom of the post if you would like to skip my rambling….


This is our 7th year homeschooling…I think.  Alex is beginning 6th grade, Ava 4th, and Audrey 2nd or is it 1st?!?  It’s funny, I recently realized that I actually registered her with the county as a homeschooler a year early.  In real life she considers herself a 2nd grader while on paper she is a first grader.   Homeschooling is funny like that.  Ask my kids what grade they are in and wait a moment while they figure it out, it’s not really something that we focus on .

I am attempting to implement more structure in our homeschool routine this year.  They are getting older and they actually thrive on structure, it’s me who needs to work at this!

Real Food Yummies

I slacked for a while but am getting back into experimenting with new yummy food recipes.

I recently made a new homemade ketchup that my son enjoys (HUGE accomplishment) that has WAY less sugar than the store-bought bottles.  I will share that recipe this week!

I also used my amazing Instant Pot to make vegan yogurt.  I had been so intimidated by making yogurt in that thing but am so happy that I finally did.  Yummmmm.

I am very excited about an upcoming HUGE purchase.  I am saving, and saving, to purchase a Vitamix.  I really want to make dairy free cheese and this is a necessary tool to accomplish this it seems.

Living Naturally

We are still trying to live a natural life and I am learning all of the time.  I have fun making homemade natural products and really enjoy researching and tinkering to develop new creations.  Our most recent favorite it my sleep sweet foot spray.  Ava Rose had not slept soundly through the night in I cannot even remember when and this stuff has her snoozing and sleeping until 9 am some days, she is so well rested these days.

Intentional Living

I am a work in progress.  Currently, I am focusing on living in the now.  I finally came to terms with the fact that everything will NEVER be done.  This is life, there will always be stuff to do.  I am prioritizing this ‘stuff’ and placing my family at top priority.  Easier than it sounds for sure.

What Have We Been Up To?

Here are some pics of what has been going on in our lives in the many months that I have been absent….

We had a BLAST on a camping trip at Blue Springs State Park with friends.

Camping Fun

The water was cold but SO beautiful, fun was had by all.

Camping Fun

So many slow days spent around the water.  I love living in paradise.


Summer ballet shows for the girls.  I think it is so stinking cool that they get to dance with birds!


One week a year my dad, brothers, nieces, and nephews come to visit for a week.  I cherish this week and all of the memories that are made.


We had a blast roller skating!


This kid went offshore fishing for his first time and caught a Mahi.  He is such a water person.


Of course we went to Disney…


and climbed trees….


and twirled…


and surfed….


and loved one another…


I am so grateful for this amazing life and hope to spend more time centered and enjoying every single moment.

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