Solar Eclipse Lesson Ideas

Solar Eclipse Lesson Ideas

The total solar eclipse of 2017 is weeks away so what better time to learn about eclipses than the present?!?  My family is traveling north to the path of totality so I thought we should learn about this event before we go so we can all understand and appreciate it.  I have gathered several solar eclipse lesson ideas that I thought I would share for others interested in this event.

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Solar Eclipse 2017

On August 21, 2017 we will be able to see the sun disappear behind the moon, so cool!

Are you in the path?  If you aren’t sure here is a map of the eclipse crossing the US.  If you are in the path, make sure to get a pair of eclipse glasses!

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No worries if you can’t make it to the path of totality you may still be able to see a partial solar eclipse, still pretty cool!

To find out more about the solar eclipse and what you will experience where you are check out these sites:


Solar Eclipse Lesson Ideas

This is such a great time to research and learn about solar eclipses.  Below you will find books, activities, and crafts to help you children understand what a solar eclipse is.

Solar Eclipse Lesson Ideas


There are so many books about solar eclipses I certainly recommend checking out your public library.  These are a few books that we are using to learn about solar eclipses.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017:  Your Guide to the Next Solar Eclipse  :  “This is the most complete guide to the 2017 eclipse that is available. It includes everything you need to plan a successful viewing experience, with dozens of tips from veteran eclipse chasers”

The Big Eclipse :  “The Big Eclipse, by acclaimed children’s illustrator and author, Nancy Coffelt, introduces a cast of charming animal characters as they follow the path of the 2017 eclipse across America, capturing their sense of wonder and excitement.”  This book even comes with a solar eclipse viewer!

Where Did the Sun Go?  Myths and Legends of Solar Eclipses Around the World Told With Poetry and Puppetry :  “For thousands of years, our ancestors created myths and legends to explain the puzzle of solar eclipses. The poems in this book bring the ancient beliefs of many different cultures to life. ”


Eclipse Activity Guide :  This is an awesome and FREE activity guide.

This guide support activities for learning about the sun, light, our solar system, and eclipses. They draw upon hands on, safe activities suitable for children as well as adults. While these activities are designed to help people prepare for the total eclipse of the sun in 2017, they can be used beyond the eclipse as part of your outreach programs. And, there is another total eclipse of the sun crossing the U.S. in 2024!  –

How can the little moon hide the sun? :  This is a super easy activity and great for little kids as well as big.

This activity offers great hands-on exploration of how distance can affect the way we perceive the size of an object. It makes a good introduction to solar eclipse as well as Sun and Moon’s sizes and distances from Earth –

You can find many different eclipse activities at  These are mostly classroom ideas but can also be used in a home.

Eclipse 2017 has so much information.  Simply sitting down with your children and checking out all that this site has to offer is awesome.

This is a cool guide from that has a ton of educational information.

I am excited about this one!  The Solar Eclipse Road Trip:  The Complete Kids’ Guide and Activity Book for the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017. We are road tripping to see the eclipse so this book, for us, is a must have!

This is a free EclipseEbook from apologia (just a heads up that this is from a Christian perspective).  I have not personally checked it out but thought it would be useful to many.


Understanding solar eclipses



What is a solar eclipse?  (for kids)



This is a super cool (and easy craft) from books and giggles:

solar eclipse craft

Total solar eclipse painted plates from jdaniel4smom :

solar eclipse craft 1

If you want to skip the eclipse glasses and go old school make an eclipse viewer!  Instructions over at

I am over the moon excited about the upcoming eclipse.  If you have any ideas to share I would love that, please feel free to leave a comment!

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