Smile, It’s Good For You!

I love to smile and I simply adore smiles in return.  Really I do.  I enjoy making eye contact and smiling with a loved one, friend, or a stranger passing by.   The reason that I smile is because I care.  I may love you, really really like you or I may not know you but I care about you and I choose to show you this with my smile.

There are some who return my smile with a look that seems to say “why in the world are you smiling at me?” and then there are the people who smile back at me.  There are so many different smiles that can be returned.  There are the beaming smiles, the ‘I totally get you’ smiles, the ‘you smiled so I am smiling’, and then there is that smile that seems to be a struggle.

The struggling smile is kind with good intention but it just isn’t backed up with the happiness that is associated with a smile.  I will sometimes follow my smile with a personal comment while passing by. My comment is usually about something that stands out to me such as their one-of-a kind piece of jewelry or body art.  I am not seeking any specific response I simply want to spread happiness, this makes me happy.

Smiling  not only makes other people happy, it makes you happy too!

Smile!  Why smiling is good for you.

These are both GREAT incentives to smile.  If you need more reason why you should smile, here are five!  Yep, here are a few (there are more!) reasons to share a smile with a friend, someone you love or even someone who you have never met:

1.  Giving a smile can put you in a better mood, receiving a smile can do the same.  Even if you have to force a smile on your face, pretty soon your endorphins will kick in and you will find yourself in a better mood.  The person on the receiving end of the smile may as well, so it is a win-win smiling situation!

How could you not be in a better mood after seeing this smiling face?

Smile!  Why smiling is good for you.

2.  Smiling can help you relieve stress.  I practice this with my kids often, when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed.   I stop to cuddle and share a smile with them, it typically makes everything notably better.  Even if your alone, stop to take a few deep breaths and may have to fake the smile at first but soon your body will catch on and you will feel the stress begin to leave your body.  Oh and this is another win-win smiling situation, if you smile at someone who is stressed quite often it will help them too!

3.  You just might laugh.  Smiling often leads to laughter and what is not to love about laughter!?!  Laughter is great for you too.  Laughter lowers blood sugar, helps your blood flow,  tones your tummy (if it’s a big belly laugh!) and could possibly boost your immunity.

I love this photo of my friend and I sharing an amazing smile &  laugh.  I wonder what I was saying?

Smile!  Why smiling is good for you.

4.  Smiling feels good.  Smiling feels really really good and it is highly addictive.

5.  Smiling is contagious.  I have found that at least half, probably more,  of the people who I smile at smile back at me.  There has to be a ripple effect here…how far can one smile travel?

So, smile it’s good for you!   If you see me out and about and I smile at you now you know why.  I enjoy sharing smiles and hope that I spread joy through my smile.

Peace & Love,


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