Slowing Down & Embracing NOW

Slowing Down and Embracing NOW

Have you ever been so busy that you don’t realize just how busy you are?  Simply thinking about the last several months leaves me exhausted.  Now that things are slowing down I realize that I don’t want to be that busy again.  It is time (once again) that I am reminded to make a conscious choice to slow down and embrace NOW.

Slowing down and embracing NOW has the capability to make a positive impact in your life.  For real.  It can be difficult but it is worth it..I promise.

Slowing down strengthens relationships while restoring peace and happiness to you and your family.

Slowing Down & Embracing NOW

Too Busy

How did I get so busy?  Funny you should ask.  I am quite certain that I am not alone in this busy nonsense.

November led up to the holiday season causing a ton or prep work for me.

The holidays are awesome but are often be chaotic.

Serious clean up follows the holiday season, so many new things find their way into our home..where does it all go?!?

We lost a very important person in our family so this was very emotional and stressful for everyone involved.

And to top it off it is my girls first year as Girl Scouts and February was cookie season.  p.s. cookies are A LOT of work!

Deep breath.

Oh my! Holy crap!  SO much to do and so little time…..or so I felt.  Obviously, this was such a busy time for us.  It’s life this happens but how we deal with it is very important.  If I could rewind I would focus on each moment and tend to each feeling as they happened.  Instead, I found myself working through one ‘task’ while thinking about the next.

I certainly wasn’t enjoying or focusing on NOW..I was completing one task so I was prepared to begin the next.  I allowed it all to happen so fast without taking the time to slow down and enjoy the simple moments.

Slowing Down

All of this hurrying left us feeling frazzled and exhausted.  It was evident to me, I felt physically and emotionally off.  The kids were sleepy and snippy. This fast pace wasn’t working.  At all.

It was clear that it was time to sllllooooowww dooooowwwn.

“Nothing can be more useful to a man than a determination not to be hurried.” Thoreau

After a few days of slowing down we are all much calmer, happier, and more peaceful.  Phew.

It is obvious that I have more perspective when I am focusing on the present and not hurrying through the day.  I want to enjoy the now, cherish the moments of today, not hurry through the moments and miss the joys of NOW.  This moment is what matters right now.

Slowing down and cherishing this very moment can be difficult but it is worth it…I promise.  I am strengthening my connection with my children while their bond with one another is becoming stronger.  It is clear that we are all more joyful simply when we slow down and embrace NOW.

Slow down…..I highly recommend it.

How to Slow Down

My ‘slow down’ bracelet found its spot on my wrist and I began to focus on my breathing.  It was time to live in the present.  This was evident, but goodness, it isn’t always easy.

Find your reset.   Meditate, do what makes you feel happy and calm.  Go to your magical place.  For me it is the beach.

Slow Down and Enjoy NOW

Here are  several awesome tips over at Zen Habits on slowing down.  Here they are in a nutshell however, I really recommend hoping over and reading their ‘rules’ along with helpful tips.

  • Do less
  • Be present
  • Disconnect
  • Focus on people
  • Appreciate nature
  • Eat slower
  • Drive slower
  • Find pleasure in anything
  • Single task
  • Breathe

Hurrying is NO Good

Hurrying isn’t good for anyone.  It is stressful.  Hurrying is unhealthy as well by causing tension and elevating blood pressure.  It is unsafe because it leaves us less focused which can lead to accidents.

Hurrying doesn’t feel good to you and the people around you vibe off of that energy and those feelings as well.  Slowing down and embracing NOW is not as easy as it sounds but it is worth it.

So here I am in my little spot in the world focusing on slowing down and enjoying the NOW.  I hope that you are able to do the same.

Much love to you.


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  1. Wendy @ Hip Homeschool Moms says:

    This is so true!! I find myself in a hurry so often! I’m trying to remind myself to slow down and not feel so rushed and anxious so often. Thank you for the reminder! And thank you for linking up with us at Hip Homeschool Moms!

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