Slowing Down And Reconnecting With My Children

Whew!  What an amazing, fun, and busy summer it has been.  We have had family in town for three of the previous four weeks.  It has been a super crazy fun-filled month.  We always look forward to this time of year when so many members of our family come to spend time together.  We spent many days at the beach, we shared awesome moments with family, I opened my Etsy store, AND I accomplished a ton of homeschool planning.   When it came time to say goodbye we were exhausted.

Happy cousins!

Once our last visitor departed and the dust settled I realized that the connection between myself and my children was off.  During all of the fun, chaos, hustle and bustle we had become a bit disconnected.  I knew it was time to slow down and dedicate myself  to creating strong connections with my children once again.

A strain in connection with your children can occur even when you spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with them. We were lacking in quality time not quantity.  The kids and I were enjoying catching up with our family, which is not a bad thing.   We simply did not  have as many individual interactions as we typically do.  This change in routine caused a disconnect which was evident in our interactions once we got back into our normal routine.

These feelings of disconnect caused me to realize that I needed to put some effort into bonding and connecting with my children again.  I understood that the bonding that was necessary to reconnect with my children would take time, quality time.  I stopped using the computer while they were awake.  Having all day, everyday available to my kids so that we could create positive connections became a priority.  We unplugged and spent most days outside playing together, quality time with my children is one of my most favorite things!

In the last week we have had a blast playing and simply being present with one another.  We have played at the beach, the river, and spent almost every evening in our pool….playing.  Lots and lots of play!  We have read more books together than I can count and played game after game, Crazy Eight’s is a current favorite.  We have snuggled, talked, and snuggled some more.  I am able to see in children’s eyes and feel it in my heart that our connection is once again strong.



I know that I said that spending time with my children is one of my most favorite things, and it totally is.  However, I admit that having day after day of quality time is not always possible.  There are days that we spend all day together but we really don’t spend much time together.   I know that it can be easy to fall into a routine, it used to happen in our home more than I care to admit.  I also know that if  I pay attention, my children’s behavior will give me clues.  These clues will tell me that they desire and need to feel more connected to me.

I am aware now and realize when it is time to take a break, slow down, and reconnect with my children.   I understand and appreciate the importance of  developing and maintaining  positive strong connections with my children.  These connections will form a foundation for positive interactions with my children for our lifetime.

How do you keep the connection strong with your children?

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