Sick House Weeks 11 &12

Laika, the dog, trying to make friends with Lucky

Holy Moly I haven’t blogged in a while.  Our house has been a sick house and I have been neglecting my poor blog.  Audrey started it all with croup and we have just been passing it around in circles I think.  I do feel that we are finally on the mend.  Alex and I are finishing a nice batch of immune boosting tea and we both have much more energy today that we have had in a while.

I am still fighting a bizzare toe infection (I will spare a photo here).  As I type I have a poultice on it hopefully drawing out all of the infection.

Due to the above two reasons school has been slow going.

Audrey taking it easy

Alex is doing great with Math, as always, but reading has required a slow down.  He knows all of the letter sounds but tends to make the process of blending the sounds more difficult than it needs to be.  The sickies in the house and his slow pace at reading has made me appreciate homeschooling even more.  We have been able to recuperate while sick without  the worry of ‘sick days’ and I have been able to adjust Alex’s reading curriculum to a slower pace while he needs it.  I know that this slow down in reading will only benefit his self-confidence in the subject.

We are working on a cool polar animal lapbook.  The kids are really enjoying it!  I also signed them both up for Time4Learing.  This has actually been a lifesaver while I have been feeling under the weather.  Ava is really impressing me with her attention span on the computer.

On a personal note I have been making a conscious effort to truly embrace every moment that I have with my kids.  I am trying to stay present and calm.  Being together all day every day can have it’s moments so I try to constantly remind myself that they are kids and I am their mama.  I try to lead by example.  Kind words work so much better than angry words.  Calm actions better than angry actions.  At times it is not easy…it is a day-to-day, minute-to-minute effort!

We have been enjoying our time with our new family member, Lucky.  The dog is still a little afraid and I find that simply hilarious.


The last few weeks have been tough being sick.  I have often wanted to crawl back in bed and not ‘deal’ with the three kiddos.  But I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.  I am simply cherishing every moment as their mom and I can say that I LOVE homeschooling!

2 thoughts on “Sick House Weeks 11 &12

  1. Sunshine says:

    I’m so happy to hear an update! But not happy that you all have been sick. And what in the world is going on with that toe? I just want to say your kids are the most beautiful ever and Audrey, she is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I agree with what you said about calm actions and slowing down. That is a constant struggle for me but it always works better, for myself and the kids, when I can stay calm! It sounds like with Alex’s reading that he is working out how those letters combine and once he gets it he will be smooth sailing. I can tell he’s really smart from all you share about him. I can’t wait to hear the next update and I hope you are all feeling better! Love you. <3

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