Showing My Family Love: Kickin’ the Chemicals OUT!

Happy Valentines Day!  

I have been replacing store-bought hygiene products with homemade alternatives.  I am declaring war on the chemicals in our house! 

However, I have dirty little secret.  I have a stash full of chemical filled hygiene products under the sink in my bathroom.  I have not been using them but for some reason I have not thrown them out.  Maybe because I am cheap. 

Today I have decided to take the plunge.  I went into my bathroom with a basket and filled it up.

Many of the product have never been opened.  I am loading these products with a load of clothing  to take to a donation center.  I can’t bear to just throw them away…silly but true.

So along with the candy, hugs, and kisses that I have given my family this Valentines Day I have given them another gift…a healthier house!

Happy Valentines Day!

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