Sensory Play: Spaghetti!

I have recently embraced the joys of sensory play.  I know that it is extremely beneficial for children and my kids LOVE it!

This week we enjoyed spaghetti sensory play.  I got the idea from PlayAtHomeMom, there are so many sensory ideas on that site, you should totally check it out.

I bought some spaghetti, BOGO of course, cooked it and let it cool.  Then I put a little oil and food coloring into a large baggie and added some spaghetti.  Mix it all up and you have some fun colored spaghetti!

I gathered some kitchen utensils that I thought the kids would enjoy using with their spaghetti.

At this point Alex and Ava were very curious as to what I was up to.  I took the bags of colored spaghetti and bin of kitchen stuff out to the driveway.  The kids followed and the fun began!

Ava liked cutting the noodles
Audrey was a little nervous about touching at first
Alex loved this!
Ava sneaking a taste....
Contemplating a taste.....

After all of the fun I turned on the sprinklers and let them ‘clean’ themselves and the dishes.

We all had a blast playing with our spaghetti.  The kids are already asking to do this again, I highly recommend this activity!!


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