Second Annual NPN Holiday Gift Guide& Giveaway (Barefoot Books ARV $30)(12/6, 26 winners, US only ARV $2587.26)

Second Annual NPN Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway (12/6, 24 winners, US only ARV $2587.26)


This review is part of the Second Annual Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide!

If you need to complete your holiday shopping, find a birthday present for a friend, or just treat yourself to something special, the NPN Holiday Gift Guide has something for everyone. But what’s even better, the NPN Holiday Gift Guide is a great opportunity to shop consciously and to support many naturally minded small businesses.

The 55 companies that have provided items for review and giveaway are almost exclusively made up of work-at-home shops or companies that are dedicated to supporting eco-conscious choices. I’m featuring one of those companies in my review below. When you get done reading my review, please click on over to the full Second Annual Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide, where you’ll find information on 58 products. In total, we’re giving away goodies worth more than $2500!

Even if you don’t win one of our fabulous prize packages, please consider spending part of your gift-giving budget at one of these small businesses. By supporting small businesses, you are helping families, boosting local economies, and supporting ethical practices of manufacturing, production and selling. Take advantage of coupon codes provided by many of the companies, you can find them at the full Gift Guide at NPN. To make browsing easier, we’ve split the Gift Guide into sections with products that are Perfect for Kids and Perfect for Families. And you can find all 6 Rafflecopter widgets there, too.

Without further ado, here is my review – thank you for reading and entering!

 This is a Joint Review and Giveaway of assorted Barefoot Books from Barefoot Books between Natural Parents Network and Earth Mama’s World.

About Barefoot Books  

Barefoot Books was born over twenty years ago by two young mothers who wanted to make a difference in the world while keeping their children at the center of their lives.

 Barefoot Books is a vibrant, grassroots community of people from around the world who are all ‘living barefoot’ in their own unique ways. What brings us together is a shared commitment to imagination and creativity, diversity and global understanding, family sharing and giving back.

These beautiful books open a child’s mind with their one of a kind stories and breathtaking artwork.  You can find books that are perfect for babies all the way up to advanced readers.

The products offered at Barefoot Books not only spark a child’s curiosity and creativity they help a child develop a respect for cultural, social, and ecological diversity.  These are beautiful high quality books that are certain to please both children and parents.

Our Experience

We are a homeschooling family and we absolutely love books.  We were all so excited when our box of Barefoot Books arrived at our door.  We received three books, one for each child.  Each child quickly scooped up their book and ran off to a spot of their own to explore and discover.

I sat with Audrey and her book first as she is three and cannot read independently yet.  She was entranced with the vivid artwork in The Animal Boogie.  Ava really enjoys this book as well and is proud to read it to her sister.   Audrey enjoys singing and dancing so this book was perfect for her.  This super cute book was accompanied with a watch and sing along CD.

Barefoot Books Review & Giveawa

We also received The Animal Boogie Activity Book which is filled with fun activities including puzzles, games and coloring pages that all three kids can enjoy.

Alex is fascinated with anything dealing with space, we live on the Space Coast after all, and was so excited when he saw his book:  Star Seeker:  A Journey to Outer Space.  This is a lovely book that offers a poetic tour of the solar system.  At the end of the book, after the voyage through space, there are many fun facts about space that I am fairly certain Alex has memorized by now.  He often reads this book at bedtime, this is how I found him on the couch one evening…

Barefoot Books Review & Giveaway

I really enjoy how this book is both fun and educational.  One of Alex’s favorite stories is that of Odysseus so I will be gifting him with The Adventures of Odysseus also a Barefoot Book.

The final book that we received was The Barefoot Book of Mother & Daughter Tales.  This is my favorite book and know that it will stay in our family for generations.  This is an amazing book that tells 10 different stories and traditions of mothers and daughters from around the world.  Ava is five years old and will certainly grow with this book as it deals with themes that guide girls on their journey to womanhood.  This book was accompanied with two CD’s that have Josephine Evetts-Secker retelling the stories.  Ava really enjoys looking at the beautiful illustrations in the book while listening are reading along with the CD’s.  This book will be wonderful for Audrey as well.  I am anxious to order The Barefoot Book of Father & Daughter Tales as a gift for Ava and her daddy.

I am very impressed with the environmental conscience and social accountability of Barefoot Books.  This wonderful company believes that the welfare of our children is dependent on the welfare or our planet.  All board books, activity books, and packaging are made using recycled paper.  Their printers do not use paper that contain pulp from illegal or unsustainable sources, all of the ink used by their printers is vegetable based, and they take great measure to reduce their carbon footprint.  Barefoot Books also supports a common, internationally recognized social accountability standard.

Buy it!

You can purchase your very own books at Barefoot Books.  The books that I reviewed ranges in price from $5.99  to $23.99.  I am extremely pleased with these three books from Barefoot Books and look forward to ordering several more.  These books are of high quality and I am sure they will last for years to come.  There is such a variety of books and products that you can easily find something for everyone, making it a great gift for any occasion.  Barefoot Books not only offers books they also offer singalongs, puzzles, games, and puppets.



For your own chance to win 3 books of your choice from Barefoot Books, or one of the 25 huge prize packages we’re giving away, come back to this post on November 6th when our Rafflecopter widgets will go live for your chance to enter! Or you can visit Natural Parents Network on November 6th to see and enter to win all of our fantastic prize packages at once!

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