Review Of Fairythimbles & A Giveaway Of A Few Of My Favorite Things (ARV $27 USD ENDS 3/31/14)

I have been sharing my life on this blog for two and a half years.  I started writing here to share my evolution of becoming a more natural person and mama.  I have met some wonderful people and am so thrilled to have many new friendships that are a result of this blog.  I would like to express my gratitude to all of my friends and to everyone who drops in by offering a giveaway of a few of my favorite things.

I am giving away three items that I feel are simply awesome:  a set of Fairythimble reusable bags, organic garlic mullein ear drops from Made With Peace & Love, and the book Peaceful Parent, HAPPY KIDS by Dr. Laura Markham (off of my bookshelf, a duplicate that has never been used).

A GIVEAWAY OF A Few Of My Favorite Things!

The first item in this giveaway is a set of Fairythimble reuseable bags, one sandwich size and one snack size. Fairythimble offers eco-friendly and budget friendly handmade items, they are happy to accommodate custom orders to meet individual needs.  I was able to choose the theme of the bags (I picked a different theme for each child) and I was able to choose plastic or fabric lining (I chose fabric).

A GIVEAWAY OF A Few Of My Favorite Things!

I ditched plastic baggies years ago so my kids are accustomed to reusable bags but they were SO excited when they received their themed Fairythimble reusable bags.

A GIVEAWAY OF A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Alex received Star Wars bags, Ava got Hello Kitty, and Audrey was over the moon with her Tinkerbell bags.  I really enjoy that each child has their own themed bag, it makes it easier for me to pack specific snacks for each child and eliminates arguing over bags because they know which bag is theirs!  I am also extremely pleased with the quality of the Fairythimble reusable bags, we have been using them for three months (we take snacks everywhere we go!), they have been used a ton, washed a bunch and they still look new.  

These bags close snuggly using velcro and they also came with attached wristlets that make carrying by little hands a breeze.   Our reusable bags created by Fairythimbles get used almost daily and are certainly one of my favorite things.  You can shop Fairythimble on ebay or on their Facebook page, they have several cool products worth checking out!

Next I would like to offer a bottle of Organic Garlic Mullein Ear Drops from Made With Peace & Love (aka me!).

GIVEAWAY! A Few Of My Favorite Things!

These organic ear drops were one of the first homeopathic items that I made after my ‘awakening’.  They are a staple in our home and I love to make them for friends to try.  They sooth an earache almost instantly and heal the ear eliminating the need for antibiotics for an infection.  My kids ask for these drops when they have ear discomfort and I even use them on Laika our dog!

And the third item I would like to offer is off of my bookshelf.  It is one of the best parenting books that I have read (and re-read!), it is Peaceful Parent, HAPPY KIDS:  How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting by Dr. Laura Markham.

This book is a message of happiness, connection and love.  This approach is simple and it works, I feel that this book is an asset to all parents and their children.

So there you have it, a few of my favorite things.  I look forward to my blogging journey and the relationships that I will make along the way.  Good luck in winning these awesome items!

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