Rediscovering Family Fitness (& Fun!)

In the last year I have been focusing on our family becoming more fit and healthy.  I am not saying we were ever unhealthy, I make eating real unprocessed foods a priority, but we were lacking movement….the family walks and bike rides that used to be part of our daily lives.  Personally, I was staying somewhat fit by practicing yoga in our living room once our kids were in bed but it was apparent that the moments of family fitness had almost disappeared.

Looking back, I realize that our daily outings involving family fitness began to disappear once Audrey joined our family.  It seems that we were just plain busy doing other things and somehow our daily family fitness outings seemed to stop.   Once I realized that our family fitness outings were gone I discovered how much I missed them.

Family walks and bike rides are great opportunities to enjoy family fun, to bond and create wonderful family memories…and we were missing them!  It became very apparent that we needed daily movement in our lives for the fun and fitness of it.  I sat down and recalled several fun activities that I enjoyed when I was a child and realized that having fun while staying fit as a family could really be quite fun.

It was very easy to reintroduce movement into our daily lives…once I realized it was missing.  While at the park we would play games such as tag or red light/green light and taking daily walks and/or bike rides became a priority.

Family Fitness & Fun
Ava on a walk wearing her seal.

Our kids enjoyed joining me in the living room for yoga, we had fun being silly while playing Wii Fit games.  I find that incorporating movement into our daily life is much easier now than it was a year of two ago, our kids are now 8, 5 and 3 years old so they are ALL able to participate in the movement and play and I have discovered that it is a blast to play with them!

Not only are we staying fit and having fun as a family our children have chosen activities that interest them and attend classes outside of our home.

Ava and Audrey are currently enjoying gymnastics…..

Family Fitness & Fun

while Alex has fallen in love with fencing…..

Family Fitness & Fun

Both girls want to take dance class and Ava wants to join the swim team. I am limiting their classes right now and will slowly introduce more if they show they are ready and I feel that we have the time available for them, I still feel that play is very important and will not remove free play from their lives in order to make room for a scheduled class.

I know that we as our children get older the opportunities for scheduled fitness activities will open up.  In the future I will be able to attend the Bikram Yoga class that my wonderful friend teaches but for now I am enjoying yoga in my living room and freeze tag and sharks and minnows with my family.

How do you incorporate movement and fitness into your daily family life?  Have you ever lost sight of fitness in your family?

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