Ready to Roll!

Well, I have slacked on the blog in the last month but we have been so very busy!

In the last month I have taken the 3 kids to Georgia and Ohio…did I mention that I did this by myself..solo!  I did and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I had anticipated.  My kids were great so that made it much easier.

We drove to my mom’s house outside of Atlanta and had a great trip.  The kids got have fun on the farm.  They collected eggs and even got to meet & touch a one day old calf, they had a blast!

We flew to Ohio.  More fun on the farm!  I have to say it was tough going through security on our own.  Ava had a really tough time putting blankie  through the xray machine and let everyone in Orlando know that she was very upset.  The trip was great, seeing all of the family.  Alex was bumme that we didn’t see any Amish kids this time around so I will have to plan an Amish experience on the next trip.


Alex & Ava in front of the cornfield in Ohio

 On top of the trips we also celebrated Alex turning six and Audrey one.   We had a family gathering a few days ago to celebrate and the house still looks like a party house.


Soooo back to reality.  I have been squeezing some schoolwork in here and there but we get back to a routine, I use that word lightly, tomorrow.  We are starting Five in a Row and I am really excited.  Ping, here we come!  Alex is also starting 1st grade math and is super stoked!  We have friends coming by at 3:00 so I hope to get alot accomplished before that….only time will tell.

Off to bed…..I am sure I will lay awake thinking and planning.  New beginnings are always fun!

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