Preschool: Letter Recognition

Ava is 3 1/2.  She is picking up so much from learning along with Alex.  I recently discovered that she knows all of her letter sounds from (1) listening to Alex learn and (2) watching Leapfrog Letter Factory over and over again.  I can assure you #2 had more of an impact!

I guess Ava is ready to start homeschool preschool!  Well, that sounds ambitious doesn’t it.  Let’s just say that now I need to get off of my butt and start working more with little Miss Ava Rose.

As I said, she knows how to say the alphabet and she knows the letter sounds but she doesn’t know what all of the letters look like.  So today we began working on letter recognition.

We began by reading Dr. Seuss’s ABC book.  Ava is a silly little girl so she really likes this silly book!


Next, I printed out capital and lowercase A and B.  I use DLTK a lot for printables.

I cut the letters our and had Ava glue the matching letters onto a sheet of construction paper.  Then she took to decorating her letters.

I put out beans, macaroni, pop corn kernels and glitter for her to decorate with.  She likes glitter.  A lot.











After a break, and prep by me, we started working on her Alaphabet lapbook/notebook.  This is really cute and I know she will really enjoy making it.  It is her very own lapbook, not one that she has made with her brother.











Ava was surely ready to learn and had a fun day doing so.  We can’t wait to do all of the letter pages for our lapbook/notebook.

I am now realizing I may need to invest in a new printer now that I have two kids making lapbooks!


2 thoughts on “Preschool: Letter Recognition

  1. Angela says:

    She is rockin it!! Alex really moves fast in Math and it appears that Ava will learn to read fast! Just goes to show that all kids are different and learn differently…

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