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Okay, I am back!!  Feeling better and again remembering to embrace the chaos that is my life.  We are all recovering from the funk that entered our home around Halloween and my toe is finally healing.  Back to reality and yikes Christmas is almost hear.  I began to panic then I remembered to breathe.

Every year the kids make their grandparents and great grandparents homemade Christmas crafts.  This year I seemed to be totally lacking when it came to the much-needed creative juices I needed to come up with a cute homemade kid craft.

I was doing laundry earlier in the week and out of the corner of my eye I spotted the stack of cigar boxes that my wonderful friend had given us.  I had a vision….photo boxes!  I know I know a stack of cigar boxes in my cluttered garage…how did this random idea pop into my head you ask…let me tell you.  Not only did we have this awesome stack of cigar boxes, my sister-in-law had just taken some great photos of the kids at the beach.  So it was painfully clear… cigar boxes + stacks of photos = photo boxes!!!  Yippee, now time to start crafting.

First thing first…we grabbed some cigar boxes.

cigar box...we are so lucky to have a bunch of these!
cigar box…we are so lucky to have a bunch of these!

We painted them with white acrylic paint.  This is after the first coat.  We ended up doing two coats.



As we work on this I also occupy the kids with the task of painting their own boxes to give to daddy for Christmas.  This allows me some time to work on the boxes by myself after they have assisted me.

Ava working on her box
Ava working on her box

Then we chose the photos that we wanted to put on the box and the kids and I decided on the layout.  We used the fancy paper-cutter that my mother in law recently gave me to make fun lines…bonus to this you can’t tell if you don’t cut the photos perfectly square.



We used rubber cement and glued all of the photos onto the painted cigar box.  Alex really loved the fact that he was gluing with cement!


Then I had each of the kids place their handprints on the bottom of the box.


I, not the kids, applied two coats of clean polyurethane.  I applied the first coat and let it dry completely before applying the second coat.  We have now created cute little photo boxes for our family members.

finished photo box!!
finished photo box!!

We then filled the boxes with some pictures and homemade goodies.  We baked yummy peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses made Christmas tree ornaments (find the ornament recipe here).



Kid Christmas craft gifts are made.  I can relax now.

Yeah right!!!




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