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I saw this poster over at Diary of a First Child (via The Child Whisperer) and I had to share it.  This poster spoke to me as I have three children who are each very different.  I respect and encourage their individuality.   I have learned, and am still learning, their individual emotional and physical needs.  Understanding their needs is key in gentle discipline.  I know that when one of my children begins to ‘act out’ or is nearing a ‘tantrum’ that their needs are not being met.  I use my intuition to understand what needs are not being met and then I respond to my child and meet their needs.


I studied this poster and attempted to place each of my children in one of the categories.  Alex  was easy.  He is ‘The More Serious Child’, he is an introvert and requires structure.   Audrey is the ‘Fun Loving Child’, she cracks everyone up including herself.   If Audrey sees that someone is upset with her behavior she simply melts, she wants everyone to be happy.  Ava is both the ‘Sensitive’ and ‘Determined Child’, she is the most volatile of the three in her tantrum’s.  I am quick to respond when she starts showing cues of her needs not being met….an ounce of prevention.

Even though I just placed each of my children into a category I have to point out that they each share traits in all of the four categories of the natures listed.  Knowing your child and responding to their individual needs is key in parenting, this affects almost all of your interactions.  Knowing my child’s needs then respecting and fulfilling their needs is the most important part of parenting in my opinion.

This poster then points out how to interpret the tantrum and what changes you should make.  At times this can seem impossible.  When your child is on the floor, screaming, maybe even hitting or kicking it can be hard to step back and understand which of their needs are not being met.  Taking this step is intuitive not reactive and is key in gentle discipline.

Using gentle discipline has caused parenting to become very peaceful in our home.  We don’t yell or make threats.  We respect, understand, and meet our children’s needs.  It sounds very easy, often it is not, but it is well worth it!

Do you find this poster helpful to parenting your child??

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2 thoughts on “Parenting With Less Discipline

  1. You know I think the differences in the kids (I have three too) was my biggest surprise in parenting. I expected them to have different interests but I figured things like discipline or motivation would work similarly. Nuh-uh!

  2. Samara says:

    Hi Angela,

    I just came across this great infographic and your article. I am all for parenting with less discipline. I was just reading elsewhere that when a child acts out, instead of punishment what they need is more love and attention. My daughter is 2 and I’m trying to spot impending tantrums and give her what I think she needs before she explodes. You have some great ideas here! I have bookmarked the page for future reference!

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