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After a long break I am once again ready to share our life experiences in this space.  I have several new things that I am excited to share here:  craft ideas, home learning projects, recipes and some great homemade natural items (yay!).  Right now I would like to ease back into this and simply catch up on what has been going on recently in our world.

Temperatures are rising here in Florida and our pool is once again being used daily.  This frequent pool use adds to my laundry pile tremendously, towels & undies (they rarely take the time to put a suit on!) but it offers so much fun.  Our kids get really creative in the water, Alex has the noodle against a pool jet to see how high he can spray!


The warmer weather also motivates me to load up the wagon and gather the kids for the walk across A1A to the beach, I am so grateful that we live in this paradise.

Kids at Beach:  Earth Mama's World

Shane still travels a bunch but when he is home we make it a priority to enjoy time with one another…

Earth Mama's World

and our family.  We have been enjoying mini vacations in Orlando visiting that famous mouse.  We are getting our use out of our weekday annual passes!


Alex and Ava have been working on several different topics that interest them.  Ava completed a dolphin lapbook and is currently working on a lizard lapbook.  She is reading much more fluently and often grabs a book to read to her sister.  Ava recently started playing piano, I love listening to her play.

Ava Rose plays piano

Alex is still very interested in History, American History is his current interest.   He recently completed an in-depth study of Jamestown.  We are currently researching Plymouth colony and plan to continue to work our way to the present.  Alex is also learning about rocks and minerals, he is  building quite the rock collection while discovering how to test them to determine what type of rock he has found.  He also still loves fencing!

Alex fencing

Audrey transitioned out of our room and into her very own room!  I nurse her to sleep in there and, like the other two, she tiptoes into our bed sometime during the night.  I cannot believe our baby is getting so big.


And then there is me.  My focus is our family and I am really trying to go slow and soak in every moment (ahem, blog break).  I am also embracing the very sweet homeschool group that we are a part of.  I am beyond thrilled to watch as my children build meaningful relationships with some wonderful kids and me with the mom’s.

So that is what we have been up to (in case you were wondering) and please check back because I have a bunch more to share!

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  1. Charise Szwed says:

    Hello Angela Roberts-Just wanted to thank you for sharing this magnificent blackened seasoning recipe with me. I LOVE it! Kudos to you.

    Charise Szwed

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