Our Homeschool Curriculum (Or Lack Thereof…)

My family lives in a state that is very relaxed in regards to homeschoolers.  We are able to decide for ourselves what we learn about and the manner in which we learn it.  I am so grateful that we have the freedom to create our families learning curriculum.  This year, our homeschool curriculum has a little bit of structure and a bunch of fly by the seat of our pants!

I know some families purchase pre packaged boxed curriculums but that is not the route that we have taken.  Our children are young and we are still figuring out their individual learning styles and the learning style of our family as a whole.  I think that the most important part of our families homeschool is that it is based on  interest-led learning, we hope to create a love of learning, we want learning to be a lifestyle for our children .  The interests of our children and our family as a whole lead us to what we learn.  It truly is an amazing thing!

So, how do we do this?  It is actually very easy (and super fun!).

The fly by the seat of our pants part……

We let the interests of  our children, and our family, lead us.  When one person expresses an interest in a topic we add it to our learning list.   We are often covering two or three units at a time.  We are currently learning about space, spiders, and reading The Cricket In Times Square Series.

When beginning a learning unit we first turn to our local library.  We go online to pick and choose tons, seriously tons, of books on our topic then put them on hold for pickup.  We also check to see if there are any films/videos to go along with our topic available on Netflix, You Tube, or at the library.  The kids really enjoy working on and creating lapbooks, they are such a fun and interactive way to learn.

Ava is very proud of her lapbook!

Lapbooks also serve as a resource on the topic to refer to in future learning activities.  The internet is an invaluable tool for learning activities on any given subject.  We also love going on field trips!  (If you would like to see how we learn click here or here.)

Alex learning about pirates on a real pirate ship!

We also learn about physical education…..


And Art….

The little bit of structure part……

We researched different Math curriculums and decided to use Horizons Math.  Alex also loves to work in the Math Made Easy workbooks….he enjoys earning the stars for lessons accomplished.   We use the internet and games to enforce math skills as well.  Alex has a mathematical mind (he gets it from his Daddy) and simply loves and ‘gets’ Math.

Reading.  Oh, reading.   I learned many lessons in patience while waiting for Alex to read.  He was not ready to read at 4 or 5 and barely at 6.  But now that he is 7…. watch out world, this kid is ready to read!   I am so very glad that I chose to wait for Alex to be ready to read rather than pushing him to read.  He is now learning to read easily and quickly.

My patience has paid off and it is a beautiful thing to see the pride in his face as he reads a book.

Some resources that I use for reading are:  Hooked on Phonics, Primary Phonics, and Explode the Code.  We really don’t need all of these but  I acquired them while trying to find the right fit for Alex.  We bounce around from one to another, whatever is working at the time!   Ava is currently learning to read using a little bit of them all as well.

That sums up our homeschool curriculum, or lack thereof.  We learn all of the time.  Our classroom is the world and our curriculum is whichever way the wind of our children’s interest blows.

I love homeschooling!

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3 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Curriculum (Or Lack Thereof…)

  1. If you want a lesson on spiders feel free to drop by my house! A couple weeks ago I found a giant on in my shoe (after I put my foot in it!) and this morning an even bigger one (different looking from them one in my shoe), and a good 2 inches across, fell out of my shirt…AFTER I put it on!!! So I have specimens they can study! And if they want to take them home they’re more than welcome 🙂

    • Angela says:

      Ugh, we have spiders too. I would have freaked out with it in my shirt!!! I have a big ‘ol gecko that lives in my garage that I think helps with our spider population (I will have to post a pic of her, she is amazing). We just had a lesson in brown widows, it seems they are laying eggs on our patio 🙁 I would happily send my kids to you for some physical education classes, you would wear them out 😉

  2. I have no objection to spiders in the house but a big objection to spiders in my shirt!! Now I turn all my clothes inside out before putting them on just to check!

    I’ll happily take the kids for some phys ed 🙂 We’ll go hiking and biking (although, unlike Dutch people, we’ll wear helmets) and climb the insides of some windmills. Lots to do here! Send them on over. Or, better yet, come with them 🙂

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