Our Animal Family

I have introduced the people in my family, I feel it is time that I introduce our animal family!  

Our very first family pets are our cats Marley and Lucy, they are sisters.  I had a cat for 22 years and was devastated by her loss.  I wasn’t ready for another cat until Ava was about 9 months old.  Marley and Lucy were abandoned in a parking lot and we adopted them.  They hang out inside and out…they have certainly controlled the lizard population in our yard!




Our largest animal member is Laika our black lab.  Laika came into our family when Ava was one and we thought that we were done having kids…oops!  He is named after the first dog that ever went into space.  I have to admit that I don’t consider myself  a ‘dog person’ but Laika has won his way into my heart!  He does a great job of cleaning up the dinner table messes that the kids make.  He is absolutely amazing with all of the kids…and with all of the other critters too.

Laika & Ava sleeping

Alex has a red-tailed shark.  Last week we added a black tipped shark but, sadly, it was not meant to be and he didn’t make it.  I guess the red-tailed shark prefers to be alone!

We have Lucky the bunny.  The kids and I went to the farmers market one day last year and ended up with some yummy produce and a very friendly bunny! 

Lucky's first day home


We have a dwarf hamster named Barney.  She is not very tame.  I am slowly working on hand taming her.  For now the kids really can’t  handle her or they will get nipped.


Our newest additions are our gerbils Cheeto and Rita.   We were not charged for Rita because he has a short tail…who knew that people don’t want a gerbil with a short tail!  They are both very sweet and love for the kids to handle them!




I can’t leave out the large blue gecko that has taken up residence in our garage and terrorizes me at night when I am trying to do laundry.   I have visions of him jumping onto my head!  He sings his gecko song at night and it echos through our home.   I am okay with him as long as he stays in the garage and does not venture inside! 

He looks similar to this!

So that sums up our animal family.  We are hoping to add chickens and a turtle to the mix in the upcoming year…I will keep you posted!

One thought on “Our Animal Family

  1. Bridget says:

    Love it! Kids need to have animals its a great way to learn and be loved. I want a new chameleon – Andy said “NO” we’ll see who wins in the end 🙂

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