Orange Infused Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

Orange Infused All-Purpose Cleaner

Homemade all-purpose cleaner is a must have in my home.  I really enjoy making my own homemade household cleaners.  I use vinegar and water for my homemade everyday household cleaner.   I decided to freshen up my basic homemade cleaner by infusing it with citrus.

I live in the Sunshine State so fresh citrus is always present in my kitchen, I was able to whip up my first batch in the same day.  I am now making my second batch so it is certainly ‘share’ worthy.  It works great and smells fabulous!

All you need to make this fresh smelling homemade all-purpose cleaner is orange (or any citrus) peels and white vinegar.  Simply fill a jar with orange peels then cover with vinegar and fill to the top.

Orange Infused All-Purpose Cleaner


Allow your vinegar mixture to sit for 2 weeks.   The orange filled jar actually looks nice on the counter.  Once your vinegar sits for 2 weeks you are ready to make your all-purpose cleaner.  The vinegar-water ratio that I use is 1 part orange infused vinegar to 3 parts water.  My mama saves her empty plastic spray bottles for me to use for my homemade house cleaning creations!  You now have homemade orange infused all-purpose cleaner, clean to your heart’s delight and enjoy the fresh citrus smell!

I have found that infusing the vinegar with citrus prior to creating homemade all-purpose cleaner really helps to cut grease.   Apparently, my son likes the smell of the citrus better than the vinegar, he claims our kitchen no longer smells of Easter eggs.  I will continue to make and use orange infused all-purpose cleaner!

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3 thoughts on “Orange Infused Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

  1. Eva Barings says:

    I sprayed the cleaner EVERYWHERE! I cleaned the toilet, bath , sink, counter top and floor. Once I had sprayed everything, I wiped it all down with a wet rag.

    Best regards! Old Oak Common Ltd.

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