Remembering To Simply Breathe…..

I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed lately.  My husband took a new job earlier in the year that requires him to be away from home anywhere from four to six weeks at a time.  Running the household solo while raising and homeschooling our children has left me frazzled (to say the least!).  I have felt very off center and unbalanced, not at all the happy and peaceful mama that I desire to be.

On a particularly hectic morning the universe spoke to me.  I was inspired.  This inspiration was daily meditation.

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I made a promise to myself and my children that I would meditate daily.  I am far from where I want to be on this journey but I can say that just four minutes of meditation in the morning while breastfeeding a precious and snuggly Audrey has made an immense change.  Remembering to simply breathe has been key in my journey to reclaim my footing in this whole parenting, living life thing I am experiencing right now.

During those moments when I feel that my head just may simply pop I remember to breathe through the chaos and find my focus.  This pure and simple act has helped me be the mama that I desire to be.   Meditation has become a part of my daily routine., and I am so thankful and excited to learn where this new journey will take me and my family.

Slowly, I am once again feeling centered and balanced.  I am remembering to simply breathe…..

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