My Children, Spirituality, And The Universe

While snuggling in bed the other night Alex asked me a very serious and important question.  He asked “Mommy, what is my place in the universe?”.  Wow, just wow.

photo credit: space and motion

We recently learned about the planets (read about that here).  In this learning we had many conversations about the universe.  Alex has been very interested in this topic, I even found a sketch of the solar system on his bedroom floor last week.  I thought hard about his question and realized that I was presented with the perfect opportunity to help Alex understand his spirituality.  By learning about his spirituality he would  begin to understand his place in the universe.

“From the day your baby is born, you are a teacher of spirit. Look upon spirituality as a skill in living, since that is what it is. I believe in imparting these skills as early as possible by whatever means a child can understand.”   – Deepak Chopra

Years ago a fellow bartender shared a book with me regarding the 7 spiritual laws of the universe.  I was drawn to them, I believe in them, and try to live by these laws.  I have emphasised these laws in my children’s daily lives.  I am so very excited that Alex asked this question.  It made me understand that this is my opportunity, and obligation,  to cultivate my children’s spirit.

I have been reading the book ‘On My Way To A Happy Life’ to Alex, Ava, and Audrey almost daily since Alex asked his question.

This book presents the 7 universal laws in terms that children can easily understand and the illustrations are beautiful!

On My Way To A Happy Life by Deepak Chopra

Audrey will sit by herself turning the pages admiring the art.

The seven spiritual laws for children are:

1.  Everything is possible

2.  If you want to get something, give it

3.  When you make a choice, you change the future (karma)

4.  Don’t say no – go with the flow  (this is a HUGE for Alex..learning acceptance for things that are out of our control)

5.  Every time you wish or want, you plant a seed

6.  Be open to life and enjoy the journey

7.  You are here for a reason (your dharma)

These seem very basic and really they are.  If you live by these laws you will certainly discover peace and happiness.

I am aware that the transitions that our family has experienced this year have left our children, and even myself at times, feeling in limbo.  Feeling a greater connection to the universe and understanding my own spirituality has helped me immensely.  I know that this connection and understanding will help my children on their way to a happy and peaceful life.

Deepak Chopra says that “a child raised with spiritual skills will be able to practice nonjudgment, acceptance, and truth, which will be free from fear and anxiety about the meaning of life”.  Sounds pretty good to me!  I want my children to know that our dharma is happiness and through these universal laws happiness can be easily achieved.

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How do you cultivate spirituality in your family?

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