Mini Deep Dish Pizzas….Kids LOVE These!!

I needed inspiration for a fun lunch for the kiddos.  I had seen postings on Pinterest for mini deep dish pizzas using a muffin pan so I decided to try it out using some ingredients that I had in the kitchen.  I let the kids put this together so it was messy family fun!

What you need:  Pizza dough, I use a whole wheat recipe that you can find here or you could use store-bought, Pizza sauce (I usually make homemade sauce but was out so we used store-bought),  Mozzarella Cheese, and any other pizza toppings your family loves

What you do:  Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. and gather your kids! 

Alex didn't want to make these so it was just the girls!

Grease your muffin tin.  Place a square of dough into the tin so that it covers the bottom and comes up the sides.  Place a spoonful of sauce on the dough.


Sprinkle with cheese.

Audrey threw the cheese at the pizzas!

Top with any additional toppings that your family loves!  Bake for about 18 minutes or until the dough rises and the cheese is melty.


Let them cool for a few minutes.  Remove from the muffin pan & enjoy!!





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