Mamatography Weeks 35 & 36: Field Trips, A Birthday, & Lego’s

mtbadge2This post is part of the Mamatography 2013 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.
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Week 35

Day 234:  (8/22/13)

I’m not sure if I am happy I discovered these chips or not, I am hooked!

Day 235:  (8/23/13)

We spent all day down south on a field trip.  We visited a loggerhead turtle rescue center (see all of the baby turtles!), a wildlife center (the opossum was yawning not hissing!), and blowing rocks beach.  It was an awesome day!

Day 236:  (8/24/13)

I organized our books so that the kids could find a topic that they want to read about more easily….

Day 237:  (8/25/13)

This boy loves Lego’s…..

Day 238:  (8/26/13)

Field trip to the science center….

Day 239:  (8/27/13)

This girl loves her cat….

Day 240:  (8/28/13)

I don’t love that our fridge broke and we had to get a new one….

Week 36

Day 241:  (8/29/13)

Our new pet, Spot.

Day 242:  (8/30/13)

Field trip to the grocery store…

Day 243:  (8/31/13)

Big sis teaching little sis to make a duck face….

Day 244:  (9/1/13)

Alex turns 8!

Day 245:  (9/2/13)

We spent the day at Downtown Disney.  Alex spent his birthday money at the Lego store of course….

Day 246:  (9/3/13)

Audrey’s first official haircut.  Her brother cut some off with his Lego fan and she cut a chunk off herself.

Day 247:  (9/4/13)

Still building all of his new Lego’s….

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