Mamatography: The End Of 2013!

Phew, I made it to the end of 2013!  I am so happy that I joined the Mamatography challenge, even though I slacked a bit here and there, but the end result is a have a picture for every day of this wonderful year.  I am so pleased with the outcome that I plan to join again in 2014 and add a bit more detail, make sure to check back!

This is a long post (remember I slacked but now I am caught up!) so here it is…..the end of 2013 in pictures!

Day 346:  (12/12/13)

She finally wanted to get near him….


Day 347: (12/13/13)

Daddy is back home for the holidays!


Day 348:  (12/14/13)

Playing at the river….


Day 349:  (12/15/13)

This is not the best picture but it was dark as we walked through a local park that was decorated with beautiful holiday lights.


Day 350:  (12/16/13)

Audrey’s first trip to the dentist.  We found out that her adult teeth are pushing up and she will most likely begin loosing teeth this year.  She is 3.


Day 351:  (12/17/13)

Look who we spotted at the park!

mm12.17 - Copy

Day 352:  (12/18/13)

This face….


Day 353:  (12/19/13)

Trying out a new homemade deodorant recipe…


Day 354:  (12/20/13)

The zoo….


Day 355:  (12/21/13)

Fun in the mud!


Day 356:  (12/22/13)

So glad he is home.


Day 357:  (12/23/13)

The tree.


Day 358:  (12/24/13)

A fun breakfast for the kids!


Day 359:  (12/25/13)

Merry Christmas!  (It’s early and she is not sure what to think!)


Day 360:  (12/26/13)

Who needs a snowman when you can build a sandman?


Day 361:  (12/27/13)

Ava and her Papa at lunch…


Day 362:  (12/28/13)

Lazy post holiday day, my girls on me…


Day 363:  (12/29/13)

Can you spot the gator?


Day 364:  (12/30/13)

Playing with chalk….


Day 365:  (12/31/13)

Ava feeds a giraffe during the day…


and we party with friends at night….



This post is part of the Mamatography 2014 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.

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2 thoughts on “Mamatography: The End Of 2013!

  1. Your pictures are beautiful. You look like a really happy family. I’m so glad you made it to the end of 2013 and so look forward to sharing 2014 with you too!

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