Living & Learning With Love (Week 40): Sensory Play, Weather & The Thunderbirds!


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This was a super fun week.  The weather turned a bit and it actually became enjoyable to be outdoors (while not in a bathing suit) again.  We enjoyed adventures with friends, lots of action in the sky, a much awaited movie trip and so much more.  The weekly reflections while writing these posts and gathering photos certainly leave me smiling.

So, here are the highlights of our week…..

Week 40:  September 28 – October 4, 2014

After a tense start to the day it was apparent that something had to change and what better way to accomplish this than sensory play?  A can of shaving cream can sure make everyone happy!  🙂

Sensory Play:  Earth Mama's World

Ava loves Winter the dolphin.  Last fall we visited Winter in Clearwater and Ava was lucky enough to hold her prosthetic tail.  She was SO excited when she woke up and I told her we were headed to the theater.

Earth Mama's World:  Dolphin Tale 2

This was a crafty week on the home learning front.  We discovered the different types of clouds.  We crafted clouds after reading a few books about them.  This project was inspired by this image over at Pinterest.  It was one of those images that do not link to a page but only to the image, that really drives me nuts!

Cotton Ball Clouds

Ava enjoyed making models of the different types of clouds while Alex wouldn’t touch a cotton ball with a 10 foot pole.

Cotton Ball Clouds:  Earth Mamas World

We also recreated the water cycle in a dish.  We placed a little bit of water in the bottom of the bowl and a few pebbles with a bit of grass with a small dish on top of that.  We covered the bowl with plastic wrap and secured it with a rubber band.  We took a small rock and glued cotton balls to it to make it look like a cloud.  We set the dish out back on a table in the sun, the next day our small dish on the pebbles had water in it.

Water Cycle In A Bowl

In history Alex was finishing up learning about the 13 colonies.  He is still loving the American Adventure book series that we are reading.  We are about to enter the American Revolution and have taken a small break to learn more about Benjamin Franklin, Alex is intrigued with inventors.

Ava learned about the early settlers and how Squanto helped to teach them to farm therefore being a huge part of their survival.  She enjoyed crafting with and eating the popcorn…

Popcorn Corn Cob

She also loves animals and this week we focused on the panda bear.  We made this super cute panda bear out of paper hearts.

Panda Bear made with paper hearts

Alex rocked at fencing this week, I am thrilled that he enjoys it so much.

Fencing:  Earth Mama's World

Now it is time to turn to the sky, there was a bunch going on up there this week.  It started with a beautiful rainbow (I LOVE rainbows!).

Rainbow:  Earth Mama's World

The airshow was scheduled to come to town over the weekend.  We enjoyed several free previews in our own front yard as the Thunderbirds practiced.

 Thunderbirds flying over house

Man, they were loud – listen to this..

Thank goodness Alex wasn’t looking up when this coconut fell out of our tree!  He enjoys getting the coconut water out for us to drink.

Opening a coconut

We saw so many different plants and animals and had a blast playing with friends at Turkey Creek Sanctuary.

Exploring with friends

I am totally thrilled that a friend shared this kombucha scoby with us, whoo-hoo!

Kombucha Scoby:  Earth Mama's World

So, this was a super fun week and I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and see what’s next!

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