Living & Learning With Love (Week 31): Let’s Get Out Of The House!

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Week 31

This week we spent more time exploring and learning outside of our home than inside.    Learning (for us) takes place anywhere and anytime, not just at the dining room table.  We enjoy indoor learning through book, documentaries, and computers and we also enjoy exploring, discovering, and learning outdoors.  This was an outside the house kind of week!

Ava finished up her summer gymnastics class and couldn’t be prouder! I had no idea when she and Audrey took their first class that Ava would find such a passion in gymnastics.

Earth Mama's World

Her passion  has led to this.  She does this all day long.  I now have to scrub my hall walls weekly, seriously.

Earth Mama's World

Audrey enjoys chill time in her pj’s in the middle of the day, who doesn’t?!?

Earth Mama's World

We have to hit the beach often or we dry up.

Earth Mama's World

I cannot wait until this scene is in our side yard.  For now we can visit our friend to see the pigs and chickens and ducks, oh my!

Earth Mama's World

So that was our outdoor exploring (& indoor lounging) part of the week.  Our at the dining room table, or couch, or bed, or laying in the grass learning was:

The Mayflower and the 1st Thanksgiving.  These are some of the books we read this week.

Earth Mama's World

We are learning about the great state of Texas and this week we focused on the Rio Grande.

Earth Mama's World

We discussed more about habitats and camouflage in Science.  I somehow missed the pic of the kids trying to camouflage themselves into the trees and the beach dunes, oops!

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