Living & Learning With Love (Week 30): Back To School!


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If you follow my Mamatogaphy posts you have probably noticed that I fell WAY behind this year.  I took a break from blogging but I am back and I have a revised plan for these posts.  We are a homeschooling family that spends pretty much all of our time living, learning, and loving together so I decided to make this the focus of my weekly Mamatography posts.  Instead of a photo a day I plan to share how we lived and what we learned that week – sorry to change it up mid-year but this feels ‘right’!

Week 30

The biggest thing that happened this week was Ava Rose turning 6 years old!

Mamatography:  Earth Mama's World

Her most exciting moment this week was losing her first tooth!

Mamatography:  Earth Mama's World

Alex’s proudest moment was sewing his sister a birthday dress.

On top of all of the birthday, tooth loosing, and sewing fun this was our first week back to (home)school!  Alex is beginning 3rd grade, Ava 1st, and Audrey insists on starting ‘stool’ right now so, here we go!

My plan is to pretty much school year round taking breaks whenever we desire.  We live in Florida and it’s HOT so it makes sense to work on more indoor/book lessons now so that we have plenty of free time to play and explore when the weather is pleasurable.   This year we are more structured in our home learning (you can read about that decision here).  I have a plan, who knows how it will play out!

This week we are learning about animal habitats, all three kids enjoyed creating their own habitats on paper.  I printed up a plain habitat of their choosing then they colored it and searched through magazines to find animals that lived in their habitat to cut out and glue on their paper.

Mamatography:  Earth Mama's World

Ava loves lapbooks so she is creating a science lapbook.

Mamatography:  Earth Mama's World

Here is Audrey doing  ‘stool…

Mamatography:  Earth Mama's World

This year we are learning about American History (you can read my learning plan for American History here).  Alex and Ava will each create a History notebook recording what they learn.

Mamatography:  Earth Mama's World

Art is a favorite in our home.  This week we worked with watercolor crayons.  Ava’s piece of art is our dog Laika in the rain.

Alex is really enjoying the Draw Write Now series.  Here is his sketch of Christopher Columbus…


We had planned to go to the tide pool this week but the kids ended up learning how tow trucks work, super fun (for them)!  Our truck got fixed and we were able to meet up with our fellow homeschooling friends at the park for exploring and play.  This week they spent most of their time in the trees!

Mamatography:  Earth Mama's World

So that covers week one of this years homeschool adventures.  I am so excited to document our life of living and learning in my Mamatography posts rather than just photos.   Change is good, right?!?

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