Living & Learning With Love: October & November 2015

We have been having a blast living and learning with love.  It seems that there are so many things going that we have had a hard time finding the time to sit down and do ‘schoolwork’ but THIS is the reason we homeschool.   I am beginning to find peace knowing all that I have planned will get done, it may not get done exactly how I planned but it will get done.  I am learning to be totally, or somewhat, okay with that.

Our homeschooling journey has cycles.  There are times that we play A LOT and then there are times when we slow down to learn and discover at home.  October and November were both ‘get out there and learn through play’ kind of months. December has been a ‘lets slow down and chill’ kind of month but that is another post.

I think it is best to share the fun that we have had through photos and a few words.  This type of photo post makes me miss my old Mamatography posts.  Here it goes….

Alex is taking a Lego class at a new enrichment center, if(space), while Ava and Audrey participate in an art class.  He has fallen head over heals for the Lego Mindstorm that they are working on in class, he has always loved anything Lego but this is over the top!  He shopped online and financed (through us) a used Mindstorm NXT, it is not the new (much more expensive) version but he is totally thrilled with it.  He even made a robot to help clean the floors and a printer!

Lego printer

The Lego class is participating in the 2015 First Lego League TRASH TREK Challenge and he is loving every moment of it.  He was so excited to show me the board on which they overcome certain challenges for points.

FIRST Lego 2015 Trash Trek Challenge

Their team, the Brickbusters, will compete with public school teams several times.  These competitions encourage team work and supporting one another, not just those on your own team.  I love everything about it.

Ava, Audrey, and many homeschool friends enjoyed Art in the Park.   Ava took this art class very seriously.  They all created masterpieces!

Homeschool Art in the Park

Alex had a blast exploring and playing with his friends at the park while the girls painted..


Even though we aren’t at home siting at the table doing schoolwork we ARE learning a bunch!

The fair came to town which is always fun but it is even more fun when you meet friends there!  Audrey and Molly couldn’t get enough of the swings.

Fair fun with friends!

There is always Disney (thank you resident discounted weekday passes) to give us a day packed full of magic and fun.  That moment that Ariel tells your 7-year-old that they are ‘hair twins’ after she dyed her hair rock and roll red for her Merida Halloween outfit….priceless!

Hair Twins!

A few fencing competitions were squeezed into these busy months for Alex.

Fencing fun!

My very introverted son really impresses me with how he steps out of his box in this sport.


We stopped to enjoy one of the many rainbows November brought us.


Ava blew me away with how much she loved the ropes course at Wonderworks.


The girls had a blast learning about the earth and the solar system through sensory play.  Space is super fun for us since we live on the Space Coast, you can see more about our space learning here.

Sensory Play Space

Men on the moon!  If you don’t know how to make moon sand it is super easy, click here to find out how.

Sensory Play Space

One of the many benefits of living on the Space Coast is going to Kennedy Space Center for an educational and fun field trip! The kids participated in a fun class focusing on how space crafts land.  SUPER FUN!

Kennedy Space Center Learning Fun

After the class we were set free to explore the Space Center.  Ava and Audrey thought it was hilarious to pretend to be using the potty in space!

Kennedy Space Center Learning Fun

You always need a break to climb a mountain…. I mean a rock wall.

homeschool fun

Alex is discovering the periodic table of elements and really loved working on experiments with his daddy.

Homeschool Chemistry

Of course you must make time to celebrate fall with your homeschool friends.  These girls are SO awesome!

Homeschool friends for life

At the end of the day when you live in Florida you simply must jump in!

Silly swimmers!

I didn’t check off a bunch of ‘did this’ or ‘did that’s’ off of my homeschool checklist but I can tell you this there was A LOT of learning and  A LOT of fun and I wouldn’t change a second of it.  I love homeschooling!

To read more about our homeschooling journey please click here.

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