Lesson Ideas For Teaching Money

Money: Fun & Free Learning Activities

Alex is becoming very interested in money.  Alex has been learning place value for a few months now so I am sure that he will learn about money with ease.  Their are several learning activities for teaching money available for FREE!  We have had fun learning about money using videos, books, and several fun activities.

Money:  Fun & Free Learning Activities

Lesson Ideas for Teaching Money

Alex ‘shops’ Legos all day long asking how much each one costs.  I decided this is a perfect time to teach him about money.  I was happy to find so many free activities for teaching money and wanted to share them.  I found several videos, books, worksheets, and games to help children learn about money.  The best thing is they are FREE!

Videos About Money

We started with this catchy song that tells the worth of each coin:

This video doesn’t discuss value but helps a child distinguish between the coins:

Books About Money

We read these two books about money:

Learning Activities For Teaching Money


Learning Activities For Teaching Money

Money Worksheets

Money Coloring Pages  – Great for preschool, I will use this for Ava.

Learning Activities For Teaching Money
photo credit: Money Instructor

This worksheet really helped Alex understand how many coins equal one dollar.  You can print it here.:

Money Worksheet

Money Activities

Alex enjoys saving his money in a piggie bank.  We decided this was a great time to take his change to the bank for cash.  First we emptied his piggy bank into a baggie and headed to the bank.  Then, he poured his money into the change counting machine and was asked to guess how much he had.  Amazingly he was only 91 cents off so he received a $2.00 bonus!  We headed to the toy store where he bought his own Lego camper. Now that his bank is empty he is anxious to earn more.

A nice money poem and activities over at Under the Big Top.

Learning Activities For Teaching Money
photo credit: Under The Big Top

A fun Coin Recognition Game from Growing Kinders.

Learning Activities For Teaching Money
photo credit: Growing Kinders

Another Fun Money Game over at Mrs. Prince & Co.

Learning Activities For Teaching Money
photo credit: Mrs. Prince & Co.

Financial Education Clearinghouse offers several online games that help teach money

Money activities & strategies over at Math Wire.

To see a list of all of our lessons (with links) please click here.

Fun & Free Ways to Teach Kids About Money

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Learning Activities For Teaching Money

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