Learning About Planets: Fun and Free Activities

Our most recent learning topic has been space.  This is a topic that my little man has always been interested in.  I am not surprised as we live on the space coast!

Of course a new learning topic means that we got to create a new lapbook.  I turned to Homeschool Share and found more than one awesome Space lapbook. 

We started out our space unit focusing on the planets.  Every day the bigger two would work on one or two segments of the space lapbook.  Once all of the ‘pieces’ were complete,  I glued them into the folder to complete the planet section of their space lapbook.  They love looking at their completed lapbooks.

Space Lapbook

Space Lapbook

Space LapbookI found tons of space printables from 1+1+1=1.

photo credit:  1+1+1=1
photo credit: 1+1+1=1

I printed the planets and some of their word cards with pictures then laminated them, glued magnets on the back of them, and stuck them on the dry erase board.

Planets:  Lesson IdeasThe kids practiced placing the planets in the correct order, it became a game that they really enjoyed.   Sunshine especially liked playing with them….

Planets:  Lesson Ideas


Little man used the space photo cards along with laminated word magnets to create sentences…

Sweet Pea enjoyed working through the Astronaut Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations.

Astronaut Preschool Pack

We sang the solar system song over and over and over….

Sweet Pea enjoyed this planets video for kids…..

We also watched a bunch of space school videos on individual planets at discovery.com.

We are very lucky that we live on the Space Coast.  While learning about planets we witnessed two rocket launches.

A Delta 4…..

Delta V Rocket Launch

The other launch was a beautiful night launch.  My camera takes really horrible photos at night which is a shame because night launches are breathtaking.  Little man took a late night swim while waiting on the launch….

Both of the big kids made a solar system mini book that I found at Classroom Jr.

We glued beans on a planet….

And we planted our own galactic garden using an Outer Space Adventure Science Kit:

We made homemade moon sand .  The kids love playing with the space toys in the moon sand!

Homemade Moon Sand


Little man also completed a few pages that I found in an Earth & Sun Printable unit guide at ……. here.

We are ready now ready to move forward  in our space learning.  We have finished up on planets and are moving onto the moon.  To mark the transition we went on a field trip to our local planetarium.  We had a blast on our field trip and I would love to show some photos but I am unable to find my camera…I think I may need to blame the 2 year old!

At the planetarium we watched an Imax show titled ‘The Living Sea’.  Here is the trailer….

The soundtrack was by Sting,  sweet pea leaned over and said to me “Mama, this is my favorite music ever”…I have to buy the soundtrack!  We then moved on to an amazing sky show titled ‘In My Backyard’ it was perfect for the younger crowd.

I had a very proud moment when my little man saw all of the planets painted on the wall of the planetarium and moved from one to another while saying their names.  If (hopefully when) I find my camera I will post photos!

Here are a few books we read:

Stay tuned for our fun and free moon learning activities!  AND if you have ideas or links that you would like to share please leave them in the comments below 🙂

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