Learning About Pirates

We had a chance encounter with a pirate named Dan who welcomed us onto his pirate ship.

The kids were so excited that we decided to jump into pirate learning.  We live on the ‘treasure coast’ of Florida so there were some great learning resources at our fingertips!

Next door to the pirate ship there is a library.  Alex choose 2 books on Pirates.  (1)  A Day In The Life Of A Pirate by Emma Helbrough and (2) Pirates:  Fearsome Fighters by Rachael Hanel.

When we got home from our pirate adventure I jumped online and printed off two free pirate lapbooks, thank you Pinterest!  The kids flew through their lapbooks and as always are so proud.

Alex’s pirate lapbook.

Ava’s pirate lapbook.


The kids and I had a great day learning all about pirates!

Our favorite homeschool friends were with us when we explored the pirate ship.  They decided to learn about pirates as well.  We put together two field trips to two separate Treasure Museums….did I mention we live on the Treasure Coast?

Our first field trip was to the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum in Sebastian.

Our second field trip was to the McClarity Treasure Museum in Melbourne Beach.

The kids really had a blast learning about pirates.

We enjoyed making pirate crafts.  They made their very own Pirate Flags.

And newspaper pirate hats.

Ava worked on a super fun pirate pre-K pack.

Alex loves connect the dots.  I found a fun Jolly Roger connect the dots sheet for him.

During the week of our pirate learning we watched a few pirate themed movies.  We watched Treasure Island  and The Pirates of Tortuga.   Alex started watching The Goonies but it turned out to be a little too much for him…the bad guys freaked him out!

Here is a good pirate video on you tube.

Our pirate learning was a success.  A chance encounter with a pirate led us on a two-week learning journey discovering pirates.  I love homeschooling!

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