Learning ABC’s (& More) Through Clothespins

Ava is wanting to read…desperately.  She knows all of her letter sounds well (thanks to watching  Leapfrog Letter Factory over and over again).  But, she needs a little more practice with her alphabet recognition.  I often shuffle our ABC flashcards or our laminated letter shamrocks for her to place in order on the floor.  She enjoys this but today I wanted to give her a new, fresh, and fun ABC recognition activity.

I hang Audrey’s diapers and much of our laundry out to dry on a clothesline so clothespins are plentiful in our home.  I was finishing up laundry and came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea.  I gave Alex the task of figuring out how many letters were in the alphabet.  He was sure that there were 24 but after recounting several times he concluded that there were 26 letters.  His next task was to gather 26 clothespins.  He was very excited to be helping me.

He returned to the table with the correct amount of clothespins.  I took out a sharpie and created our newest learning manipulative.

Alex had the brilliant idea to add numbers to the other side.  Deep down I think he was still wanting to make sure that there were 26 letters in the alphabet.

It was now to coax Ava out of the pool and into the living room for fun ABC learning.  She was intrigued and excited to start her new learning activity.

She was so very proud when she was finished and the order was correct.

Alex ‘checked’ her work by making sure that the number order on the back of the pins was correct.

Alex wanted a turn next and decided to create a few words on the hanger.

The numbers on the back inspired me to add a few more pins so that Ava could play with simple math equations.

Who knew that laundry could inspire such a fun learning activity?!

I love homeschooling!










5 thoughts on “Learning ABC’s (& More) Through Clothespins

  1. nicole says:

    I love this idea! I dont homeschool but this is a great supplement to my kids preschool curriculum! Will definitley be doing this one. And by the way, I love your whole site. There are so many great ideas

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