It’s Okay To Change Your Homeschool Style/Curriculum ‘Mid-Year’

It’s nearing the end of November.   This time of year is typically a time of reflection for me.  I’m not sure if it is the holidays, the moon, my inner-workings or all of this that leads me to reflect but that is what I do.  This reflection typically leads to a big fall purge in our home and since we learn at home, this reflection and purge affects the way that we homeschool as well.

I begin almost every new homeschool year with a rather detailed curriculum,  you can check out our beginning of the year curriculum here.  We usually stick with it pretty well for the first few weeks then slowly we begin to make adjustments that accommodates our needs.   Most often the changes begin small and as time passes the changes get more drastic.  Being able to make these changes in the way that we learn based on our current needs and desires  is one of the greatest aspects of homeschooling!

changing homeschool curr

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Making changes in our homeschool curriculum is a constant in our home.  I know many organized homeschooling families that plan out their entire year before they begin their  first day of ‘school’,copies and all.  My biggest organizational accomplishment has been planning out our American History lessons in an very detailed 8 week plan. Planning beyond that is not for me, and even if it was it would be totally pointless because we would switch it up anyway.

We also change-week-to week and even day-to-day how we learn.  There are times when we are passionate researchers delving into books and creating journals, in these cases learning looks something like this…..

Changing homeschool curriculum mid-year

And then there are times that we become passionate researchers testing our ideas and discovering outdoors….

Changing homeschool curriculum or style mid-year

So you are a few days, weeks, months, or even years into homeschooling and you feel a change in curriculum or way of homeschooling is necessary I feel that reflection and change are necessary.  If after some time you are aware of something that isn’t working change it up and if something is working stick with it.   I know it sounds simple, I do understand the stress of changing it up after you have invested and planned, but it’s okay.  And you know what?  After a bit of time it may be the right time to get out the same books that you put away and start back where you left off.

Life is full of changes why would your homeschooling be any different?

If you are considering making changes in the way you learn at home and are concerned that it is ‘mid-year’ I say make the changes now, why spend several more months doing something that you think may not be the best way for your family to learn and grow.   This is the beauty of homeschooling, you don’t have to stick to the same things.

Changing your homeschool curriculum or style mid-year

If you are a homeschooling parent wondering if you should change it up mid-year I hope that this eases your mind.  I think making necessary changes at any time in the year is essential to a positive and productive homeschool situation.

If you are curious about the changes that we have made I will go over that now so keep reading…..


Alex is still devouring American History.  This is where I have spent my time planning (based on his interests) and it is really paying off.  We are on book 9 of The American Adventure book series  (this has opened up a huge dialect on different religious beliefs as well) and we just watched Liberty’s Kidsepisode 1 tonight.  History is Alex’s main interest currently.

Liberty's Kids

Ava is not so much interested in delving as deep as Alex in American History so I switched to Adventures In America for her and it is just enough, and not too much, for her.


We started using Elemental Science Biology.  We haven’t opened that book in a few weeks.  Honestly, we have been focusing so much on History that Science fell to the side.  Alex was bored with this so we jumped into a random study of weather.  One day I was cleaning out the desk and discovered a Noeo Science Physics 1 set.  Alex was stoked when I showed him so he will be starting this next week.  I got this set for a really good deal a while back and am anxious to discover it!

Ava is enjoying learning about animals via Elemental Science so she will keep working on the lapbook and she can join Alex in learning physics if she desires.

Language Arts

We still use Learning Language Arts Through Literature but we don’t complete all of the activities and often complete several lessons in one day and not returning to it for a bit.

We read a lot.  This is the main component to our home learning.  It is not uncommon for us to have well over 50 books checked out from the library.  If anyone expresses an interest in something I go online and search for books then place them on hold, I really love our library system.


We still love Draw Write Now and they choose to work on their writing and drawing frequently.

draw write now


This was our second shot at Spelling Workout .  It just isn’t for us at all.  Alex wants to know how to spell, many words he hears differently than how they are actually pronounced and spelled.  We have started working through Sequential Spelling and he loves it.  I make silly sentences for the words and it ends up being very silly and fun to how to spell.

Ava is just learning how to read so her spelling is more focused on word families and sight worlds.


We are still using Horizons Math.  I am looking at Teaching Textbooks but am not committed yet to make a change (Alex loves Horizons).

Not even halfway through the year and we have made major changes in our homeschool curriculum.  The biggest change is that we are much more relaxed than the original ‘plan’.  Often letting go of the plan is the best change of all.

Changing Your Homeschool Style/Curriculum Mid-Year

I tend to follow this trend annually.  I create a very good plan but then once we try it on we discover it doesn’t quite fit.  I am very happy (& I hope my kids are as well) that I realize when something isn’t quite fitting and make the necessary adjustments

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