Invisible Ava Takes On The Park!

For the last two weeks we have been meeting with an awesome homeschool group for recess.  I have met some great ladies and my kids are beginning to make new friends  Alex is still taking it all in but I can sense that he is almost ready to jump in and join the fun.  My kids tend to be ‘stuck’ to my side but today Ava played and even allowed me out of her sight…HUGE sigh of relief on my part.  Ava’s confidence today had a lot to do with her magic sunglasses.

Let me go back a little.  Last week we had water play day at recess to celebrate the end of summer.  The kids were covered in shaving cream and playing in sprinklers.  We were having a blast.  That is until the parks and recreation workers came near where we were playing.  Ava began to melt down.  She has recently acquired an ENORMOUS fear of worker guys.   I say worker guys because plain ‘ol regular guys do not bother her but if they have on a uniform and are doing some sort of a task she shakes in her shoes and frantically asks if  ‘those guys are coming’.  So all of this being said we had to quickly exit water play day with a hysterical Ava screaming at the top of her lungs and her entire body trembling.

I left wondering what the other ladies were thinking of this loud and frantic episode but knowing that they all have kids I was hopeful that they would understand.  This understanding was confirmed when I made a post in our facebook group about looking forward to our next recess day and I shared the fact Ava was already concerned if the ‘guys’ were going to be there.  One of the ladies in the group, who I adore, said to give her invisible sun glasses.  When she has these glasses on nobody can see her.  Brilliant!

Last night the clean fairy came to our home and left Alex and Ava their usual treat for the wonderfully clean rooms Ava got a bonus….invisible sunglasses.  I explained to her the magic of these sunglasses.  She was so happy and excited to try them out.  We went to recess this morning armed with the magic sunglasses.  The worker guys were there but she had on her sunglasses.  She was nervous a few times but overall it was total success!  We were able to stay the entire time…Woot Woot!!

I will be forever grateful to Kristi who shared with me the secret of the magic sunglasses!

8 thoughts on “Invisible Ava Takes On The Park!

  1. Kelly says:

    That’s awesome! Tell Ava I can’t wait to see these magic glasses for myself! Goodness knows, I could use a pair as well!

  2. Sunshine says:

    Hey…I am subscribed to your site to get an email when you post…but I have never gotten an email. I don’t know if I did something wrong. I tried it again but it said I’m already subscribed.

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