Instant Pot Potato Salad: Quick & Delicious!

Potato salad seems to be a summer staple.  It goes well with the barbeques and potlucks that seem to come together during the summertime.   Alex requested potato salad for a recent family get together and I decided to use my Instant Pot.  Boy, did this speed up the process!  Instant Pot potato salad is delicious and FAST to make!

Instant Pot Potato Salad

What is an Instant Pot?

You many be wondering what the heck an Instant Pot is.  Let me share with you something that can totally change the way you cook!  It is a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, porridge maker, steamer, browning pan, yogurt maker, and soup maker.  This wonderful little machine does all of this while using less energy and preserving more nutrients.

I can cook frozen chicken breasts in 10 minutes, a whole chicken in 20, and dry beans can be cooked to perfection in less than an hour.  This machine stays on my counter top because I use it so much.  You can read more about why I love Instant Pot here.

Instant Pot Potato Salad

Using an Instant Pot to make potato salad speeds up the process drastically!  Instead of boiling potatoes for 20 minutes you can cook them at high pressure for 4.  Oh my goodness, how I love my Instant Pot!

Let’s get down to how you can make potato salad using your Instant Pot or electric pressure cooker.  You can print this recipe at the bottom of the post.  To see all of my Instant Pot posts click here.

First, place the steamer basket in the Instant Pot.  Add water, potatoes, and eggs.

Instant Pot Potato Salad

Lock lid in place, select High Pressure, 4 minutes cook time and press start.  When timer beeps, turn off pressure cooker and let the pressure release naturally for 4 minutes.  After 4 minutes,  do a quick pressure release.  When the pressure is released, carefully remove the lid.  Remove the steamer basket from the pressure cooking pot and transfer the potatoes and eggs to a large bowl.

Instant Pot Potato Salad

It is best to let the potatoes and eggs cool before handling them.  You can use this time to chop your veggies.

When the potatoes are cool chop them up to your desired size.

Instant Pot Potato Salad

Next, tackle the eggs.  I have to say that hard boiled eggs are perfect cooked in the Instant Pot.  I have never had an entire batch of perfectly easy to peel hard boiled eggs, this is just too easy!

Instant Pot Potato Salad

Chop your eggs and add to the potatoes.

Instant Pot Potato Salad

Add your celery and scallion to the mix.

Instant Pot Potato Salad

Finally, add your mayo.  I hope to make homemade mayonnaise soon so if you have a great recipe please link it in the comments.  Now, stir it all up!

Instant Pot Potato Salad

Alex and Shane both enjoy bacon on the potato salad and since it was a large family gathering I decided to go all out.

Instant Pot Potato Salad

Instant Pot Potato Salad Recipe

As you can see, using an Instant pot to make potato salad is super fast.  Instant pot potato salad is also delicious!

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Instant Pot Potato Salad: Quick & Delicious!
Recipe type: Side Dish
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 10
Using the Instant Pot to make potato salad speeds up the process resulting in a quick, easy, and delicious potato salad!
  • 3 pounds new red potatoes
  • 6 organic eggs
  • 1½ cups of water
  • 1 pound bacon if desiered (I use nitrate-free)
  • 1 bunch of green onions
  • 3-4 stalks organic celery
  • 2 cups of mayonnaise
  • Salt & pepper
  • * I use organic ingredients
  1. Place the steamer basket in the Instant Pot.
  2. Pour water in followed by potatoes and eggs.
  3. Lock the lid and set manual high pressure for 4 minutes.
  4. Once the machine beeps turn it off and allow to naturally release pressure for 4 minutes.
  5. Release the pressure and remove the potatoes and eggs. Allow to cool.
  6. Peel your potatoes once cooled.
  7. Combine chopped potatoes, eggs, green onions, and celery (bacon if desired)
  8. Add mayonnaise and stir it all up.
  9. Add salt & pepper to taste.


Instant Pot Potato Salad: Quick & Delicious!

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13 thoughts on “Instant Pot Potato Salad: Quick & Delicious!

  1. Wow! I’ve never heard of instant pot before,but it sounds like such a great tool for the kitchen. Potato salad is one of my favorite summer staples, but I always dread making it because the potatoes take so loong to boil! Now that you’ve introduced me to this, however, I’m more inclined to research and possibly purchase it! Thanks so much for sharing this with us on #shinebloghop this week!

  2. Marianne says:

    Just made this! It came our perfect. Easiest potato salad I have ever made. I am still experimenting with my Instant Pot. If I never use it for anything else, this potato salad is worth the price of the Instant Pot. Thank you!

  3. Laura says:

    Mayo is super easy with an immersion or stick blender. Into a blender cup that narrowly fits the blender head I just toss in one egg, a teaspoon or two of lemon juice, one heaping teaspoon of hot dry mustard (although any mustard at all works) salt and pepper, then one cup of neutral oil. Not olive oil. It turns bitter with the immersion blender. Put the stick blender all the way to the bottom of the cup before turning it on. Then turn it on and move it up and down a few times. There you have mayonnaise!

    I play around with different spices to flavor it. Last one was one teaspoon of chipotle pepper. I’ve tried dill, chili, rosemary and even blended in half an avocado. You can really do some fun things with making your own mayonnaise.
    Some people will say you have to add the oil a little at a time, but I never do and it comes out fine. The trick is to make sure there’s little room around the blender head so it will create a vortex to mix the egg and oil.

  4. Lorie says:

    Thank you. I usually do not comment on recipes and apologize for the long message but this is the best.
    No heating up your kitchen or worse having to clean your stove if they boil over-bonus cooking both together=no babysitting the pots!!. I too love my instant pot and it’s great for hard boiled eggs. I just took mine out and carefully peeled one of the potatoes and grated it to see the texture-perfect just like if you boiled on the stove. This will be my new way to cook potatoes for potato salad. Thank you again-great recipe!!!

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