Indulgence And The Six Ingredient Challenge: An Update

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This week we’re answering the question: How is the Six Ingredient Challenge going for you so far?

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I am so glad that I joined the six ingredient challenge.  I am certainly getting back on track…almost.   There were two meals (three if you count cake) where I splurged in the name of celebration!

This week one of my favorite friends remembered that it was my birthday.  She and her daughter came to our house to celebrate.  They gathered my kids and headed to the kitchen to bake a birthday cake.   We also ordered take-out from our local Thai restaurant.  I decided that I would allow myself to indulge for the sake of my birthday.  Lunch was delicious and the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting was even better!

After lunch, cake, and a lot of fun the kids and I hoped into our car and headed to another celebration.   We het fellow homeschooling mama and her two sons at a restaurant for dinner.  After dinner we stepped outside to enjoy the awesome Chinese New Year celebration.   I was still full from lunch and didn’t eat very much, however, I am certain that the spring rolls and lo mein had more than six ingredients.  The friends, food, and celebration were wonderful (again!).

I had a great time indulging with friends this week.  I only get one birthday a year so I decided to indulge.  However, it was the company of friends that I enjoyed way more than the food that we shared.

I was very happy the following day when I had a green smoothie for breakfast, garbanzo bean salad for lunch, and slow cooker refried beans for dinner.  My body was happy too!

Do you allow yourself to indulge on special occasions?  What is your favorite treat?


4 thoughts on “Indulgence And The Six Ingredient Challenge: An Update

  1. Happy birthday! Glad it was so special.

    I am definitely an indulger for special occasions! I love cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. Things like birthdays and holidays come only once a year, after all…unless you count that each family member has a birthday and there are many holidays per year. So I don’t think too hard about that, lol. It does feel good to go back to better eating afterward, though, doesn’t it?

  2. Worcestershire sauce has more than 6 🙁 I bought it but checked every bottle for the least number of ingredients and no corn or high fructose corn syrup. You might have to come up with a homemade worcestershire sauce!

    Happy belated birthday!

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