How To Eliminate Pinworms Naturally

I have been putting off writing this post for some time now.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure if people wanted to know about, or if I even wanted to share, our families pinworm experience.  This morning, a few mamas in a natural parenting group that I am involved in had a discussion on pinworms and natural pinworm remedies.  I explained how our family was able to eliminate pinworms naturally and realized that it was time to share our families pinworm experience.  If you are wondering what pinworms are, how you got them, and how you can eliminate pinworms naturally please keep reading!

How to eliminate pinworms naturally

Yes, my daughter had pinworms.  And yes, we treated and eliminated pinworms naturally!

Did you know that pinworms are more common than lice?  I didn’t.  I had never even heard of pinworms until a friend of mine told me about them last year.  We had a brief converstaion where she filled me in on pinworms.  I thought they sounded gross and was relieved that we did not have them.

Fast forward a few months.  My youngest child, Audrey, had been very cranky.  She had been having trouble sleeping and her stomach seemed to cramp at night.  I assumed that she was suffering from a stomach bug but was confused because her stomach did not bother her during the day, only at night.

On day 3 I discovered that this was no stomach flu.  Audrey was running around the house after her bath with no clothes on.  That is when it happened.  She had an accident in the middle of the living room.  I grabbed a towel to clean it up.  When I leaned down I stopped dead in my tracks.  There I saw them.  I instantly recalled the conversation I had with my friend and realized that I had come face to face with pinworms.

That night was horrible.  Audrey screamed and cried complaining of itching while grabbing at her bottom.  I gave her many warm baths and rubbed her down with coconut oil in an attempt to soothe her.  She eventually fell asleep on me.  I laid her down and  headed to the computer to investigate those gross little critters that were terrorizing my baby’s body.

So, if you made it through that horrible story you may be (desperately) looking for answers just as I was.  Well here we go, I hope that this will be helpful to you.

What are pinworms?

The pinworm, also known as threadworm or seatworm are the most common type of roundworm found in the USA.  (you can read more over at Medical News Today).

“Pinworms are really small — about as long as a staple. Their eggs get inside the body through the mouth after you touch something which is contaminated with pinworm eggs, then touch your hands to your mouth.

After getting in your mouth, the eggs pass through the digestive system. The eggs hatch in the small intestine, and the baby worms grow and move on to the large intestine. There, the pinworms grab onto the wall of the intestine. After a few weeks, the female pinworms move to the end of the large intestine, and they come out of the body at night to lay their eggs around the anus.”  via

How to Eliminate Pinworms Naturally
photo credit: The Irvington Dispatch

I thought that Audrey had a stomach flu because she was suffering from what I thought were stomach cramps at night.  Those weren’t actually cramps, rather it was her body tensing in reaction to the intense itching and discomfort caused by the worms coming out of her body to lay eggs.

How do you get pinworms?

Pinworms are spread from person to person.  The eggs of pinworms can live about 2 weeks.  One person scratches their bottom and doesn’t wash their hands.  They touch an object and leave the eggs there.  Another person touches the object, now the eggs are on their hand.  They touch their mouth and ingest the eggs, they are now infected with pinworms.

People who get pinworms are not dirty people.  Unfortunately, people do not talk about their children having pinworms.  I mentioned previously, they are more common than lice!

I was shocked when I discovered that there was an outbreak of pinworms in my area.  I was disappointed that people were not talking about it.  It is taboo, I get that but come on!  I eventually discovered where Audrey most likely picked up these critters, it would have been much easier for me to diagnose if I had known she was exposed.  I notified everyone that we had been in contact with in the previous week and informed them that they had been exposed to pinworms.  It was the responsible thing to do.

What are the symptoms of pinworms?

Pinworm symptoms include:  itching around the anus, disturbed sleep, irritability, restlessness, appetite loss and difficulty sleeping.  I have also read that people crave sugar when they have pinworms.  However, some people never experience any symptoms!

Some parents investigating their child’s bottom at night with a flashlight to confirm an infestation.  You can also take a piece of scotch tape and place it on the anus then remove it to look for eggs (I assume you would need a microscope for this).  Or you can witness them in a bowel movement (as I did), although you don’t always see them.

How did I eliminate pinworms naturally?

I was able to eliminate pinworms in our home naturally.  And I am happy to share with you how I did this but first I would like to say that I am not a doctor and that this is what worked for us.   Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider to discuss medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment AND prior taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.  Nothing you read here should be relied upon to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis, or courses of treatment.

After a very restless night I watched the clock anxiously waiting for it to hit 11:00 so I could call my local herbalist.  While I was waiting I called on my mother in law to help.  She came to our home and took the kids outside to play.  I cleaned.

I knew that these eggs could live on a surface for 2 weeks so I cleaned.  I mean, I really cleaned.  I rarely use bleach but I did for this occasion.  I washed all of our bedding, towels, underwear, and family cloth in HOT water.  I scrubbed potty’s, bathtubs, and floors.  Our kids often run about half-dressed, or not dressed at all, therefore I felt the need to clean everything.    Door knobs, light switches, dining room chairs, I scrubbed everything.

The clock struck 11:00 and I anxiously made my phone call.  I was told that I needed to come in and get diatomaceous earth.  I asked her to package some up for me and told her that I would be there soon.  Before heading out I researched diatomaceous earth (DE) as I had only heard of using it topically not ingesting it.  I researched and decided that I would treat my family with DE to eliminate pinworms in our home.

It is important to get FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth.  You can find information about diatomaceous earth at Earth Works Health and Global Healing Center.

update:  It has been two years and my family continues to eat DE in our smoothies due to it’s many health benefits, you can read about them here.

You can buy DE Amazon or you can purchase the same DE that I use for my family and home over at my Etsy store:

where to buy diatomaceous earth


I treated our entire family with DE.  The dosage that I used was 1 tbsp daily for adults and 1 tsp daily for the children.  I added it to smoothies, applesauce, and even water.  It does not dissolve so make sure you stir it up.  It is also important to try not to inhale DE, as it can damage your lungs.  I also placed DE in her diaper and sprinkled it in our bedding to eliminate any pinworms that may have escaped.  I continued to treat everyone in our home for 90 days due to the fact that reinfection is very common.  (I still include it in our diet due to the many other beneficial qualities, but that is another post!)

You can also help eliminate pinworms through diet.  Pinworms like carbohydrates and sugars, they do not like garlic.  I have read that pumpkin seeds are great to eat if you have pinworms!

I also made a topical treatment.   I diced several garlic cloves and mixed them with a small amount of coconut oil in a small mason jar.  It is important to store it in a warm place (the longer it sits the stronger it gets).  I would rub this mixture onto Audrey’s anus (using a Q-Tip) before bedtime and first thing in the morning.  Doing this repels the adults from laying more eggs and kills any eggs that are present.

Audrey started sleeping more comfortably on the first night.  On the third night she showed no more symptoms.

photo credit: Kidspot Daily
photo credit: Kidspot Daily

The symptoms may be gone, but it is important to remember that you must continue treating for pinworms to avoid re-infestation.  Eggs take up to two weeks to hatch so if there are eggs present in the body they will hatch (if they are not eliminated) and the cycle will start all over.

How did I prevent future pinworm outbreaks?

I continued giving all members of our family with DE orally (I even gave it to our dog until I realized that pinworms only live in humans) for 90 days.

For the first week I washed bedding and towels after one use.  This was a lot of work and used a bunch of energy (I washed in hot then hung dry) but I felt it was necessary.  It is important not to allow an infected person to shower or bathe with anyone else.  Clean the bathtub after every use.  No more babies running around without undies on.  Wash hands, wash hands, and wash hands some more!

Pinworms suck, they really do.  You have to be diligent when eliminating them from your home.  Don’t give up, I am hoping that that comfort and peace find their way quickly to you and your loved ones!

You can read more about natural home remedies for pinworms over at or  If you or someone you know is suffering with pinworms I hope that this post helps you (you are NOT alone!).  If you have other natural pinworm remedy please share them in the comments!

To see all of my natural living recipes please click here.

DISCLAIMER: The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

421 thoughts on “How To Eliminate Pinworms Naturally

  1. That doesn’t sound fun at all! Glad you’ve eradicated the menace!! Just FYI, DE is as great for dogs as it is for humans . I give it to mine. No need to stop just because she can’t get pinworms.

    • Dave says:

      Just wanted to ad a few more ideas to these excellent suggestions. I am pretty sure I have pin worms. I bought ten pounds of diatomaceous earth that I already had in my basement. I also had a large syringe unopened so in addition to a lot of the stuff mentioned here I have been taking things like the diatomaceous earth, wormwood, clove, black walnut hulls, a little pin-x and what ever else I can think of orally and also at the other end with the syringe. I think a fleet enema would work just as well if not better. I bought some ever clear and put it in a spray bottle and am wondering if spraying my bed will kill eggs. I’m also wondering what I can spray or wipe on the floor to best kill them. I’m eating tons of raw garlic. Thanks.

      • Dave says:

        Can I also add, does anyone know how dangerous the Pin-X stuff is? I am thinking, at least, three or four dosing’s spread out over the coming weeks will be needed to completely end this and would like to know if it can hurt you or accumulate in your system, again, thanks!

        • Kristina says:

          Be sure to look up the ingredients, and then do a search with the ingredient name and MSDS after it (Material Data Safety Sheet). Then read the dangers. Usually drugs have terrible side effect dangers.

          • Jules says:

            I have a years long pinworm infection that I am trying to get rid of. I did read that pin-x/pyrantel pamoate is the least toxic of the pinworm drugs and the one they recommend for pregnant women. A main problem for me is that I am so sick it is impossible for me to do all the cleaning necessary.

            • Aura says:

              Hello. We wereally successful at getting rid of them by drinking Braggs apple cider vinegar with water and adding it to salads or cucumbers too. We also used bentonite clay, which binds to the unwanted substance in your gut. I have been mixing 1tsp of the DE with both of them… but the bentonite clay has very little taste, so that’s the mixture I recommend.

              Along with those two, I have been taking ‘Healthy Colon Plus’ 5 capsules twice a day. It has psyllium, flax seeds and a few probiotics in there too. Also, taking black walnut as well. This combination seems to have finished off the little f***ers! Sorry for my language. But, they almost drove me insane! Now, trying to catch up with my energy bills from all the laundry I had to do!!!

              Niether the Combantrim or Mebendazole were enough to rid us of them alone. Make certain to cover your mouth and nose with a face mask or bandana. Good luck to anybody still suffering with them.

              • XoxoM says:

                I wonder if charcoal will work the same as bentonite clay ? Please let me know would love any suggedtions from a natural health expert moms, holistic and earth mama 🙂 – my poor 5yr old daughter and now I have them. Started ACV, will start DE today-i know that DE may cause constipation but hoping it doesnt. We just took a dose of pin-x-instead of using Emverm-but need natural ways to eliminate completlly from body system. Please let me know. Earth Mama- how long does it for DE to work? When you add DE to bedding does it affect someone’s breathing? Thinking of also using this herb combo to kill parasites (intestinal cleanse) for adults and one for children. Any suggestions please are welcomed…Thank you for taking the time to share. We do appreaciate it.

                • aura says:

                  Sorry for my late reply XoxoM. I am not sure if the activated charcoal would bind the worms, larvae or the eggs enough to excrete them because I am not sure what their actual size is. But, I don’t think that it would hurt. I do know that activated charcoal will absorb chemicals and toxins which may be smaller in size. I am not sure of the actual size of the tiny pores in the activated charcoal… Or the size of the worms, larvae and eggs. It would be really nice to hear an experts opinion on that though.

                  I am still clean and clear 5 1/2 months later. But, I still wash our bedding at least once a week, washing everything in hot water and drying in the dryer rather then hanging in on the line outside. If I feel the slightest itch down there, I wipe with a vinegar water mix that I have in a spray bottle in the bathroom. But, I haven’t felt the need to make the coconut oil, pureed garlic & DE mixture that I used to put on our bottoms at night. I NEVER want to deal with that pain in the butt again. Excuse the pun! 😉 Good luck to those of you still suffering and hang in there!!!

                  • aura says:

                    Also, I do a thorough cleaning after my daughter has friends come for a sleep over from her former school that she went to when we first got the pinworms. I do a spritz and wipe with paper towel with a 50/50 bleach water mix on the bathroom toilet seat, flush handle, faucet knobs, light switch, door handle, floor, etc. I also wipe the remotes down with it and other light switches and surfaces that they were likely to touch. I make sure that I clean all the bedding and floor in my daughter’s room too. Good so far and I hope to stay that way.

                    • Vincenttio says:

                      Thank you! The article is very well written; clear, accurate and easy to understand. I had some problems with parasites. It is often a waste of time to try and find eggs in stools as they are extremely difficult to detect. Best for me is just to treat with Albendazole or Mebendazole (Vermox). Got them from “NOWORM247” ❤️ (just search on Google) to save $$ . Albendazole and vermox are broad spectrum antihelmintics and most likely to be effective.
                      Your article helped me a lot to be free from parasites forever! Thanks!

              • Casey says:

                Has anyone else struggled with pinworms while pregnant? Does it affect your baby? What can I take or do to successfully get rid of them?? Please help I wanf them gone before baby is born!

              • Momofloves says:

                What else did you do? Did you crazy clean? Did you clean backpacks,toys, books, crayons, phones, computers, your car etc daily? Did you change your diet? Did you give your children the colon cleanse? And how long did it take for this to end for you? Thank you so much!!!!

                • Momofloves says:

                  Sorry, that comment above that I made was meant for Aura (or anyone who wants to chime in!!).

                  Aura, thank you for your comments. I saw that you take precautions after friends come by. Great idea. I thought I was the only one who did that. My main thing is that the friends also don’t get anything from being over here. I have never been diagnosed, but sometimes, you just know. I saw some things in my stool and granted, it could be something else, it certainly looks like the pictures above (I hate looking at any of the pics…I usually scroll past them). Thanks again and I pray you’re still pw free!

              • Alexandra says:

                We used Mebendazole 2 weeks ago and 2 weeks before that we used Pyrantel Pamoate for a differernt kid of worm. Now we have pinworms… Started DE today on all household members and have been cleaning like crazy. Our laundry gets put and folded on our couch. Now I realiyed that the little ones also do sit butt naked on the couches…. Sweet Jesus…. Do I have to wash everything again??? And How do I clean the couch effectively? I have a crap load of hand sanitizer spray. Would that help?

      • Howard Thron says:

        Hi everyone. I read many of the responces that people have sent in to this post about pinworms and I decided to add one of my own. The rind of avocados is also effective for expelling worms from the digestive tract. Something else that I need to mention is directed at those of you who are thinking of using wormwood as a treatment. Please be cautious. There are three kinds of wormwood: Artemisia absintium, Artemisia annua and Artemisia campestris. All three have been known to cause dermatitis after being in contact with the skin. All three have been known to cause allergic reactions and the absintium variety has been known to cause nervous disorders, convulsions, insomnia, nightmares, and other symptoms even inrelatively small doses. Please be certain you know which one you are using and use them with extreme care if you are using it to treat your children. Stay natural and stay healthy!!!

        • Leah says:

          Hello, thanks for this very interesting blog post! I love your blog! Way to go. Now for the topic at hand, I’ve recently come across the work of Dr Natasha on healing the gut to have better immunity from all sorts of pathogens including parasites, and you can go to some very good interviews with her on the Mercola website here: I’ve also read a lot about the use of iodine to treat worms both in people and livestock. Sorry I don’t have the link handy but the Weston Price Foundation has good information on iodine. I have used diatomaceous earth as a precaution against parasites but did not have any die off reaction. I’ve also used the wormwood, black walnut and clove protocol. It’s fairly easy to find the specifics and to follow it. Again I had no die off effects but I did it after a trip to Central America just I case I had picked up something from being there.

    • Ok thanks for this bc my 8 yr old daughter has pinworms and she itches her boottomm everyday so i give her a bitter thing every night and u are right! she carves for sugar!!! i swear this tottally helped it did take some worked but at;least it helped keep my family safe ! THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH AGIAN!!!!!!!!! SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

        • Renee says:

          Help please!!!! I have pinworms 🙁 and I have on hand Diatomaceous Earth for poultry but it also says 100% Codex Food Grade is this safe for me???

        • Renee says:

          Help please!!!! I have pinworms 🙁 and I have on hand Diatomaceous Earth for poultry but it also says 100% Codex Food Grade is this safe for me??? Thank you and how many times a day do you drink it.

          • Angela says:

            If it says food grade it should be totally safe for you. You can add it to water or any liquid, it won’t dissolve so you will need to stir well then drink quick. I like to add it to our smoothies. Good luck to you!!

            • Solongo says:

              Hello Angela. I got pinworms after birth in last Oct and I’m tired to treat it with mebendazole.if still itches. Now i think my 6 month old daughter has it.she has difficulty to sleep and wakes up several times tonight and cries. Is it safe to give it to my 6 month old?

              • Marnie says:

                Yes. I believe it would be safe for your baby. Add about 1/2 a teaspoon to food daily for a week. If no adverse reaction, up to 1 teaspoon for 90 days. Give plenty of water throughout the day because the diatomaceous earth can be a little dehydrating.

                Also… Treat yourself with 1 tablespoon daily for 90 days too.

                If there are adverse reactions- it’s usually the side effects from the parasites dying .. Which is a good thing ! Don’t stop the treatment of this occurs… Just lower the dose a little til the die off subsides.

                Hope this helps!!

                • Marnie says:

                  Forgot to mention: turpentine. You can find pure natural turpentine for sale online. It’s an old school remedy for eminating all kinds of parasites. I’ve given it mixed in castor oil to my kids. Never to a baby. Maybe keep this is kind for when your little one is a bit older. Check online formore info, dosages, etc.

                  • Holy Crap says:

                    Are you joking about feeding your kid turpentine? I am absolute sure that is unsafe. Which makes me think you might be joking.

    • Brittany says:

      I use it for my entire family for parasites…also for my cat. It can cause a “die off effect” @ 1st so don’t stop using it thinking it is harming u…it is just doing its job. I truly am a believer….as a mother of 3 sons 2 of which r twins I have sheen my share of pin worms & head lice (which DE also kills…SCORE).Diatomaceous Earth is an amazing product to have in ur @ home arsenal of combatants 🙂

      • Angela says:

        Thank you for your for stopping by & sharing Brittany! I use it for my dog too. It is sprinkled on my kitchen counters right now because of pesky little ants. For lice did you just sprinkle it in their hair and in bedding, etc? Great idea!!

      • Rose Holtman says:

        I’ve used this stuff for about two weeks now because my 10 year old son has pinworms and now I’ve noticed I have them. So scary it freaks me out even after two weeks I’m still getting an itchy bum and notice I still have them coming out at night to lay eggs. How long does this dirt stuff take to work?

      • @Holistic Desk says:

        Brittany, I have three cats. Maybe I should treat my whole family and my feline babies. Especially because one is indoor/outdoor. They all get on the bed. OMG I can imagine what all they track around the house. I tried Diatomaceous Earth years ago. I guess I will try it again. How long does it take?

    • Cindy says:

      As a cautionary tale. I had pinworms as a young girl in the 1960’s. The lack of Information, the shame, and the ridicule from my family for being made to ingest whatever the medicine du jour was , culminated in me hiding my continued infestation for years. I developed endometriosis, became infertile, and it is only recently that I have pieced together the puzzle. A little girl was shamed into hiding a parasite that changed the course of her life. Pinworms are not to be ignored. Comfort your children’s confusion and fears.

  2. I think it’s really important to share these stories. Ages ago now, a friend gave me their family saga of dealing with lice and I remember feeling so glad that I wasn’t going through that. Well about a year later we did–but I was much better prepared for the turmoil because of what I’d learned. (I still remember my daughters favorite stuffed dog, which turned into a curly haired dog when I put it in the hot dryer since she couldn’t sleep without it). At least the lice are over faster–you have my sympathies!

      • Angela says:

        The price I have found is on Amazon. You can also find it at a health food store, just make sure it is food grade! Good luck Natali 🙂

        • Natali says:

          Thank you so much!! I hope this works for her. They have tried multiple antibiotics and nothing has worked. She’s super skinny and cant barely sleep at night. I have faith that this will work. I’ll make sure to share the results. 🙂

          • veronica says:

            Hopefully they’ve taken care of it by now, but antibiotics don’t treat worms. Maybe you should ask them if they’ve thought of seeing another Dr. for a second opinion….Or if you think they may not actually be taking her to the Dr., you could offer to help with the fees to go to the Dr. Sounds fishy to me.

              • I agree antibiotics do not cure pin worms. I have been to the doctor twice for myself about these little critters. I have taken antibiotics twice and washed everything but it didn’t work. So i started reading on my own way to get rid of them. You can get over the counter liquid medicine its called reese pin worm medicine treatment it works better then the antibiotics from doctor. I had pin worms so i started with that medicine and it worked for me.

            • Kristina says:

              If it is NOT food grade, it has been high-fired to over 1000 degrees, and acts like shards of glass in your insides… not a good thing, and it is dirty since it is for industrial use.

              Also, only food grade comes from clean fresh water sources. Even clean sources can have contamination, like aluminum (with the danger of Alzheimers, etc.) so buyer beware.

            • Elaine says:

              You are doing a lot! It sounds like you are so overwhelmed and exhausted! In your mind you are fighting a battle that you’re worried you’ll never win! Of course you feel sad about it! Microorganisms are everywhere in our world and we will never be able to rid them from our surroundings. I believe I also have pinworms and think that my two young sons do, but not the 3 other people in the house. It makes sense in my mind that if I treat all of us for pinworms using the DE internally and the garlic/coconut oil applied topically, that even if they are in our surroundings, our bodies will be able to fight them off and after 90 days they will be gone for good (that is why, I think, that it needs to be done for so long– so that we can wait long enough for them to be gone from the environment). I would suggest that you consider just doing that and don’t wear yourself out with the extra cleaning. Honestly, I think I have had pinworms for a year and it’s annoying, but not life-altering. I’m still a very healthy person for the most part– rarely get sick, still sleep well at night, etc. Anyway, if I could put my arms around you I would! I hope you can let go of the idea that you have to clean every inch of your house, car, etc and decide to just treat your bodies. Hugs!

              • Nik says:

                Thank you! I appreciate everything you said, and that you took time to reply, what comfort! Yes, I am overwhelmed. I’m blessed that I get glimpses of normalcy, lol. It’s so hard bc I am doing this all alone. My little ones don’t understand why Mommy keeps telling them “No, don’t touch” for every little thing, or go wash your hands constantly, or why they can’t have their toys. Why they have to get up extra early so they can shower instead of getting clean at night. They haven’t been to swim class. I get that they just want to be kids, roll around on the floor, kick their feet up, play on the piano, hang out with their grandparents, friends, cousins, eat goodies from time to time. You summed up the my frustration with the whole battle in my mind/never going to win. I am an optimist and very spiritual, and that’s where the glimpses of normalcy come from, and taking things day by day. I get overwhelmed, though, as people don’t want to take things seriously, and so I have to take up the slack for them. My older kids help, but they’re kids. One of them just wants things to be normal, so I clean up after her more than her brother. My parents…not sure if they are treating…I’ve got DE, GSE, clove oil (need the tablets), papaya, probiotics, ACV (in tablet & liquid form). I cook healthy meals. I’ve made my own cleaner…clove oil, vinegar, peroxide. I’m on a verrrrrry tight budget, so these things add up for 7 people. BUT… They don’t take advantage of it. Gratefully, my kids are on it like clockwork. My folks…I never see them in the laundry room or changing their sheets daily/every couple of days (maybe they do, I just don’t know)…they aren’t dirty at all. But this is a different type of bug. We hardly ever get sick, either…but one of my daughters had a vaginal adhesion, for which she had surgery for at only 3! When I learned that they can be caused by pinworms…well, let’s just say that I was so hurt for her. It hurts bc she’s been in so much pain for at least one &1/2 years. Once I noticed her sister waking up during the night to scratch her bottom and complain of the same vaginal pain, I put two and two together. I can’t stand the idea of my folks not being on board bc they didn’t “see” any worms, bc my child has been under the knife, and in pain “down there” for quite some time. They’ve seen her scream in agony. I’m doing the cleaning…I don’t see how they can bear to have a repeat of any of this. I do agree that our bodies need treatment…I was thinking that myself. I just hope I can keep diligent for that long. My only worry about leaving it to the body is the spread of the eggs and re-ingesting them (and never breaking the cycle). I am in a situation where I’m (gratefully) living with my parents for now (divorce) and they don’t really care about organic, supplements, etc. They want what they’re used to, even though, imo, what they eat feeds illness (white bread, white sugar, heavy meat). Don’t get me wrong…they are good people, I love them so much…they are dealing with this too, but they aren’t big on change (diet, lifestyle…except for my family taking over their home, poor ppl, lol), which adds to my list, as I try to keep my kids’ hands off of their more attractive, but less healthy food, especially now. I pray you aren’t going to have to go through this…if you do…you have my prayers and encouragement also. You seem to have a great attitude about it, which will go a long way down this long road! Thanks again for your encouragement! Such acts of kindness go a long way to help people like me to have a breath of fresh air and hope! Thanks so much!

                • Kathleen says:

                  My daughter is going through this same thing. She is a single mother of 3 as well and the soul income earner. Her youngest has had them 4 times and she is only 5. I try to help her as much as I can for I see the weight it places on her already over stressed life. Please don’t let this consume your life. I am hopeful that by now you should be able to ease up on your zelous cleaning. Remember this to shall pass and you must forgive yourself for not knowing and doing something sooner. The tough routine you placed on yourself speaks to your feeling of guilt. IT WELL GET BETTER. Being Mom means living with guilt, because we can never forget, but Mom’s don’t have to let guilt control our lives.

                  • Nik says:


                    Thank you. I am so incredibly sorry for your daughter and her babies to have to go through this! It is so stressful! I am just really frustrated, as I am not getting any help, and the doctors seem clueless. After all of this cleaning, I was wondering why the youngest kept showing symptoms. I looked up how long it would take for the albenza to work, and it said that a child her age should take 400mg, and my two youngest were only given 200mg. What a slap in the face. We are about to take our second dose…I don’t know what to do at tis point regarding cleaning. I spray the showers down and rinse them, I wipe down towel bars and surfaces in the bathrooms daily. I wash the sheets and towels daily. It’s getting in the way of my being able to wash the kids’ clothes. As for me, I just rotate wearing the same thing over and over. If I can let up in any of these areas, then I’m all ears! My kids’ paperwork is also piling up and I don’t know what to do with it. Their toys? Crayons/coloring books? They haven’t touched them. Don’t know how to clean them or where to store them once I have. They are becoming addicted to TV and computer; anything that will have them to sit still while I take care of something. It’s affecting their behavior, no doubt. I haven’t cleaned out my car more than once, but I keep it outside and pray for sun to fill it (it’s wintery/gloomy here). Their shoes? Don’t know what to do about that. My son only has one pair. I can’t sun them out. It’s always something. I forget, then remember what I did’t clean. I am praying incessantly and believe it will help. Like the original author, I believe this experience is bound to help someone. The type of advice that professionals give is so nonchalant and infuriating as your home is turned upside-down and you don’t know what to do. I have eased up on the vacuuming, but sometimes I do because my kids will throw their clothes on the floor (sigh). I mop the bathrooms regularly. I live with my parents, so my little ones and I share a room. I can’t stay out of their room, as recommended, or not share a bed. I do feel guilty, and I try to get the kids out of the house when I am overwhelmed from looking at all I still have to do and can’t. It helps us all to get out of the house. I wish that while I was out that my parents would at least help clean one level of the house. At least help wipe surfaces down. Sorry, didn’t mean for this to be another long one. I am feeling okay, since I’m actually going to get out of this house for a little while and take in some air/light! God bless you and your family! They have to come out of it at some point, and for you to support your daughter with encouragement and with the little ones is such a wonderful gift/help!! Have a great day!

                • Hi Nik,
                  From one mum to another I really feel for you. I know how frustrating it can be to try to ask others to do things for you, that you feel are beneficial, but they think the opposite. I have just discovered worms on my son, and after reading this article spent the last few hours cleaning my house from top to bottom. I’ve also got everyone to drink some DE and am on the no touching and washing hands scenario.

                  I too was planning on continuously cleaning the house every day to try and stop the worms from spreading as well as stop the kids swimming lessons. However, as this is my first experience with pinworms I’ve been searching natural remedies like crazy. I have come up with the following ideas and tips that I thought I’d share to see if any can help you, to give you back your time for you and the kids, not cleaning and worms.

                  – I am not going to try the garlic rub…instead every night I am going to clean away the worms. This is because if we stop the worms from coming out, then they can lay and hatch inside continuing the cycle.
                  – get family to wear clean tight underwear to bed, remove in a specific place in morning, hot wash cycle immediately and clean floor where removed.
                  – Hot shower in morning and night
                  – hand wash and nail scrub when necessary, esp when preparing food, after toilet etc
                  – look at adding probiotics to diet and minimising sugar intake
                  – Keep toothbrushes in a cupboard esp if toilet in the room.
                  – Towels will prob be the thing I’ll wash daily.
                  – Research Piperazine Phosphate (natural) and Mebendazole (not natural)
                  – Research swimming – it may be OK as the chlorine could kill it?

                  I feel if you are doing all this then your kids should be clean and fine to play with their toys, have fun etc. hand washing is key.

                  I hope that since it has been a month since your post you’ve had some improvement. And your daughter who had an op is doing ok.

                  Wishing you the best

                  • Nik says:


                    Thank you for your feedback and well-wishes! I am sorry that your baby and family, really, has to go through the nightmare. I am so happy and appreciative to hear suggestions and what works from anyone here. It is very comforting and encouraging. I wish I could put everyone in my pocket and we’d just encourage one another until everyone was FREE of all of this burden! For a brief moment, I actually thought I could go bezerk from everything. However, my faith has given me peace, enabled me to get out of bed and do what I’ve had to do. It’s been almost 2 months now. My kids and I all tested negative after taking 3 paddle tests each. I don’t know if I did it right, as 3 of my kids wet the bed (could’ve rinsed them off by morning?), and I may have used garlic oil before one of the tests. I’m going to retest two of them. I’m paranoid (or possibly just scarred from the constant crazy cleaning, which I never stopped doing, yet sometimes would be so tired, run out of steam/time and neglect wiping something down…ugh). As far as I know about the chlorine, it doesn’t kill the eggs at any time, but in a pool, supposedly isn’t concentrated enough to kill them. I was doing the garlic oil to the little ones after I gave them albenza and it seemed to help. No rash from the DE, no itchiness at night. When I stopped it, though, and after about 3 weeks after the last dose of albenza, one was complaining complaining of itching (waking up at night; the other would only say she was itching after I asked the next morning), one complained of her pain down there. I’m the only other itchy one, garlic or not. I have read of exactly what you refer to about the eggs being laid inside, and was concerned with that, too, and was why I was hesitant (as anxious and desperate as I am, and want a quicker “fix” for all) to give them another round of albenza. My primary and ID docs know almost NOTHING about this, I can tell, although one, who was getting irritated with my incessant questions and “paranoia” (my words, not his), became very humble about his lack of knowledge and misstep with treating my kids. Recently, however, I consulted with a new doctor who suggested that people get pinworms (any parasite) because the HCL level in their gut is too low, and can’t kill the eggs as they should. They suggested a different type of stool test (out of my price range), but also suggested a tincture called BIOCIDIN where you take a few drops a day for a month., to clean the home with Thieves Oil spray, as well as to diffuse it, as the cloves in the blend will disinfect everything (idk). It’s very expensive, imo, and to put all of the diffusers and enough Thieves to go around (even in a car diffuser) is pricey! I will still do it as I can. Thieves is great. The whole Young Living line sounds fantastic and is super reputable. P.S. I’ve also read that sometimes people can itch as ferociously and with little help, from bird mites (I only looked it up after my eyelashes wouldn’t stop itching and my face always felt like a cobweb dusted it lightly)! Go figure?! Ugh. Itching as I’m typing this. Lastly, I’m a huge believer in the power of prayer; it has helped my anxiety, fear, doubt, near hopelessness and depression quite a bit, so I’ve been praying that everyone on this site be relieved and given peace, comfort, joy and healing that lasts a lifetime! God bless you!

            • elizabeta says:

              Dear Nik, I felt for you when I read your comment. You are burning your candle on both ends and not replenishing yourself. Where is your free time, your me time? I really do know what it feels like when you are the only person that needs to do everything, I am a single parent as well and have run myself sick by not taking time out for me. Who looks after you? Can you delegate some of the chores and then with the extra free time have some family time? Have you asked your parents to help out with some of the chores, maybe compromise – can you please do this for me and I will do this for you? Touch such as massage, hugs, holding hands is very important. You can ask your kids to rub your back, your arms, your head, your shoulders, and it’s such a special feeling when you feel their tiny little fingers. Laughter and having fun are also very important as is crying, alone time, journaling, but one of the biggest gifts God has given us is our imagination and this is where your spiritual path can be your biggest gift. They say praying about 3 times a day is very healing. Working with healing archangels such as Mathew, Gabriel, Ureal and Raphael by inviting them in your prayers and asking them to remove whatever issues you want but them seeing the results and thanking them for their labour of love. Ask them to remove from your little girl’s after operation affects. Seeing beautiful light washing through your home and removing anything and everything that is not for your highest good and seeing yourself and your family healthy, happy and abundant – love and light to you and your beautiful family

              • Nik says:

                Thank you, elizabeta. I am drained, actually. I do get some free time, and prayer always helps me. I am doing this solo, and still don’t even know exactly what we are suffering from. All I know is that we all are tired and I don’t know if after all these months, the daily washing is needed and if I should just take a break from it all. If I take a break, I feel bad if there really is something circulating. My kids are taking all kinds of supplements, including DE. Not that it’s a bad thing to take them, but it does get irritating and expensive, and what if it’s not working? The constant routine seems to have caused an OCD in me; I am being hounded and criticized for my cleaning routines, but I’m only trying to make sure that my family and anyone who comes over is okay. It’s not fun; I’d rather be pursuing my dreams, praying and spending time with my kids. It’s draining and no doctor seems to care to help beyond the basics. If so, they cost way too much for me. I just have to keep praying. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!!! I feel for everyone who needs to visit this page, and am grateful for it and all the tips/ encouragement that everyone is offering! God bless!

                • John Ola says:

                  I am adding my voice to reply because you believe in the power of prayer like I do. In my opinion, you have left off something vital in trying to get rid of your challenges – stop worrying – relax. …. You see, you need to let go of things and leave them for God to sort out for you. You shouldn’t be having OCD if you can learn to relax, cast your mind away from things that are not perfect. Set a timetable to clean and launder, especially considering the fact that you have OCD, reduce the times for those things and substitute the time with social engagements with friends and family. I hope you find the peace that man cannot give. All the best.

                  • Nik says:

                    John, Thank you for your words. I took a break from this forum for a while and didnt read your message until today. I believe in prayer as well. I would pray incessantly for strength and guidance (how much do I really need to do, vs. not do) daily, as well as repent (was I doing too much and therefore showing a lack of faith, or did I not do enough, and could spread this to others?) Praying gave me strength I wouldnt have had to do any of what I was doing. I have backed off of cleaning. I clean one per week, and not top to bottom cleaning because I cant maintain it. I still wash towels daily and sheets every other day. We still take DE, but have run out from time to time, plus, my son had to be on medication (which I hate), so I didn’t give him any for a while. I want to implement herbal tinctures, as we are still having symotoms. My older kids, are so over the routine and are not as careful. Our family with whom we livethinks it’s in my head. They won’t take de, clean, wash, take anythingnat all for it, and belittle my efforts (with their participation early on, perhaps this would’ve been long overwith by now). I have no friends to talk to about this issue. Its very isolating and sreals away precious time raising a family. I still worry when I havent cleaned my car, or haven’t cleaned the kids’ toys, crayons, ertc. I pray about that, too. I have no one over to avoid infecting them. Unfortunately, I live with family, msonthey can invite people over. I just pray for their protection when they invite others (amd kids) over.

            • Ella says:

              Hey Nik I just read your story and understand how tiring it is to be the only one to take care of your family alone with meager means of support. Would you be able to ask your older children to help you out a little until you can get caught up with the house work, and help you fold up the clothes and put put them away neatly after they are separated for each person. I don’t have a lot of space in my home and I know that finding a place to put your clothes is a challenge for me when there is more than two people living in a place. While you are trying to get rid of the worms or lice try to take a few minutes to relax for yourself. Until you can Pray and Mediate on what the answer is to resolve the problem. I hope your children are the one who will help you and not give you any problems as you work through this issue and appreciate you for all the hard work that you are doing for them.

              • Nik says:

                Thank you, Ella, God bless you! It is very encouraging to be connect with others about this and find support, encouragement, suggestiins, and to be able to give it back. I have learned to relax a little more, but being the only parent will a,ways keep me busy. Since I don’t live in my own ho,e, I also find it imperative to make sure the house stays clean and that we stay out of the way as much as possible. I pray to get rid ofnthe bitterness I feel of such blatant lack of concern for getting rid of the problem as they see my kids and Insuffering. They witness what I did for over a year. They claim to love us, and I believe one of them does, just shows it in other ways (i.e. letting us stay here untils we can move, which I pray is soon!). I’m just BFFLED by their lack of lifting a finger, even when I have everything they need at their disposal. They wont even read about pinworms or how it affects people…it would verify what theybsee in my kids and I with their own eyes. I oray for them and for myself regarding them. Again, thank you and anyon eelse reading this, for all support and suggestions! You are a blessing and I pray that you amd yours are guarded from these critters andntheir havoc!

                • Rose says:

                  Nik- oh you poor sweet mamma! You are amazing! What lucky kids to have such a conscientious and thorough mother. Did you guys ever get the pinworm infection taken care of? Wherever you are (and I do do hope you were able to move out!) I’m sending up a prayer now for peace and good health. God bless you!

  3. Hai iam 20 years old iam still affected by pin worms. I used to take neem juice every time iam affected it would cure. But this time i would plan to take tablets. Pls suggest me any good tablet to eliminate pinworms.
    Sorry for my bad english .thank u

    • You can try Reese’s pin worm medication it works. Plus you can get it over the counter. Because i have read a lot of people say that antibiotics from the doctor doesn’t work. So i wish you the best on riding them.

      • Kristina says:

        BEWARE that standard Pinworm medications like Reese’s can have terrible side effects long term. With ANY drug you are thinking of taking, first look up the ingredients, then do a search for it with MSDS after it (Material Data Safety).
        Reeses has the following dangers on it’s MSDS:
        ***Chronic Effects on Humans:
        May cause adverse reproductive effects (maternal fertility, fetoxicity) based on animal data. May affect genetic material based
        on mutations in microorganisms.
        ***Special Remarks on other Toxic Effects on Humans:
        Ingestion: May be harmful if swallowed. May cause gastrointestinal tract irritation.
        May affect behavior (somnolence, convulsions). May affect respiration. May affect liver. The toxicological properities of the substance have not been fully investigated.

      • glenn says:

        Reese’s did not work for me.I took it for a long time and finally called the company to complain. They gave me some of my money back.

  4. Melanie says:

    How much DE would you use for a 10 month old? I just discovered pinworms and know it will be a battle to get rid of it in her, especially since absolutely everything goes to the mouth!

  5. sean says:

    Hi. My name is sean im 14 years old and I suffer every night if im lucky I could get 4 houers sleep at night because of pin worms I just want to ask you how do you make this medicine. It would be really helpfull if you could help me thank you

  6. Heather says:

    Can you take DE as a routine preventative? We have discovered them in my youngest 2 (11 months and 3 years) and I’m cleaning like crazy and we did do a Pin X, but I’m afraid they will pass it back and forth at the sitter since this is where it started. Do you think daily DE will keep us from getting them back?

      • Heather says:

        Angela, would you still give the 1 tsp amount to the baby? Do we need to take an additional fiber supplement? I SOOOO appreciate any advice on this. It is very hard to find any concrete way to do this, especially with small children.

        • Angela says:

          I would probably give less to a baby. I never used it in a child under 2 so I am not sure in what direction to point you. However I will say that my 2 year old is pretty tiny at around 25 pounds if that helps to compare your 11 month old. I never add a fiber supplement but I am sure that it wouldn’t hurt. Good luck mama!!

    • Eli says:

      I take for 10 days, breake 10 days and start over. Look at Magnesium Advocacy Group at facebook, they explain very well about it. I think there protocol is amazing

  7. luce says:

    I have had DE in our house since the great flea outbreak of 2001! we used it around the entire house and started taking it internally every once in a while since then. My oldest is showing signs of pinworms and we are treating with DE. I guess this is all to say, Thanks for talking about it. It is so “shameful” still to have common parasites, It’s too bad really. Anyhow I purchased the DE the first time at a pet supply store. It sounds crazy but it is food grade and 100% DE . I later found some on Amazon. My only suggestion is to read the ingredients as some DE is mixed with other materials. Love.

  8. Corinne D says:

    I need your help regarding threadworms. I’ve been using Diatomaceous Earth myself for one year as a maintenance just to keep my system clean. I also add it to our morning smoothie for my family. I came across your site when I found out that my daughter had threadworms and searched online to find a solution. After reading your story I decided to give DE to my daughter. It’s been 5 days now, and although I don’t see any at night when I look at ther rectum my daughter says that she can feel movement in her tummy. She can feel them sliding and zigzaging etc.. I’m worried that DE won’t be enough or would like to know how long in your experience it would take with DE to remove them all?
    Many thanks

    • Kathryn Fox says:

      Are you sure she’s not imagining it? I wouldn’t think she could feel them so much. Perhaps the thought of them has her upset. If she keeps insisting when you find no signs I would have hee tested by a doctor for both of your peace of minds.

      • glenn says:

        Yes, they can be very active. It is disgusting your comment of imagining it. If you took the time to research pinworms, you would not say such upsetting ignorant things.

        • Shane says:

          The only “disgusting” thing here is YOUR ignorant comment. Kathryn was only trying to help. Many children imagine symptoms, especially when after being told they have worms. It’s scary for them. Next time, don’t be so quick to attack anyone.

    • Kel says:

      Those most likely aren’t threadworms she is feeling, but my son complained of the same sensation and he tested positive for many parasites. I would send a stool sample to a place where a trained parasitologist will analyze under a microscope, as the labs most generally used by doctors will pick up about 20% of cases.

      • Chip W says:

        DE taken orally should kill any kind of parasitic insect. If you look at it under a microscope it is like ultra-tiny broken glass shards. It doesn’t bother us, but to an insect it is deadly. It get’s in between their chitin plates, into the soft stuff, and tears it up. The wet stuff in the bug leaks out and they die. So it’s not a poison or a chemical, it kills them mechanically.

        Just as an aside, referring to previous comments, what kind of idiot doctor would prescribe an antibiotic for pin worms?

        Also, someone further above asked about Pin-X. I tried it and it made me feel like crap for a few hours, as if I had been poisoned. It did not seem to affect the pin worms though, I cannot recommend it.

        Good luck all at ridding yourselves and your families of this pestilence.

      • LeAn Jensen says:

        I also have many kinds of parasites. TheDE was not enough to get rid of all of them. I would suggest going to an infectious disease Doctor. Have him order blood work and stool samples. I go next week to follow up the tests. At least I feel some hope. I’ll post results.

  9. dawn shank says:

    I just wanted to say that I use DE in my poultry feed (for ducks geese chickens & turkeys) as a preventative for worms. Also use cayenne pepper. Its a common natural means for farm animals so if u have a farm or feed store near u they might have it 🙂 I buy it in 50 lb bags, but u can get smaller bags easier. I stand by it 100% Good Luck! Thank u for the article! I was just researching doses for human pinworms, I found it right here, thank u for that! Dawn =)

  10. Cody says:

    I have had pin worms on and off for about 2 years now, and I am sick of it. I do not want to tell my parents (don’t tell me I should), so medical assistance is out of the question. I guess I will try the garlic remedy. Any reccomendations on what else to do?

    • Meezburger says:

      There are other health benefits to diatomaceous earth that you could say you are taking it for to make it seem less suspicious, but while I love natural remedies, they can be labor intensive and hard to hide if that is what you feel you need to do. Alternatively there are pills that are single dose (and another two weeks later) that you can get over the counter at any pharmacy. They have obvious names like pinX.

      • Angela says:

        Hi, thank you for stopping by! I am aware that there is over the counter medicine available and that is great if that is the route you choose to take. I try to avoid chemicals whenever I can which is why I choose to treat pinworms naturally instead of using pinX.

    • Lex says:

      Just an fyi, pinworm medication is over the counter, no need to go to the doc. You just need to take two doses two weeks apart, it might be more discreet than fighting them the natural way.

      • zevvy says:

        I’ve taken the over the counter drug a couple of times now, it works for that two week span, but two weeks after they come back, my doctor told me that i was the 10% of people for whom the meds wouldnt work, the first time, and that a second dose had another 90% chance of doing the job. This would be my fifth time taking it. it’s coming close to a year and i can say, with confidence, i don’t think the drug works. Last time i took it i not only bathed, thoroughly and purchased new clothes but lived in an entirely new household for a month or so, they came back and here i am. I’m about to try the DE, i’ve heard good things. I’ve also read cases when even taking the over the counter pinworms last for years. I’m not as worried about discreet now, and i’d encourage others if you have to take a second dose to also try DE along with a heavy gaarlic diet and an external garlic rub. Goodluck.

        • frustrated mom says:

          we have had them for years! my kids got them from preschool I believe. tried perscription dewormer and OTC nothing WORKS! the DE didnt do much, it was horrible to ingest. worse yet were the doctors! All tests were negative even when you can SEE pinworms with naked eye on tapes and in stools. ! I was told I was delusional and insulted. sadly these attitudes only lead people to not get treated and spread to others

          • Nik says:

            Hugs, hugs andd more hugs. Seems like even doctors seem to think sufferers are delusional. Some don’t look at the tape or don’t know about it, while others don’t admit that the tests could be faulty. I agreebthat these qttitudes could lead to unnecessary transmission. I believe the lack of knowledgeable professionals or available people to vent to can lead to unimagineable depression and significantly lower quality of life for children and parents (adults in general) alike. God bless!!

      • RJ says:

        My neighbors have pinworms so my mom has been treating us and one of the methods she is using is the antibiotic that you take once and then 2 weeks later which I have read works amazingly but is no longer made in the USA so it is very hare to find but works

      • glenn says:

        Used to be that the pinworm medicine over the counter was good but they don’t sell this over the counter now. What they sell over the counter now is no good and was not effective for me.

  11. Hi, my 3 yr old son had head them for what seems like a month first 2 weeks in diagnosed, I took him in straight away when u saw white things in his poo they brushed it off, anyway finally 2 weeks ago they gave him a script for albenza I’m still seeing white things in his poo and now my 16 month old who’s also had his first dose and myself have them so I saw ur post and bought some DE my local herbalist said only 1 tsp for adults and 1/8 to 1/2 tsp for kids I’ve been doing garlic and Vaseline at night in addition to the DE in unders/diapers. How long do u think it will take to get rid of them or start seeing effects? My baby is still kinda squirmy at night and now he’s got a lousy cough to top it off so I’m worried about the DE in his diapers irritating that. Any advice??

  12. Jackie says:

    Hi, I have a 3 yr old son who has been battling these things for almost a month, the first 2 weeks went undiagnosed, I took him to the doc soon as i saw white things in his poo SHE dismissed them. I finally saw them with a flashlight at night and called then they gave him script for albenza-that was 2 weeks ago he is due to get it again today. His behavior has gotten better seems tobe in a better mood etc, but now my 16 month old has them as do i. My 16 mo old has had 1 dose of albenza also but still seems to be suffering. I came across ur blog a few days ago and have since bought some DE. I have been using ground up garlic cloves and vaseline on his bum at night (and mine) and put the DE in the unders/diapers. Also have had everyone is the house taking 1/2 tsp for kids, and adult 1 tsp for adults, for about 3 days. I have not felt any itching or discomfort but have felt movement. My question is how long did it take for you to see results? oh my local herbalist told me to only use a tsp as to not “over dry”. Also something about using a probiotic?

    • Heather says:

      I couldn’t use DE for my 3 year old because it constipated him and he wasnt potty trained at the time. SOOO when he did go, it literally ripped his little skin to shreds because he sat in the poop. I always have us on probiotics so that is probably why they suggest it. If your 16 month old starts to bleed at diaper changes (it cuts the skin when you wipe), its the DE. We ended up having to use pin-x for the 2 littlest ones but we all treated at the same time and I did it more than the recommended 2 times.

      • Michelle says:

        To Heather, “I couldn’t use DE for my 3 year old because it constipated him and he wasnt potty trained at the time…”
        Your little guy just needs fresh fruits; grapes, apples…those are fabulous in a daily eating plan or as the primary of our eating plans. No constipation will occur in a human diet nutrient-filled with fresh grapes and apples. Best to avoid the anti-fertility chemicals in the bug sprays on our fruits and veggies…my advice is to buy non-GMO and Organic – real fruit and veggies; not laboratory-made, and void of brain-damaging, cancer-causing, and fertility-damaging pesticides. Remember, “cide” means kill.

        Hit those lovely fresh grapes and slices of apples and plenty of them! Voila! That DE will do him dandy!

        • lou says:

          This is not the case for many people – I’ve had constipation for almost 5 decades and it didn’t matter my diet – I’ve tried many including diets only eating whole foods with tons of fresh fruit and veg. What many people don’t understand is that having a sluggish metabolism is a primary cause of constipation and that isn’t always so easy to fix. Children can be born with a sluggish metabolism also. My husband eats a very refined diet – no constipation. There are a lot of factors that cause problems and it frustrates me when someone is so flippant with advice. Fresh fruits and veg are wonderful and should be a big part of everyone’s diet, but eating that kind of diet isn’t going to fix everything,

          • Beverley B says:

            I agree. It’s unfair for people to assume that a child with constipation must be eating a diet low in fresh fruit and veg. I have suffered constipation all my life. I can’t even look at certain vegetables without having an IBS reaction. My oldest child started with constipation when I first gave her a supplement of formula milk (I breast fed exclusively as long as I could, but she has always had a massive appetite that I couldn’t satisfy). I had to change the formula and from then on its been a constant battle. She LOVES all fruit and veg, she will eat literally anything and gets more goodness from fresh produce than any other kid I know. My youngest eats a lot less, is much pickier, but does about four poos a day! We are all individuals, and the inner workings of our bodies are subject to massive diversity. Rant over ha ha.

          • Emmy says:

            I ended my constipation problems by sitting with my feet on a stool about a foot high, while on the toilet, so I was in a squatting position but with the toilet holding my weight. This changes the shape of the intestine and the poop can flow out much easier. Try it.

        • Heather says:

          2 years later seeing this. My son at the time and still to this day has a mostly fruit diet actually. Thanks for assuming a lot and giving much not-needed advice.

  13. I just want to thank you for writing this article. Let me say that you are right; there is a lot of shame and vicious gossip about kids getting pinworms. I thought it was bad when kids had lice…and mine haven’t…but I made the mistake of posting on my Facebook page that my kid had pinworms and mothers that I hadn’t heard from in months suddenly popped on to my comment to ask how, and why and each, was it contagious, cause their kids were coming for a play date…the hits kept coming.

    I am currently embroiled in this lovely epidemic. I remember having them as a kid and being vigilant about watching the toilet…my husband is paranoid and wants to treat us all with the OTC med available. I have been acidifying my diet, using garlic a lot, and getting my kid to drink a tablespoon of bentonite morning and night. Pushing fluids is key with bentonite, and I am wondering how this will work, as I usually only take it myself when i am feeling upset stomach or diarrhea.

    Moving on to DE from Amazon next. the one thing i don’t want to do is wash her bedding EVERY DAY. what a drag. can i spray lysol on the sheets instead?


    • Heather says:

      Forgive me for chimming in, but I commented above and got rid of these nasty things a few months ago. If you do nothing else, you MUST wash all bedding and towels/washcloths daily. Especially if you are not going to use an OTC method. The eggs are spread at night and get in the bedding and clothing. If they are not washed off, you will all inhale them and the cycle will start all over. You are trying to break their lifecycle. The most important way to get rid of these is by keeping the bathroom and bedrooms super super clean. It was the biggest pain in the butt, but you absolutely will never get rid of them without this because you will continutally inhale eggs, etc. BTW, lysol wipes/spray does NOT kill the eggs. Nothing but heat does and sunlight can. Thats why washing her body every morning when she wakes up and washing the linens is so important. Good luck! We all started a parasite cleanse because of this and have never been healthier. I am almost done with 3 months of DE myself.

      • Vicki says:

        Seems to me, if DE works, or garlic or grapefruit seed extract, etc., work for this, then if you took if every day religiously, even if you ingested eggs, they could not reproduce inside you. They would die before they got the chance. If they can’t reproduce in a host, cycle broken, no more adults, no more eggs. Does this make sense to anyone else?

        • Susan says:

          Yes, I was thinking similarly. Continuing a maintenance dose of something like garlic keeps your gut inhospitable to parasites and has many other benefits. A very few parasites may still survive at undetectable levels and these could be shifted by an occasional cleanse.

      • Margaret says:

        Heather, can you please tell me what cleanse you did? I am in the middle of this right now and it’s consuming me. It’s beyond awful.

  14. Stephanie W. says:

    I just want to say Thank You so much for writing this blog! My family and I have been battling pinworms for some time. We have been to the doctor twice for this and spent a total of $400 in medicine. Each time I cleaned like there was no tomorrow and washed linens daily. I found out the hard way they are resilient to prescription drugs. I ordered the food grade DE from Amazon it will arrive today. Thank you again I feel like this was the answer to my prayers!!

  15. Nee says:

    Hi, after reading your post I had made the coconut oil+garlic for application. Will this special ointment expire? It’s been 2 days since I made it. It certainly smell stronger now and I noticed there are small bubbles. Should I throw it away and make new one? So far it works good in reducing the itch since I use it 2 days ago, while I started Albendazole today.

  16. hector ofori says:

    i am 47 and come from Ghana,i have been experiencing severe itching around the anus and its very irritating. i cant sleep. i am unable to eat,have stomach cramps,waist pains.i have constipation too and movement in my abdomen.Please what should i do.,Can someone volunteer please and purchase the DE for me?

  17. Nee says:

    Thanks. I will continue using it then. A few more question. May I know what’s the brand of DE you’re taking? I can’t find it in my country and thinking to order from Amazon but was worried what’s the brand that’s safe for human consumption. Seemed like until now, there’s no DE that’s truly certified for human consumption but if it’s safe enough for you and little ones, I figured it should be safe for me too.

    • Angela says:

      Hi, I just make sure that it is FOOD GRADE DE, that is what is important. If it states that it is food grade it is safe for consumption. Good luck to you & please ask if you have any more questions. 🙂

  18. Puppy Mommy says:

    I am SO glad you were brave enough to talk about this. I had an ex who used to scratch his anus in his sleep and always complained of having stomach pain. I just thought he had hemorrhoids and an ulcer or something but since he refused to go to the doctor, I never thought too much of it. I’ve already starting taking DE as a cleanse for other parasites anyway and after reading this I am SO glad I am! It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if I have pinworms too! UGH! I eat a lot of garlic and my anus never itches but if I do have the little critters I’m sure I’ll eradicate them with the DE. What’s bad though, is that I have four little chihuahuas that could potentially have them. I know that you can see tapeworms in stool but shouldn’t I be able to see them in my puppy’s stool or is that not always the case? I’m reluctant to give them DE because they’re so little, I wouldn’t know how much to give.

    • Angela says:

      Thank you for stopping by! Sounds like your ex could use DE as well. 😉 I don’t think you have to worry about your pups, I have read that dogs & cats cannot get pinworms (you may want to read more about this though). Good luck on your cleanse and Happy New Year!

  19. Kristi says:

    Hi There, Please forgive me for asking this- I don’t want to come off as rude is any way… I just want to know, did you really truly eliminate pinworms from your home using this method? I found pinworms on my daughter one night after we had to leave a restaurant because she was itching so bad. The Dr wrote me a px for something they no longer make. After running around and calling I was told to just treat her and the family with over the counter Pin X. It did not work. He says he can’t prescribe her the other available med because it’s too strong, she’s 6. I’m extremely desperate and read something about a DE scam…. Yours truly, Kristi

    • Angela says:

      Yes, I really did use DE and it worked wonderfully for us. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this, good luck!

        • Angela says:


          I know that you are probably feeling scared but I am certain that your parents will be fine with this. Anyone can pick up pinworms anywhere – you did NOTHING wrong!! The faster that you begin to treat the pinworms the quicker you can find relief. Sending positive vibes your way Kayla <3

      • Elizabeth Lynch says:

        My daughter contracted pinworms a few days ago. We bought the food grade Diatomaceous earth food grade. ****About how long will it take to help us!****? I am going to start at a teaspoon and for my daughter 1/2 tsp. We will also increase our water intake! Thankyou!

        • Elizabeth Lynch says:

          Also I failed to mention that I had to go to several stores to find medicine. Several were sold out. They said there must be a pandemic right now

    • Angela says:

      Yes, I eliminated pinworms in our home using DE and lots of cleaning! I am so sorry that you are going through this, good luck!

  20. Laura says:

    I am strongly suspecting that my 3 year old and 2 year old have pin worms. This treatment is not a small undertaking and I am 7 1/2 months pregnant, 4 kids and homeschool. I’m completely overwhelmed with out even dealing with this. I have not seen any but he has all the symptoms. Before I undertake this would it be worth it or necessary to have a Dr. test to confirm (we don’t have insurance so it’s a big decision to do that too). I also read that these symptoms could be Candida. Since this is so communicable is there a time period I should keep them from exposure to any one else? I found a lot of other natural treatments, did you try any others that completely failed?

    • Angela says:

      I am so sorry that you may be dealing with this Laura. Maybe sneak in a few hours after bedtime and take a peak? I was able to actually see them in Audrey’s stool a few times. You may want to make sure what you are dealing with prior to treating. If you want to proceed with treating pinworms I would recommend cleaning your house, think of everywhere that everyone has touched and clean it (totally overwhelming!), don’t let kids bathe together, and make sure you wash towels & bedding daily. Everyone needs to stay on top of washing hands and you can begin giving them DE. If you want to treat Candida there are several options there as well. Honesty, I would figure out what it is exactly that you are dealing with bc you have enough on your plate as it is mama! Good luck to you and your family. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

    • marie says:

      This poat is old so I am curious, was it pinworms and did DE work? In am a pregnant mama of 7 and I suspected I had pinworms for a good long while but never saw a single worm. Until I saw them on my 5 year old! ! Have up conquered the pinworm battle? ??

      • Angela says:

        I am so sorry you are going through this 🙁 We are totally rid of pinworms but it took time and a lot of work. We took the DE daily and I added it to undies and bedding. We did not reuse towels or bathe together. We have a very relaxed ‘dress-code’ in our home but it became mandatory to wear undies at all times, no naked bottoms touching anything. I did a crazy thorough cleaning, including all toys, it was tedious but worth it. I wiped off light switches, potties, flushers, remotes daily. I washed towels, undies, bedding, and family cloth in hot water (I still do). We got rid of them but had 2 more re-infestations that I blame on my thumb sucking daughter. Each time I would repeat the process. We have been pinworm free for a very long time but I still share my story as nobody talks about pinworms. I hope that this helps and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask!

        • Margaret says:

          Hi Angela,
          How long do I have to do the daily washing and bathing and cleaning? It’s consuming me! It’s so much work. Does it get a little easier once you have everything sanitized and just have to do the daily maintenance?

          • Angela says:

            Once you do the initial big clean you will be in maintenance mode. I know it is A LOT but you will overcome this! I still wash all towels, bedding, and family cloth in hot…I’m paranoid this many years later. Just be mindful of what touches what. My kids were naked a lot, I had to enforce a ‘no naked booty’ rule….

            • Margaret says:

              Thanks for the response. I finally caught up, I honestly think I got myself sick in the process from using heavy cleaners and stressing. I am in maintenance mode. I still feel the need to wash the bedding and shower everyone each morning, it’s been 10 days since I noticed the nasty buggers.

              Would you say it’s necessary to keep washing daily or how often should I for sure be washing?

            • mel says:

              Hi Angela! Thanks so much for discussing a very important topic. From the comments here it is clear many people can use all the information they can get. May I ask what you used to clean? Do you use vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, clay, lemon juice, and/or thieves oil? Some are allergic to some volatile essential oils, but I’m thinking fresh lemon or mint may help there. Also trying to avoid damaging delicate floors. And upholstery suddenly seems like such a terrible idea to have in the home, at least without a HEPA filter vacuum to reduce airborne DE. Also did anyone have stomachaches or skin irritation from DE? Thanks for any thoughts.

    • Angela says:

      We made sure that we washed our hands constantly and that our home remained clean. The amount of laundry I had to do everyday practically kept us at home. I would say that we isolated ourselves for about a week other than close family coming to visit. I was paranoid about sharing with friends!

      • H D says:

        Thank you! My poor little darling is still having trouble settling in at night even with the DE, garlic/coconut oil and an anti itch ointment. 🙁 it is so sad and I am praying it leaves our home super soon! Thank you for your helpful article.

  21. Momtosix says:

    Thanks for posting this. My toddler has been going nuts–doing what we call the “worm wiggle”– for the last couple of nights. I’ve tried everything to alleviate the itch but nothing worked except pure exhaustion around 3:00 am. After reading your post tonight I poked a hole in a garlic oil capsule and squeezed it into the anus. I did not see the “wiggle” going on anymore and he is currently sleeping. I am hoping I have found an easy answer to the itch at least while I treat the worms. I also gave him DE in some applesauce.

    I have used Dr. John Christopher’s Parasite formula several times before and it always seems to get rid of the symptoms within 2 nights; and after doing the program, as directed on the bottle, for 3 or 4 rounds (approx 3 1/2 weeks) the symptoms are usually gone. We live on a farm so I try to do the parasite cleanse on all my children every 6 months or so–symptoms or no. I love the stuff!! Word of warning: it is some of the nastiest stuff you will ever taste. There is no way to mask the taste so I shoot it into the back of their mouths with a medicine syringe and let them wash it down with some juice. I even do this for my older children as it just seems to be too much to drink it out of a cup. 🙂 This formula can be bought from several places. Just google “Dr John Christopher parasite formula”.

    Thanks again.

    • Angela says:

      “Worm Wiggle”, I love it….the word not the reason behind it! I have never heard of that parasite formula, thank you for sharing. Good luck and thank you for stopping by! 🙂

    • Carmen says:

      I’ve been told by a RN that the best time to check for the worms is 2 am. Just turn the child over while sleeping and flash a light on their anus. The worms seem to come out at that time to lay eggs. I’m so thankful you posted your experience & a natural remedy. Too many are never aware of this ailment.

  22. Heather says:

    FYI, my son had no visible of pinworms every time I checked him. I only found out when at the Dr. for another reason and I mentioned testing just in case because we had exposure at daycare. I never saw them and he never had symptoms. Also, DE treats candida, as well, so if you take sugar out of the diet you should be eliminating *whatever* it is. 🙂

      • Heather says:

        I mentioned they were exposed and I had been checking them and so the Dr. said they would do a test just in case. They just swabbed his little butt with a q-tip and looked at it under the microscope. I was shocked that he both had eggs AND the worms because I NEVER saw them (not even when they did the swab). I did see them when he passed the dead ones after treatment.

        Honestly, if your Dr. hasn’t heard about pinworms, id be looking at his credentials! This is not a new thing. Every ped I talk to sees it daily.

      • nav1 says:

        hi thanks fir your useful post. i currebtly have a 3 yr old and 3 and a half mnth old effected by thread worms. i wanted to knw whether de can be used on my youngest and how ling it took you to see the results? getting quute desparate as i want to enjoy ny children but all i see when i look at them is worms and a sense that i have failed them. i have heard of grape seed extract as also working for children. could you combine both.

  23. Nee says:

    Hi, I thought I should share my update here. The DE that I ordered from Amazon finally arrived 3 weeks ago. I don’t care the shipping cost was double the price of the DE itself or I had to wait 10 days for its arrival, I just want this infection to end. I started with one tsp a day on 27th Jan, and the relief was obvious by 3rd day. I did not see any worm in my stool, but the black specks I used to see were gone. However, I cheated on my diet recently and the wriggling was felt again, so yesterday I drank 1 tbsp DE X 2 times a day. This morning, I saw white threads in my stool. I hope I will continue to expel them and get rid of them for good. I guess I need cina tincture too. I still can’t get hold or cina tincture in my country or even amazon.

  24. Thank you for sharing this. I am suspecting we may be dealing with pinworm with my 3yo. He has been exceptionally cranky lately, and has a very itchy bottom, though it seems to bother him all day, not at night. But, seeing as how we have faced other issues that have not presented themselves in text book fashion, I will err on the side of caution and treat naturally. Just last night I was trying to think of ways I could deal with this, and pumpkin seeds, and DE were my thoughts, along with GSE. Decided to get online to see if others were successful with those items! I have all on hand, and will start very soon….though the thought of treating all of us, and all that laundry (we have a household of 10) is not fun. But I’ve been there/done that with lice AND scabies. Yuck, yuck and more yuck. BUT I treated all those other cases naturally as well, so I know it can be done.

    Thank you!!

    • Angela says:

      Hi! For our smoothies I usually use banana, spinach or kale, berries, coconut oil, hemp hearts or chia seed gel, and a bit of Total Omega – they are sweet and the kids really like them so it is super easy to add the DE to that. Good luck! 🙂

      • Bethany says:

        Hi Angela,

        Just found your comments and I know this is old but I am hoping to ask you a couple questions.
        1. If you vacuum your carpets and couches, won’t that spew the eggs into the air?
        2. So lysol won’t kill the eggs what cleaner can I use?

        • Angie says:

          I would love to know this as well because I was thinking the same thing. Currently vacuuming everyday and that’s what I think of when I do it.

  25. Reem says:

    Thank you for sharing. My family suffered from pinworms for a very long time. I tried everything but nothing worked. It all started when my sun started preschool and since then we are still strugling. I would like to try your method but i am 4 months pregnant and i really want to eliminate this problem forever specialy that im expecting a baby i dont want to pass this problem to my baby. Please help

  26. Tony says:

    Hi I saw this link for very cheap DE which makes me wonder if it’s too good to be true or not. I read the description and it sounds nice and all but I really don’t know how to judge if it’s good or not. I was wondering if you can tell me if this product seems legit or not. Thanks.

  27. Tony says:

    Hi I saw this link for very cheap DE which makes me wonder if it’s too good to be true or not. I read the description and it sounds nice and all but I really don’t know how to judge if it’s good or not. I was wondering if you can tell me if this product seems legit or not. Thanks.

  28. Hannah Miller says:

    I have had pinworms for four months, since early January. Since January 20 or so, I have taken DE every night consistently, one heaping teaspoon. I’ve gone through two large containers. For about two weeks, I also inserted a clove of garlic every 24 hours and ingested it orally every 24 hours. I have not eliminated pinworms. At times I’ll go days without seeing them, other times they drive me mad for several nights in a row. From what I understand, this is typical of any pinworm infection untreated. I have no reason to think DE has had an impact on my symptoms, and I’m finally about to try Pin X. Just adding my case to the mix.

    • Heather says:

      Im thinking you arent taking enough DE. 1 tsp is a childs dose. For an adult, try 1-2 tbsp. Also make sure you are washing your bedding and towels and washcloths every single day for at least the first 1-2 weeks and showering every morning. We ended up using pin x, as well, and took that every two weeks for 6 or 8 weeks (dont remember) to break the life cycle because my friend whose daughter we got them from only did 2 doses and had to retreat. I was very rigid with cleaning and all this and they were completely gone. Good luck! I know what I nightmare this is.

  29. Jen says:

    Just wanted to thank you for posting such a great article. My toddler was just diagnosed with pinworm and its been such a nightmare. I’m so glad to be able to finally soothe him and treat us all in order to prevent any future outbreaks. We really appreciate you opening up and helping all other parents battling this some support.

  30. Tess says:

    Hi All,
    Thank you for this post. I made up a cream with chickweed ointment and garlic. I have been putting it on 1 year old and the three year olds bottoms and they have both been sleeping beautiful. The tree year old i also gave combantrin to which i think is the over the counter version of pins here in australia. The other advice i have been given by family and friends is beetroot and carrot. So we have had beetroot in salad and beetroot tart, carrot dahl and carrot sticks. So far it seems to be working a charm. But we are only on day three so we will see what tonight brings. I have cleaned the house inside out once and washed all sheets once but i have been giving everyone showers first thing in the morning. Which i read on another site, to make sure you wash the freshly laid eggs from the little ones bottoms first thing. And hand washing, we are washing hands all the time which is making a difference too. Good luck to everyone else and thanks so much for your blog post.

  31. hi all

    i have been feeling poorly for ages ( years ), the docs have not been the best in figuring out what was wrong with me. i stumbled across the reason by chance. i diagnosed myself with having pin worms & probably some other type of parasites that infest the human body. there are roughly 300 different types of parasites that can infest the human body.

    i had alot of the pin worms symptoms: sleepless nights, scratching around the anus, rash around the anus, sugar cravings like no tomorrow ( i had even gone to the doc to give me a diabetes test, which came back negative ), stomach craps which left me doubled over, diarrhea or very loose stools, awful smelling poop.

    i started a home remedy by chopping up 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, adding them to a small glass of water & slugging it back. done daily on an empty stomach before lunch. i also ate pumpkin seeds but i believe the garlic was more effective. after about a week of doing this, i noticed a big change for the better. a lot of the above symptoms disappeared or diminished. so since i knew i was on the right track having some type of parasite infection i went to a natural herb shop & bought a parasite killer called ” Para – Sit ” by sura vitasan. i am now finishing the 1 month treatment & i havent felt better in yrs. my stools are hard, my poop no longer smells horrible, diarrhea gone, sleeping like a baby & wake up refreshed, no more itching around the anus, etc. since i love garlic anyway, i continue taking the garlic treatment 3 – 4 times a week just for the adding protection.

    i wipe my anus & surrounding area 1st thing in the morning with alcohol to kill off any eggs that any adults that are still alive might be depositing there. it sure burns but i dont think its harmful. i consider myself a clean person & i am, but for the life of me i dont have a clue where i got them from.

    i live in a very rural area of northern spain & have farm land planted with the holm oak that produces the black truffle. maybe the parasite infection came from me working on my land, from a dirty bathroom, a dirty waiter in a bar, etc. but 1 thing i am certain of is that i had more than 1 type of parasite in my body & the docs ( quacks ) didnt have a clue. thats whats most scary.

    all the best & i hope my post can help others


  32. Zodka says:

    I seriously cannot thank you enough for this post. My three year old daughter woke up crying two nights ago, complaining about a “rash” down there and could not get back to sleep. It was ROUGH. I looked and noticed that it was redder than normal in and around her vaginal opening. Took her to the doc where it was determined she probably had some kind of vaginits. Then I noticed she was really scratching her anus and complaining about it hurting and itching. That’s when I thought to look into pinworms and if there are natural ways to kill these gross, butt-residing parasites DEAD. Found your site, went and bought some DE and the results were almost instantaneous. She slept through the night last night and her “down there” area is back to normal. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this info!

    • Angela says:

      I am SO happy to hear this!! I am sorry that you had to go through this experience, of course, but so glad you were able to provide your daughter relief. 🙂

  33. Alice says:

    I am currently in Estonia, does anyone know how to get DE or any other natural remedy other than garlic in Estonia? and how long it takes for the contagion to stop?

  34. Melanie says:

    Hi Angela!! Thank so much for sharing your experience!! I think pinworms would be a lot less common if people weren’t so [afraid/ashamed/embarrassed/etc.] to discuss this. I know this post is older, but I wanted to pick your brain over my family’s situation. I just discovered that myself and my 5 1/2 have pinworms this morning, we don’t know if my husband has them yet but it’s a pretty good bet he does as well.
    Sorry if this is tmi but I discovered them in my stool, so I Google to see if there were any natural ways to get rid of them (I remember when I was a kid and a sibling had them and we were all dosed with PinX). I came across your site/story and therefore checked my little one, and oh my goodness!! I’m so glad I did!!! It explains some of her gastrointestinal distresses, and weight loss since about 4 months! Her pediatrician and her father and I had tried so many things to figure out what her problem was and just decided to go ahead and start solids to see if it helped. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
    My question is would you steam the mattresses and furniture as well so the heat could kill the eggs?? Also I am waiting to hear back from her pediatrician on how to treat them in her since she’s so small/young. Any suggestions or thoughts??
    Again I truly can’t thank you enough, I never would have thought to check her and I’m almost positive that it’s what’s caused her so much discomfort and grief all this time!

    • Melanie says:

      Ugh, I hate predictive typing!! I have a 5.5 MONTH old, that’s something pretty important it changed, and please ignore all typos/missing words letters, I think the rest is readable lol.

  35. 44 years old & I don’t know where or how – but I’ve got em’! Figured it was a hemroid, but at times had the feeling that there was a worm wiggling around my butt, because I could feel it, and the itch!?! OHHHH THE ITCHING!!! I have not gone to the doctor, I know what it is – I have had a lack of appetite, yet want carbs when I do it – (I am usually a meat & veggies person) – I will be paying a visit to my naturopath very soon! If perscriptions do not work on them, then the naturopath I am sure has something fantastic! I had pylori before, and they were ver effective at getting rid of them! Hopefully they can do the same with these nasty little buggers!!!

  36. Diane says:

    My 6 year old woke up with pain in her vagina . Pinworms were seen. Thanking God for your post and the website you reccommended. She had been asking to eat sugary foods and carbs more lately. We have 7 children still living at home so this will an intense time eradicating these parasites. Thank you for this very helpful post.

  37. polly says:

    Hi, Thanks very much for this. Very helpful! All the kids round our way have them on and off by the way, and we are very good parents – no shame in it!!!
    Does anyone have any good tips for cleaning soft furnishings like sofa arms and big rugs please? I was wondering if there was an essential oil i could put in a spray of some kind of chemical. My youngest is prone to coughs and chestiness, so i’d like to avoid anything too harsh if possible?
    Thanks x

  38. Erin ,mama to three.. says:

    Thank you for posting this!!
    I’ve been researching and would like to add:
    Cloves ( not garlic cloves, but whole or ground cloves ) are the ONLY remedy that KILLS the eggs. DE kills adults , but not eggs.
    Apple cider vinegar ( 1 tbsp with water or honey water/orange juice to make it go down easier ) will alkalize your gut, parasites can’t thrive on an alkalized gut 🙂
    We are currently using garlic paste on bum at night, washing first thing in am ( showers not baths )
    During day :
    Smoothie with fruit, oj , honey and DE with 1/2 tsp cloves for adult – 1/4 for the kids ( 1.5 yrs, 4 yrs and 6 yrs)
    Apple cider vinegar drink for mom and dad.. Kids are alkalizing by being gluten free/dairy free and limited sugars.. Also decreased meat consumption.
    CLEANING like mad. 4ft height rule for walls too, if they can touch it it gets bleached. ( oxygen bleach powder is very safe )
    We are on day 5 .. No itching but every second night I still see a single worm on our bums ( use a flashlight ) I noticed myself a flurry of activity day 3 and had 4 worms dealt with that eve/night..
    I have hopes things will get cleared up! I’m planning on strictly keeping up with this for two months.. Good luck and love. Erin

  39. Siham says:

    Hi Angela,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I also wanted to ask you if you actually saw any health benefits in eating DE apart from the worm treatment. All the testimonials I read are usually related to a company that sells it, so I would love to hear an unbiased opinion.

    Thank you,


  40. Plant mama says:

    I have been using DE for my child for5 days now-he can sleet through the night fine. However, there are still a lot of live worms in his stool. I have been laundering and bleaching everything for 5 days. When can I expect this to clear up? I know it only took 3 days for your children, so I’m wondering why it’s not working for my son.

    Thanks for this post, and your time.

  41. LCK says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a mother of soon to be 3 children. Recently we went through a pin worms case with my 6 year old. In my very heavily pregnant state it has been absolutely somewhat of a nightmare but through visiting a naturopath and OTC’s I think we have either nipped it or it is much milder.

    The nightmare impossibility is this.
    1 pinworm lays 10,000 – 15,000 eggs,
    then these eggs lay another 10,000-15,000 eggs = over 1 million and so on and so forth.

    The problem is not so much the worms, it is the eggs. Worms can be killed but eggs are the nightmare that keep the cycle going. And it is virtually impossible to be rid of them or to avoid them in daily life.

    SCARY, and there is debate once you get them you have them for life, but if controlled sometimes you won’t notice it or are negligible with symptoms etc.

    The fact is almost every single human being does have some kind of parasite in their body can be good and bad..

    Here is my course of action:
    -For children in usual circumstance night time anal itching is 95% of the time associated with worms. If you are an adult and no one else has anal itching rule out the following:
    -Hirsuteness (both men and women can have hair in and around the anal region that with sweat and heat can aggravate and cause itching)
    -Food intolerances, I.e. gluten
    -sitting in a single spot for a prolonged period of time that is hot and sticky (leather, vinyl seats etc)

    If it is pin worms, as most people on this forum would say go see a Doctor, or do the tape test etc.
    1- Take an OTC as per instructions (Combantrim, Vermox whatever is available in your country).
    2-Take the alternate dose 2-3 weeks later.
    3-Meanwhile there is a debate about crazy cleaning:
    CLEANING PROTOCOL: I think if you have the time and can afford to then between 2.5-4weeks of daily washing bedsheets, undergarments and towels. BUT the problem is the more you handle linens the more you are likely to ingest microscopic eggs. I would be very cautious about over cleaning as it doesn’t always work. (keep reading)
    CONS of cleaning: Vacuuming daily will bring up dust, it is almost better to leave it as is or do it every alternate day. Cleaning sheets you either have to be very slow and gentle removing them or really there will be no point. Moving the laundry basket to the washing machine again handling it and breathing in particles. Not all washing machines are made alike or with hot sanitiize wash, nor are dryers. So again this may or may not work. Some people will furtherrmore iron everything on hot. Laundering daily has also been proven it disseminates eggs so it can make it worse, so rather less frequently the better.. Or stock up on more towels and sheets so you don’t have to wash everyday, just switch to new/clean articcles and do a load every few days. This will give time for the eggs to die off naturally. IDeally in dry conditons they do die off in a couple of days.
    THINGS YOU SHOULD DO: Open bed covers, open all windows and let it naturally air out, don’t tuck sheets in fanatically, your bed needs to breath and less handling of sheets.
    UNDERWEAR PROCEDURE: Wake up (clean with wet wipe discard or shower- never bath), dry bum with paper towels/toilet tissue discard, wear clean underwear. ( apply garlic concotion too). Repeat process in evening before going to bed.. Again best to have many clean pairs of underwear so you don’t have to wash daily.

    -BOYS & MEN- Wear tight underwear, nto boxer shorts.
    -WOMEN – No lacey or thong/g-strings. You should wear solid fabric regular underwear.
    This is to prevent the worms crawling out or eggs being dispersed. You need to contain them the best you can.

    -Depending on where you live, unfortunately cool, clammy, humid climates have higher rates of worm infestations, it is known in the UK up to 50% of people have had or have pin worms. And it is more prevalent in the fall/winter months.
    -Homes that have wall to wall carpet and wallpaper are more likely to have parasitic infestation of many kinds (again bringing the UK reference up as a lot of older homes are covered in these materials). Lots of fabric curtains, frills etc. Newer homes not so much.
    -Having a Washer/dryer in the kitchen is bringing soiled clothes in contact with kitchen surfaces unnecessarily.
    -Lack of sunlight, sunlight kills a lot of parasites. Airing out the home and opening all window coverings does a world of good (hence winter reference is more prevalent due to the inability to open windows and less sunshine).

    -Make a vinegar and water mix (50/50) in spray bottle, also make a tea tree oil mix, water with at least 12-20 drops. Every single day spray everything bedsheets handles, toilet seats and t let it dry naturally. This also eliminates the need to constantly wash. Make enough bottles so you have a pair of each per bathroom or per main area (i.e a set in each bathroom, and kitchen). Open all windows and let furnishings dry naturally. Also spray in laundry baskets when empty. Often people forget wash baskets harbour left over eggs/parasites.

    -For ease of use use baby wipes or equivalent for quick clean ups, spray first with above concoctions and wipe any surfaces. Easy and easy to dispose.

    -Garlic mix, as per most people on this forum have said you can crush garlic (mixer, blender etc) you can even mix with coconut oil) place in small tupperware, (can refridgerate or keep out) refridgeration will last longer, you can also make a big batch and freeze some). Apply daily day & evening around cleaned anus with toielt paper or baby wipe, wear underwear immediately.

    -Probiotic daily, breakfast and supper. (Kids ones usually come in powder form, adults in capsules) Also can take Kefir, or Greek/Balkan plain yogurts. None of that brand name sugary stuff disguised as good but have corn starch, gelatin and other ingredients that go against the whole notion of being a probiotic.. Read labels carefully.

    -Change diet- reduce refined sugars, deep friend foods. Eat lots of greens, peppers, garlic, spices etc. Some cultures are less prone to pinworms unlike North America & the UK due to the very beige diet and lack of balance.

    -No alcohol. Especially beer. It is a form of carbohydrate sugar.

    -Take Black Walnut tincture 3 times a day, can be quite disgusting. DO NOT TAKE DURING PREGNANCY.

    -Cina 5 or 6 3 pellets 3 times a day for 4 days (this is a natural (worm med). THIS YOU CAN TAKE SAFELY WHEN PREGNANT.

    -Garlic whole, supplement or crushed. For children if you use fresh crushed they may need some juice or honey mixed with it, a small spoonful is enough once or twice a day. TAKE WITH CAUTION WHEN PREGNANT, smaller doses or not so late in pregnancy. You don’t want to shock your body.

    Take all these supplements at least 1 month up to 6 months for maintenance.

    (I also like the DE idea, cloves and some other things people have mentioned. in combination couldn’t hurt in combination. Just check if you are pregnant some things you have to be cautious of.)

    Apart from day cares & schools, you can pick them up in air travel, or transit, public washrooms, even homes of people you know. You can pretty much get it absolutely anywhere. You don’t have to have children to get it. You don’t know how clean people are, even in the cleanest of restaurants or hospitals. It is just a part of life and if we all take that as a normality then we will not be so stressed out and with calmness try to at least reduce the severity or occurence of it in our daily lives.

    Try to live as normally as possible, I know some people develop rashes and OCD complexes over cleaning, but truly it is not all necessary and it doesn’t necessarily work all that well. It is most important for self hygiene(hand washing is the big one and changing underwear daily. The rest with obsessive house cleaning is just extra but not necessarily going to eliminate it 100%).

    Anyway I hope this helps alleviate some stress!

    After establishing what it could be

    • karla says:

      LCK thank you and everyone for all the useful information. I’m dealing with this for the 1st time among other things this school year with my 9 y/o daughter. I have 2 boys, 22 and 29 y/o and never had to deal with anything aside from colds and such. This started a few days ago but my daughter has no symptoms, we foud out because we saw them on her stool. I’m sure I have them too because we share toom, bed and restroom. Although my sons have their own room and restroom I’m treating EVERYONE. Thank you thank you and THANK YOU! 🙂

    • Allison says:

      Great info, thankyou! I wanted to add that my mother would put salt on our itchy area when we had pinworms ad kids really helped.

    • Allison says:

      Another good spray is vinegar in one bottle and hydrogen peroxide in another. When they have contact it works better than bleach. I will put essential oils in the vinegar too. Burning Osha root is very clensing for the air, along with essential oil spritsers. Could be a good idea to use while cleaning to avoid inhaling eggs.

    • MomN says:

      Thank you. Did you vacuum or mop every day? Thank you. What about backpacks, shoes, books? Cell phones, computers? Food and spices in fridge/pantry? How long does it take for sunlight to kill anything? I am going crazy. My parents, with whom we live, are almost at their wit’s end with my fanaticism about it. They aren’t as careful as I am about it. But mom of 4 is lacking sleep trying to clean. I put several shakes of clove oil and tea tree in bottles that have vinegar, water and peroxide in them. I added clove to the soap. I need to do this in my son’s bathroom, too. I thought to make a spray of peroxide, clove oil to put in my child’s lunchbox for her hands. Idk. For me, this is day 8 of cleaning, less than a week on albendazole for the kids, Reese’s for me and my parents (I hope they took it). Day 5 of grapefruit seed extract 3 x day. I’ve slowed down some on the cleaning. Haven’t vacuumed or mopped all this weekend. Still do clothes. I have no hamper room for them. I am wondering if I should empty out all of the drawers and rewash everything in them, and clean the shelves with my spray. Any suggestions would help. It’s so hard to have so many people in the house, especially little ones who can’t move around, and older ones who are set in their ways. I rotate between feeling like a warrior and a hopeless failure. As anyone reading this can see, I am desperate for answers. Going broke trying to provide supplements and cleaning supplies for all of us. Oh, btw, how long to clean like this?

      • Angela says:

        I know how overwhelming this can all be and I am so very sorry that you and your family are going through this. I did not vacuum/mop everyday. I would do a deep clean weekly and after that was done I was just adamant about disinfecting common surfaces such as light switches, sink nozzles, toilet flushers, etc… No bathing together, clean tub/showers after each use. I washed undies, towels, napkins, washcloths, and bedding in hot water (I still do).
        I don’t think that you would need to re-wash everything. If you felt like it you could re-wash their undergarments in hot water. You are a warrior and you will overcome this!
        It sounds to me like you are being extremely thorough and I promise you that you will get rid of them!

        • MomN says:

          Oh, God bless you! I was praying you would answer my post. I have been asking around, my doctor doesn’t seem to know, although he works with my questions patiently! Yes, I cleaned incessantly, and still see things I have to clean (I don’t know what to do with my kids’ toys except bag them up? They have nothing to play with). My hands are cracked, swollen, etc. from the cleaning. I read your response to someone else about how laundry basically keeps you isolated from others. Ditto. I am so glad I’m not alone. I am a single mom of 4 looking for work, one of my babies is with me all day (I love it, btw!). I don’t know how people who work keep up with the laundry. I have bags of laundry tied up waiting to go to the laundromat (for them to wash and fold for me with HOT water and gloves and a mask and my cleaning spray). Should I empty all of the kitchen cabinets and fridge and clean everything out? I have not. I have just been making sure that my kids to before eating (I try to remind my parents, although they are not dirty people, but still, they don’t take this seriously since they never saw a worm…yet I showed them one from my child’s eye!). I make them stay seated and not run around while they eat so that they won’t have to keep washing their hands. I have a thumb sucker as well. I ask them constantly to keep their feet off of the couch they sit on. I want to hug them so badly, but am afraid I’m too dirty for them to kiss and hug! It SUCKS! While I’m cleaning all day, I keep my little ones in confinement, which I hate! I only let them sit on one couch or a couple of chairs (that don’t have cushion). They are always trying to play on the floors or carpet, as any kid would, but I don’t vacuum every day (since the weekend, to let things settle). I have been spraying the shower down with a mix of peroxide, clove/tea tree oils, vinegar, little water. Should I scrub it down after everyone, or just rinse it? Four of us use it in the mornings. I shook some DE on our beds, but I was inhaling it all night. My son, too. It has been over a week since I started cleaning and taking GSE. I’ve taken DE for a few days and took Reese’s almost a week ago. I didn’t have any itching until today 🙁 . My little girls took Albenza last week and they take DE and GSE (one had to stop GSE today, it interacts dangerously with antibiotics, which I postponed giving her, but after seeing no change from GSE/Olive leaf, had no choice) and they still have some itch and vaginal pain. I give them 1tsp DE and my older kids 1 tbsp DE. Is that enough? No one talks about this taboo subject, so it’s so easy to feel isolated and anxious. I am so comforted by this blog! Again, thank you so much for your time responding to me and to everyone else you’ve responded to!!!!!! I pray numerous blessings for your family!!!! BTW, I’m so happy for your blogs…am learning your recipes…I am trying to be as GF as possible, and take my kids off of carbs during this time, but alternatives are so hard to find, and I feel like we never have enough of anything, or that I wind up making something boring out of ignorance. Thanks!!! 🙂 You are making a world of difference to so many people!

          • MomN says:

            Sorry, it’s me, AGAIN. I just have a few more questions for whomever knows…what do you do about:
            1. Mattress pads
            2. Bare mattresses/boxsprings
            3. Backpacks
            4. Lunchboxes
            5. Books and papers
            6. How often to vacuum
            7. How often to wipe down the couches? Vacuum, mop? When to do it the 2nd time, after taking the second dose or before?
            8. Did you wear socks or slippers or bare feet
            9. How often to change the sheets
            10. What if after a week of taking albenza and DE, my daughter still has vag pain?
            11. What about things under the bed?
            12. I’ve been using peroxide, vinegar, water, clove oil spray to clean. Scrub showers down, or rinse them and spray them? I wipe surfaces off with a paper towel or sponge (new one each day?)
            13. My kids are always trying to kiss and hug (and I love it), and kiss my clothes…this will spread eggs, no?
            14. A cream to heal my split hands 🙂

    • MamaN says:

      I have gone to your comment over and over again. It is very helpful. Thanks for the information! I was just wondering if this all worked for you? I am still going through the process. I relaxed on the vacuuming and mopping for a weekend (ahhhh), but feel uncomfortable when my kids want to lay on the floor. I will continue to mop as often as possible, but maybe slow down on the vacuuming. Anything that is tucked away or under the beds, I have left alone as to not disturb or make dust “phoof” up and into our lungs (wish I’d worn the face mask in the beginning cleaning phase…was coughing insanely for days). I do wash everyday, basically bc there are so many of us and I have nowhere to put all of the dirty laundry. Our hampers are in our closets (huge mistake) and I haven’t been able to catch up on anything with time enough to clean out the closets and hampers, and all of the clothes in them. I just ask my older kids to roll up their bath towels and leave them in a bag in the bathroom. I do this for the younger ones. I ask them to roll up their bed linens (well, one wets the bed so those have to be washed daily). It’s been very dreary and cold here lately, but I still keep my shades open and park my car outside now in order to get any UV rays possible! I hope all worked out for you! I so hope you let us know! 🙂

    • Viv says:


      It does seem rather counterproductive to clean like crazy at home because with school going children there are exposed to extremely high levels of eggs daily. In addition, are we upsetting the balance of natural parasites in our bodies by trying to eradicate them? Perhaps we need to clean less? I am afraid that this may turn out to be another case of ‘antibiotic resistance’. We should also teach ourselves that natural means accepting that as human beings we need to learn to live in a symbiotic way with other critters. Please look up the recent research on the benefits of worms in our systems. It may change your mind on how harmful pinworms actually are. They are revolting but trying to rationalize that overall perhaps trying to eradicating them in this way may be triggering a worse epidemic.

  42. LCK says:

    Sorry again it’s me.


    – Try to not use chemical disinfectants (they may or may not work) best to do Vinegar/water combo &/or tea tree oil/water combo as about post.

    -CINA 5 or 6 pellets/granules: 3 times a day for 4 days (this is a natural worm killer).

    -Take PROBIOTIC for Maternity or equivalent, some brands can be used for everyone. Take this morning and night.

    – GARLIC: You can eat garlic and spices within your general meals and are OK with taking low doses of garlic supplements. Garlic is a natural blood thinner, so the caution is that when you are heading towards your due date you want to reduce the amount in case you have surgery or are prone to bleed after giving birth a lo, ideally stop it at least 1-2 weeks before. BUT it is OK to have it in food amounts. GARLIC on around the anus has to be diluted as it can shock your body (there is debate about the uterus and contractions). Dilute it with coconut oil, or a very thin film, not thick paste. Maybe do it at night not twice a day.

    -Black Walnut tincture.
    -Large, amounts of garlic.
    -Stay clear of disinfectants and heavy chemicals like bleach etc.


    Feel free to respond.

    • MomN says:

      Thank you so much for your posts. Did you get rid of the pinworms? Would you mind telling me what you did, if you got rid of them? I have 4 kids, just discovered after a week on albenza that doc didn’t give my girls a strong enough dose. she gave 200mg, not 400. I’m crushed. I wash towels daily, sheets daily (have no place to put the dirty ones to let them “settle.” My kids wet the bed too, so I have to, and, sometimes the zippered bed covering. How often did you mop your bathrooms/house? What about cleaning up toys? Backpacks? Lunch boxes?We have things under the kids’s beds…should I leave it there? I’m afraid of moving dust every time I make the bed…it’s a toddler bed, so it’s low to the ground and I lift the mattress to change it. My youngest have nothing to play with now, and their emotions are out of control. There is a lot of yelling going on now and a lot of neglect bc I am constantly washing and cleaning. Don’t even know if it’s very effective. I want to spend time with my kids so badly and my body is fatigued.

  43. Jorge Sánchez says:

    I went through the hell of pinworms., at certain point I thought I will have to live with those little mother flowers for the rest of my life. Desperation made me go on line day after day for like a month! Until with a little from here and a little from there I found the cure. The battle is hard and I made the homework for you. Follow closely these steps and I GUARANTEE you will be free of pin(beep) in less than a month! Are you ready?
    1.- Buy two bundles of the herb EPAZOTE (pronounces apasotte) at a Mexican store, separate it in six sub-bundles, boil 2 litter of water, once the water reaches the boil point add one small bundle and get the water out of the stove. You are gonna drink one glass of that tea first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with a probiotic capsule and another glass of that tea before bed at night (don’t worry it tastes like nothing) and eat natural yogurt with as little sugar as possible.
    2.- buy an small bottle of garlic gel capsules (buy the low price ones) and a tube of Vaseline., every night you are gonna take a shower before bed and once you are out of the shower and dry out, make a mix in the palm of your hand (wear gloves) with a little Vaseline and the content of one garlic gel capsule and apply it to the anus, now cover your butt with a 7″ pice of plastic wrap x the long of the tube (tape it to your gluteus with six pieces of surgical tape), this is to avoid pinworm eggs to spread all over your bed and you end ingesting them again, also the garlic is going to kill the eggs. In the morning put gloves on and remove the plastic wrap and clean your butt very very good, here comes the hard part. You need to keep yourself baselined up…if you know what I mean, to avoid stain your underwear you probably want to wear feminine absorbing towels so get yourself a pack.
    3.- buy a bottle of disinfecting wet towels and disinfect every thing you touch in the morning, door knobs, toilet flush, kitchen utensils, etc. avoid swallowing the pinworm eggs again! and/or passing them out to the other members of the family.
    4.- isolate yourself, don’t let anybody to sleep on the same room with you and forget abut sex during the critical time! 
    6.- VERY IMPORTANT!!! STOP FEEDING THOSE SUCKERS! Cut as much as possible your consumption of sugar, sweat food and starches (chocolates, sugar in coffee, cookies, bred, sweet rolls, beagles, subway bred etc., get ready to lose a lot of weight. Don’t worry, you’ll gain it back. In stead eat as much green stuff as you can.
    Do all that if you really want to get rid of pinworms in a month. 
    And if you have an hiatal hernia say good bye to it to as a bonus price for your “sugar sacrifice”

    • Angela says:

      I appreciate your feedback Jorge. However, I am certain that my children would not tolerate this method of eliminating pinworms but I am very glad that it worked for you. 🙂

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  45. shanita says:

    Hi there, I do think your site could possibly be having browser compatibility problems. When I take a look at your website in Safari, it looks fine however, if opening in Internet Explorer, it’s got some overlapping issues. I simply wanted to give you a quick heads up! Aside from that, excellent blog!|

  46. bobbie says:

    This is the 3 time my 6 year old has had this.the first two ties we did pin x with lots of cleaning.this time it did not work so to the Dr for looks like she is good but I think I might still have them.the m.I.l gave me de so I am now taking it at night.I’m going to give my.kid it once a week to try and keep it from happening again because I think it is from school.

    • Angela says:

      So sorry you are dealing with this. It is so hard to tackle this when the majority of people do not talk about it. Good luck to you and your child!

  47. Viki says:

    I just had my neighbor call and tell me that her daughter has pinworms. This little girl probably spends more time here at my house playing with my kids than she probably does at her own home. I’m a little freaked out right now. Should I start giving DE as a preventative? Or should I just wait it out and see what happens?

    • Angela says:

      Oh man! If it was me I would clean like crazy and start DE ‘just in case’ – but like I said that is just me. Fingers crossed mama <3 <3

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  50. I tried the DE thing the other day and I got unbelievably sick! I bought the % 100 food grade and researched it for a week, I took a 1/2 tbsp the first day and by noon I kept getting this weird smell/taste in my nose and started shaking uncontrollably, I have never had such a bad headache in my life and was extremely nauseous, the next day the headache was still lingering and I just didn’t feel right. Has anyone had anything close to this happen?

  51. Anne says:

    While I’m devisated to need this information I really appreciate that it’s here. We go to a fairly holistic dr and I was fairly suprised when he said to do pinx. How long did it take for you to now see any critters?

    • Angela says:

      I treated continually for a few months, I wanted to be sure that they were gone!! I still do maintenance with DE, maybe once a week in a smoothie. Good luck to you Anne <3

  52. Anna Beale says:

    Thankyou so much for your honest post, I too have this reoccurring problem with my kids and it’s driving me nuts. Good suggestions! Thanks

  53. Kristin says:

    Grapefruit seed extract and probiotics will help incredibly too. Pin works are the “rice devil”. Ugh. Glad you manged to irradiate them!

  54. robin says:

    My goodness, what a big to-do. Just smear a little plain old vaseline down there before bed. You can clean all you want. They’ll get em anyway. DE is great, too. Vaseline is all you need. You young mothers are so sweet, just wanna give you all a big ol hug.

  55. sumaamb says:

    Hi angela ,
    I just saw that my son ( 5 years ) and myself have pinworms . I have 2 1/2 month old son is always playing with her. I am breast feeding her , though her anus is clean with no worms but she is little cranky at nights and I suspect it to be colic. Could it be pinworms ? What should I do to get her rid of it. Pleeeeaaassssee help

  56. Angela Karr says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I was terrified when I found out there was such a thing as pinworms, and worse yet, we had it!!! We are starting this today and hopefully will eradicate it quickly. I do have a 7 month old, who I think has it as well, not because I have seen worms or weird discharge in his stools or anus, but because he just doesn’t want to eat very much lately. Do you know if it is possible to give DE food grade to infants in their baby food? Thank you again! This put my mind at ease a lot!

  57. Hi I’m am 13.i have pin-worms they were gone for a few weeks but back now from about 6pm it gets really itchy and irritating…..I live in Ireland.i know a local health food shop do u think I should check them out?I might tell my Mom if the worst comes to the worst please help! A.S.A.P

  58. Rebecca says:

    I was diagnosed at ER after giving a urine sample. I was prescribed albenza 200mg. 2 pills asap then 2 pills two weeks later. Its been 5 days since the 2nd dose. Albenza to get rid of 40_70% of skin abrasions. So naturally i am assuming i will still be be 60_30% infected. I read many posts couldnt find one that which albenza was prescribed.

  59. anonymous says:

    One more question….should you take a laxative when they take a pinworm medication like Reeses? I’m taking another dose tomorrow and am scared to take a laxative cause i’ve never done it. I’ve heard it’s not necessary, but some say to do it.

  60. bethany says:

    Hi everyone,
    Well I wasn’t aware this was common and my 7 1\2 month pregnant self found a worm. I have four children and we’ve all taken Reese’s. Also a garlic supplement and probiotics along with cutting sugar out of our diets. We already eat low carb / mainly gluten free, and I have cleaned alllll weekend changing the beds everyday the past three days. I have had bowel movements all day today and saw a ridiculous amount of them in my stool. I have no itching thankfully, but hopefully drilling into my kids heads all day every day to wash their hands along with these other measures will do the trick. After baby I plan on doing a parasite cleanse along with albendazole, and DE every day for three months and then once a week for all of us. I already feel better on day 3… Hopefully I can get them gone before my little one gets here!

  61. I babysit my great granddaughter and have noticed that she is constantly scratching her bottom. Last night, she wanted me to sleep with her and she woke me scratching her diaper. I’m sure she has pinworms and plan to start the DE shakes with her this morning. We have used the food grade DE for years. When my dogs get fleas, it’s the safest way to get rid of them and it’s almost done overnight. We use it on our plants to get rid of aphids and other bugs. It’s easy with a blower to blow the DE onto the plants. When the dogs get fleas, the blower is used inside the house, but use a mask to keep from breathing it, when blowing it. Let it sit overnight and vacuum in the morning. No more fleas. Also works for snails and slugs in the garden.

  62. Nicole says:

    Hi I’m 12 and I’ve had pinworms for a few months now. I had them when I was 8 and left it untreated, and they went away so I was hoping they would do the same now but they haven’t. I spend many hours on the toilet every day trying to expel them but it doesn’t work. I change my underwear every day and wash with soap and hot water every day but still nothing works. I can’t tell my parents and I can’t access medicine or DE. It would be weird for me to ask for garlic, so now the only option is pumpkin seeds. How many should I take, and is there anything else you could recommend to help me?

    • Angela says:

      I am so sorry that you are going through this. Pinworms are nothing to be ashamed of at all, anyone can get them anywhere and at anytime. Having pinworms does not mean that you did anything wrong at all. I really want to assure you that this is in no way your fault. Is there any way that you can speak to your parents about this? You can try adjusting your diet, cut the sugars out (carbs included). I really think it would be best to speak to your parents, I am sure that they would not want you to be in discomfort.

    • robin says:

      Hay Nicole, can you get ahold of some vaseline? Just dab a little back there every night before bed.
      If you can change your sheets often it can help. But if the adult is unable to go outside and lay it’s eggs it will soon die and there will not be next generation to bother you.
      Please sweetie don’t spend hours on the potty, go outside and get some sunshine!

    • Connie says:

      Dear Nicole,
      I do not know if you have taken care of you pinworms, but as a mom of a 12 year old who just told me a few days ago that she had worms it is nothing to be ashamed of . Your mom would want to know so she could help you. We have been treating our worms with Paragone. You can buy it at the health store. Also we have been using Oregan oil, lavender oil, clove oil and Thieves oil. We will be getting the DE earth soon. And my daughter was very embarrassed about the worms, I am so glad she told me otherwise I could not help her. I pray you are well, but if not I pray you get help from your parents. I am sure they love you and will be right there to help you. May the Lord Jesus protect you and heal you. God bless you. Connie K

      • MomN says:

        Connie, what sweet words. That sweet child needs that comfort. I wanted to ask if you, or anyone on this site knows about a cleanse that is ok for kid? I know about Hulda Clark’s, and in my haste, forgot to order it this weekend. I can’t squeeze it into my budget this time, as it’d be for me, four kids, and parents. I see the paragone kits in the stores, but it never says anything about kids. I have kids from age 4-15. Thank you, I pray for everyone on this site and everyone who suffers from these nasties. Love to you ALL!

  63. Bonni says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for this post, and I found out recently that Black walnut will kill parasites in the body including pin worms. Hope this helps you precious daughter 🙂

  64. Diane says:

    I will be praying for the young girls and others that do not believe they should, or could go to their parents. This post has been very helpful, and I am thankful for mothers that are humble enough to share , so that others may find relief and healing. Thanking God the most, because truly He is our Counselor and Great Physician!❤️

    • Angela says:


      We have had to treat for pinworms 3 times, I am happy to report it has been well over a year since I have had to deal with them. I hope that you are able to find relief soon!!

      • Tracy says:

        Thanks for the update Angela! We went through pinworms once a little over a year ago and seem to have it again, not sure if we never got rid of them completely or its a brand new infestation, but we’ll be diligent once again. This article and site have been a great wealth of information for us! Thanks a ton!!

        • Angela says:

          I’m sorry to hear that you are having to deal with them again. We had a re-infestation at one time and I figured it was new. My daughter sucks her thumb so that freaks me out a little bit! The bright side is you will have a really really clean house because of it. 😉

          • Melissa Good says:

            My little boy was a huge thumb sucker until he was six. Ugh! We tried everything, but in the end I think it was just a habit he couldn’t break. So we used plain medical tape- wrapped a little on his thumb to remind him to stop. He broke the habit! Our orthodontic bills are insane now that he’s 15, and I wish someone had told me about “thumb tape” earlier. Thanks for this post! It’s me, hubby and our 15 year old and we’ve all got it. Just ordered our bag of DE from Amazon. Treated with Reese’s last Sunday and doing another dose tomorrow, to be repeated every Sunday for six weeks. Doing the obsessive cleaning. Every. Single. Day. Screaming about hand washing, constantly. Washed the baseboards, the walls, the doorknobs, the cat, the dog, the car, everything. Also wanted to mention that “group foods” can be a common source of reinfection. Think chips. Just caught my hubs sticking his hand in the bag of chips without washing first. So kiddos eating chips, cookies, etc. out of a large box or bag are probably reinfecting through this route. I was so upset with hubs that I’ve told him that are getting rid of every single carb in the house, and eating nothing but meat and veggies for 90 days. And if he doesn’t like it, he knows where to go! Lol. He thinks I’m crazy but my baby (I know he’s 15 y’all) my BABY is being attacked by worms and I’m am NOT fooling around. Good luck to everyone and thanks for all the info in the post!

      • Kristine says:

        We recently have discovered that we too have pinworms in our family. We have been using DE for a month now. I am still having symptoms and have not noticed any change since I starting taking it. I just wonder if it is doing anything and when I can expect to start seeing results? I have not been to the doctor for it yet, bought PinX online that did absolutely nothing.

  65. Thank you for sharing this! I am apparently now on our second round of pin worms – since my 6 year old announced thsi morning that he has them again. UGH… so I am going home to wash wash and wash some more! This is all great information.

  66. Carrie says:

    Well I read through all the comments but failed to see a couple of things that I was hoping to know.
    1-why Vaseline? Does it smother? Will coconut oil alone not be enough?
    2-In my experience, garlic, especially fresh (I used in an ear treatment), can be/feel hot. Will the garlic cause any irritation? I don’t want to further irritate the area.
    3-was wondering if prune juice or other ‘go’

    • Angela says:

      Hi Carrie! People use the Vaseline so they can’t pass through it, it acts like a barrier as they get stuck in it. I used garlic infused coconut oil but switched to plain coconut oil if her skin was really irritated. When her bottom was really irritated I found that oatmeal baths really helped to soothe her. I certainly recommend adding garlic to your diet and cutting down on the sugars. You could try prune juice to get them to pass but I feel that my further irritate your situation. Good luck to you, I hope that you find relief soon! <3

  67. Christian Marie says:

    I don’t know how to tell my grandmother (I live with her) I have pinworms. Please I’m kinda scared to tell her.

    • Angela says:

      Christian, I am so sorry that you are going through this. You didn’t do anything wrong to get pinworms. I bet she has had an experience with pinworms in her life and I hope that she will be supportive and helpful for you. Pinworms are very very common it is just that most people don’t talk about them. If she acts surprised you can reassure her that pinworms are more common than lice and you can pick them up anywhere. Also, if you live with her you will want her house to go through a deep clean and I bet she can help you with that. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Good luck!

  68. Angela says:

    Carrie, ask away!! I just have to ‘approve’ the first comment that you leave to protect from spammers. You are approved and can comment freely on any of my posts. 🙂

  69. So glad to have found this site! I’ve recently discovered that I have pinworms. 🙁 After a few nights of torment from the critters I got busy on the web to find answers.
    My issues are…I’ve CFS and Fibromyalgia. I’m constantly exhausted and haven’t the energy to clean like I used to. My house is filthy and my husband doesn’t know how to run a vacuum or mop! 😉 The bedding gets washed washed when I find energy to do so.
    Don’t get me wrong as my husband is the greatest caregiver! He does cook and clean the kitchen. My deep rooted and nagging feeling is that he doesn’t wash his hands….never! Not after using the bathroom or after shopping, etc.It really grosses me out. I have to ask him to wash!! He says he doesn’t have any symptoms of pinworms and I find this highly doubtful as he sleeps with me! We spend a lot of time together as he is retired and I can no longer work. I feel a bit overwhelmed as I’m not sure where to start. I’ve not the energy to clean and do tons of laundry. I have 4 small dogs and 2 birds in the house also. I ordered some DE and garlic oil capsules hoping this will do the trick. How on earth do I clean as I can’t afford someone else to come in and do it. God give me strength.
    Thanks for listening. I hope someone has some good idea’s.

  70. Louise says:

    So glad I found your website. Have never heard of D E. Have been thru a lot; divorce; single mum, emotional teenager issues, unemployment. Just getting into a good zone, and just met a man who is looking like being an important part of my life. I’m 52 and been off men but lonely for years! Now I have the incentive to actually clean the house more thoroughly and take worm treatment, cos I may have had them on and off for years and just coped with clean linen/towels/clothes!

    Can’t tell the new man, we’ve only just met, but it’s going to be hand holding and not bringing him home to my house for a while. Can’t kiss him properly and I so want to! Why didn’t I sort this out before?? Silly, I know, but just thought I’d share!

    Best wishes to you all, and kids, if you can’t tell your parents about pinworms, ask another close adult. But it’s usually your parents who can help you the most, it’s their job, even the yukky stuff… because parents love their kids 🙂

  71. D says:

    Ugh. They’re baaa-aaaack! Waaah! My son had them about 10 months ago. He’s got them again. 🙁 He bites his fingernails and toenails, so it’s a no-brainer. 🙁 Guess it’s time to get back into hyper mode. I’m going to keep up with DE for preventative maintenance from now on. Thanks for your post.

  72. mama2201 says:

    I have a total dilemma! So i have two children ages 7 and 2. But this didn’t start with them. I have been itchy for 2 months and tried all creams and ointments and parasites and ova stool sample test that came back negative. However the itching continues. Then my roomate began getting itchy in the same area. She also has two kids 1 and 7. We have checked our kids at night and also looked in their stools(two of them are still in diapers) and we found nothing. None of the kids are itchy either and from what i have read we would have gotten it from them. We have cleaned everything and all took reeses pinworm medicine just in case but we are stil itchy. I have begun taking diatomaceous earth for 2 weeks now and i am still itchy. I don’t see how this could be anything else but pinworms but it doesn’t seem to be responding. How long does the de take? I have been taking a tablespoon a day along with carrot juice and pumpkin seeds.

  73. Charley says:

    Regarding the diatomaceous earth and your dog – it’s really best to keep giving it to the dog because it also kills other intestinal worms. Our dogs ingested every day and we never have to use the nasty chemical wormers It’s only serve to poison the dog periodically.

  74. Charley says:

    Sorry that post came out a little on it should say our dogs infest the diatomaceous earth every day – we just mix it up with some other supplements or you can put it and water but make sure they don’t breathe it in make sure to use food grade DE. The Chemical wormers that you get at the veterinary supply only poison the dog as they kill the worms

  75. Erica says:

    For anyone buying the DE buy thr brand with that name only on it. Thats the original company and they uuse stainless steel equipment which means less contaminents. Also for a herbal cleanse and all herbal skin products look at Theres alot of organic herbal goodies on that site. Dont think we stop at just pinworms either, we are exposed to many parasites daily. Its also good to do a colon cleanse first before trying to expel worms cause any constipation helps all parasites stay in the body. Also antibiotic help all parasites eggs to hatch faster, so beware unless u have no choice based on infection. Great health to all. Spread the word wether people want to hear it or not. We need to stop dying from parasites who live happier than us. Alot of diseases are caused from what parasites are doing to us. They eat the calcium of bones, eat protein off nerves, drink blood, eat blood vessels, and too much else, not to mention air borne getting into the lungs, heart, brain, and tissue. They are a good cause for cysts, and can travel to ALL organs via blood. Please educate and stay healthy. The DE seems wonderful for everyday defense. Even heard a woman puts 1/2 tsp, almond milk, and a fructose free chocolate syrup in her babies bottle. And keep in mind when cleansing to steer from dairy, wheat, sugar, and fructose til you have cleansed for atleast 2-3mos to ensure your body isn’t a breeding ground. I recommend all Americans detox, and get rid of all parrasites before its too late for the organs to repair themselves. Good Luck All! Blessings to All!

  76. Erica says:

    Also DE can be made into a toothpaste as well as deodorant. Also you can use it as a body scrub. Supposed to make the teeth whiter 🙂 Im glad we might finally have a very versatile product and no chemicals or alcohols. Good ol fossilized shells of phytoplanktons, who would’ve known! Makes since though, we came from an aquatic environment after all. Blessings to All.

  77. Joe says:

    Since this stuff is like shards of glass to the parasite, how will it affect hemorrhoids. If it is abrasive wont it slice the hemorrhoid when it is excreted? I want to get rid of these things and want to use the DE but don’t want to shred the roid and bleed out. Thank you,

  78. Joe says:

    Also I have heard that pumpkin seeds, pineapples and walnut extract are good to help rid the nasty worms. Anyone else prove this to be true by experience? Please let me know, thank you in advance.


  79. Jenn says:

    My understanding of DE is that it is sea creature shells ground up extremely fine. Is that right? Well, I am allergic to most sea life. Any other suggestions?

  80. Enette says:

    THANK YOU for this information. It was very helpful. I have never heard of it until my daughter’s pediatrician had diagnosed her with it. I than when into OCD mode and have been disinfecting anything and everything. I don’t feel like the Pinx or pinworm medication helped at all. So I found your information so much more helpful and it gave be HOPE that I can get rid of this problem. Thank you!

    • Angela says:

      I was breastfeeding while I took it originally. I still take it daily and I am currently breastfeeding and it has been totally fine. Good luck mama <3

  81. Yhaniie says:

    Hi. I’m from Philippines. And I think I have pinworms. I wanna try the DE but unfortunately, can’t find any of that at the local store. I wanna try it badly.

  82. Mel says:

    Thank you so much for writing this post! It has helped me to decide to use DE for my family since discovering my almost 2 yo with pinworms. MD told me to use OTC Meds, called herbalist and got OK for DE, garlic and pumpkin seeds. Can I just ask you if you had any reaction to taking that dose of DE from the get go? I read about healing crisis on another website endorsing DE and they say you can start with lower amount and work up to correct dose. Just wondering if that is necessary, if you got dehydrated, kids felt fine, any details etc. Also, how do you know the worms are all gone? Did you see them in stool after dosing starts, because I have with my son, who is still in diapers. Will you stop seeing them in stool and know it is cleared up? Lastly, you said you cleaned all bedding each day for the first week, there after how often would you recommend to clean bedding, towels etc. When did you get more relaxed about towel washing? Thanks again for a lifesaving post!

  83. Donny says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! After a lovely vacation in Santa Marta, Colombia where I had ceviche on the beach more than once a day, well, let’s just say your advice couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

  84. Jo says:

    Hi there! Thank you for sharing! I’ve placed an order. I know your original post was made quite some time ago, but I’m wondering if you still use to this day? Has you family ever had a reaccurance with pinworms?

    • Angela says:

      We still take it daily! We had a two reaccurances in the first year but have been pinworm free for a very long time, phew! My daughter is a thumb sucker and I think that was the cause of our mulitple experiences with pinworms. Good luck to you!

  85. Larry says:

    Got the little buggers in March 2015 – I did 2 rounds of PinX – useless. Now it is late August 2015 and I still have some activity. Restricted diet has helped somewhat but I am looking to end this infestation.

    I have had at least 10 different medical tests by the Veteran’s Admin. (VA) that all came back negative. These tests included blood work at the lab, simple tape on anus tests, fecal samples, comprehensive stool analysis and more.

    My local doctor finally gave up and sent me to San Francisco VA hospital to a G.I. doctor (gastrointestinal) who did one simple tape on the anus test which had been done 3-4 times by my local VA clinic doctor. results ? – all negative. His conclusion? Might be anal leakage or gas!! Case closed! Outrageous!

    The VA finally closed the case and advised me to go to a non-VA medical facility for further treatment which I did.

    I explained in detail to the Family Medicine doctor @ Kaiser Clinic who ordered more blood work AND fecal samples for ova testing. Again – all negative. These doctors require physical evidence and when they do not get it they say it may be gas or anal leakage or whatever and close the case – quite MADDENING!!

    I stopped all sugar intake (miss it too!), daily I drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in glass of water; eat some Greek (Probiotic) yogurt daily. Lots of acidic food and drink and recently started eating dried pineapple (unsweetened and non sulfured – so cannot report on results on the pineapple).

    From hours of research I still cannot find a doctor who specializes in threadworm infestation and even if I did since all testing comes back negative what would he/she do anyway? From research I see many people have similar stories about tests, doctors and medications being inadequate.

    Like many I have gone through emotional and psychological ups and downs since March. One worries about being with other people or having visitors in one’s home and using public rest rooms and possibly leaving eggs behind. I am 70 years old and to think I may have these for the rest of my days is very difficult to accept.

    I would like to add some information I found on another site from a woman whose G.P. told her these are almost impossible to get rid of permanently. Whether true or not I cannot say but I will say that reading her post helped me to the depths of depression for about 10 days! I finally accepted it and will continue to pursue solutions.

    Some good information was in her post though;

    1.The G.P. (General Practitioner) made a strong point that you DO NOT want to inhibit the females from coming out and laying eggs! (note: no males come out – only females exit the anus) as you may force a retro-infection – read on.

    2. The doctor said specifically DO NOT PUT ANYTHING on or around the anus that might make the female lay her eggs INSIDE you where they will die and rot in your small intestine.

    The female must lay her eggs and will do so normally externally to cool the eggs for up to 2 hours so they can progress to larva. If she cannot come out and lay her eggs she may move inward back towards the small intestine and lay them there instead.

    One poster said she put perfume in her undies to deter the female from coming out. Well I did put cologne in the back of my briefs after showering for about 2 weeks and yes, it did inhibit females coming out BUT as soon as I read that post I stopped immediately – wow, I had multiple females crawling about my undies for 3 days until I finally got the population controls working again!!

    When the female cannot lay externally she goes deeper inside to lay the eggs. This is called RETRO-INFECTION as she heads back up into the small intestine and lays her eggs there. Most of the eggs die there and decompose leaving the possibility of cysts forming in the small intestine and potentially causing other serious problems.

    Versus “RE-INFECTION” which is when you inhale ova through nose or mouth and they travel through the digestive tract to the small intestine, gestate into larva and move to the large intestine to grow and copulate and so it goes…

    Note: some retro-infection does occur anyway.

    Be sure to not ‘fan’ the covers while getting in/out of bed or making it up once arisen and DO wear snug underwear to help contain the eggs or ovum. I wear a mask or bandana when changing linens or cleaning as well as using the toilet (BM).

    Do shower, not bath, early in your day to help remove the eggs that were left over night. Bathing puts one more at risk for re-infection than showering.

    As for excessive laundry and cleaning – some say you do not need to change bed linens more than once a week.

    However do change underwear daily. I carefully put my briefs on top on another article of clothing and fold that over the briefs to cover them just before showering. After shower and getting dressed I take the old briefs out to the washer and leave them each day for 2-3 days then do a small load that includes towels, washcloths, bath mat (every week or so).

    I certainly do not mean to sound like a know-it-all – Angela’s posts are very helpful and I only submit my two cents worth to further the conversation.

    I am still infested but find that diet changes seem to help with population control. Something else not often mentioned is seeing an ‘oil slick’ in the toilet water after a BM or flatulence. With a strong light I can also see thousands of specks in the oily substance – I surmise these are the ova or eggs that no test can seem to detect. If I can see them why are they not seen under a microscope? So FRUSTRATING!

    I am flabbergasted that the US does not seem to address this common pestilence with reliable testing and especially with reliable and effective medication.

    Albendazole carries a risk of liver damage and is considered a restricted medication. No doctor would prescribe it for me without proof positive of infestation by pinworms!

    Also, if you have to buy it retail you may have heart palpitations when I tell you that it requires 2 does of 2 tablets each time. The COST for Albendazole tablets? Four tablets retail @ $585.00 @ CVS drug stores; $487 @ Costco AND GET THIS – People report that it isn’t 100% effective!!

    Finally it would great if more people who tried DE or other solutions report back on the results. One person above did report some bad side effects but no one acknowledged or replied to that post. We need to hear from people on whether DE did eliminate the infestation or not AND if they had any difficulties using it.

    Thank you one and all for your honest posts on this obnoxious problem.

    I really feel bad for the pregnant women or those with children under 5 who are dealing with this.

    Just mentioned that in the UK sells anti parasite kits as well as bowel cleansing. I have not used their products but did read on poster who laid out his whole solution and has said he has been pest-free for 2 months. I only mention this because of the lack of good sites addressing this issue. BUYER BEWARE – do your own research before buying or using any products.

    Good luck one and all.

  86. Hi! I am wondering how meticulous you cleaned? Our 2 year old has pinworms it seems and we are cleaning this weekend. I am thinking, gosh do I pull all dishes out of cabinets and rewash them? Do I pull all clothing out of drawers and closets and rewash them? Do I wipe down walls and EVERY THING in our home? That could take a week! Ahhhhhh! I have 4 kids and while sanitizing one area, they walk in from unsanitized areas and touch things and then I think, now I have to start all over. No family here to take them out of the house. So looking for some reasonable guidance. Yes, we are washing bedding daily and towels after one use, showering in the mornings, trimming nails, eating wormwood tincture and DE daily and probitotics, cutting down on sugar and carbs. It’s the initial household cleaning that daunts me. Thanks!

    • Angela says:

      I am sorry you are going through this. I did not clean out the dishes but I did rewash all of the towels, underwear, bedding, couch covers, and pillows in hot. I did wash down all of the toys and anything that naked bottoms had touched. No baths or showers together and clean the tub or shower after every use. It may take a while but you will get them gone. We had a reinfestation, my daughter is a thumb sucker so that really worked against me. I totally understand the pain that the cleaning is, honestly my home had never been so clean and hasn’t been as clean since! I wish you all of the best and hope you get them gone soon.

    • dmomn says:

      Yes! You summed up all of my issues with the cleaning. I wanted to take out all of the spices, etc, food from fridge, everything…and clean it! It’s too much, though. Then you would be cleaning all the food you bring home from the store, too. I’m so glad you asked these questions! I do hope you come back on and share what worked or didn’t work for you. I, too, have just as many kids. It is daunting! It’s week 7 for us. Be well! I hope your family is healed and free!!!

  87. Meg says:

    Hi there – I have a few questions about DE – we were recently diagnosed with pinworms (well I was) and my 15 month old son I am suspicious he has them too (hubby seems fine so far). I tried natural and 2 doses of meds (combantrin) with no success – DE was recommend to me by a friend. I started us all on it and my naturopath said I should not give it to my 15month old. I don’t want to give him the meds (absolutly not until confirmed by stool sample) but just not keen on the idea anyway. Just wondering if you know what age is the start age to use DE?
    I have read some ppl sprinkle it in diaper? Would this really help? Can you put it right on babies bum?
    Also I sprinkled some on my mattress pad cover but am not afraid to put my fitted sheet on in case it goes in the air – aghhhh…
    Tia so much for your time

    • Angela says:

      I am not a doctor but I used DE on my little ones, just smaller doses. I did sprinkle DE in her diaper and everyone’s undies and on the bedding as well. Speaking of sheets you want to make sure to gently remove them when you take them off to be washed so that the pinworm eggs don’t go flying around the room (gross, I know). Good luck to you & let me know if you have any more questions!

  88. Meg says:

    Also after the initial cleaning of EVERYTHING how often should you do floors with bleach? I am currently doing them daily – on top of all the laundry I am finding it exhausting – but will continue if this is what I need to do…I also wipe down the whole bathroom with bleach daily…what is truly necessary? What is best thing to wipe door knobs and light switches? (currently using bleach and I think it is getting to me – let along my 15 month old 🙁

    • Angela says:

      I am so sorry that you are dealing with this! I admit that I too used bleach. I also used a bunch of vinegar & water after the first week’s initial cleaning. It is very exhausting keeping up on the cleaning. The bedding I washed after nearly every use for the first few weeks. We didn’t re-use towels for a very long time and I still wash them in hot to this day. We use family cloth and I stopped that for about a month when I discovered we had pinworms. Once you clean and start treating with DE you should be able to relax in about a week. I always kicked it back up at the 2 week mark because that is when they can come back. Please let me know if you have any further questions, good luck to you!

      • dmomn says:

        So glad I saw this. It answered my question about what to use! Thank you! I wanted to know what ratio of bleach to water did you use, and what did use to clean with (sponge, rag, paper towels)? Did you clean your mop head in the washer, too? I have a rag mop that I only used once. I changed it out after I thought we were worm-free. I was mopping with vinegar and water and clove oil (sometime just vinegar water). I would also use bleach sometimes; for the bathrooms it was fine, but for the wood floors, it wasn’t so great. Also, did you scrub the shower after each person? I ask because the mornings are hectic and 4 of us are using one shower. I rinse and then spray vinegar all over the shower curtain (which makes me feel like I’m spreading eggs every time I move it), tub, tiles etc. Then rinse it out with the shower (hand-held). I hope that wouldn’t cause reinfection! I think we are reinfected after enjoying some glorious, itch-free weeks. We do take DE. Have been for about 6-7 weeks. I am going to do a deep clean tomorrow. Then do I just do it weekly with vinegar? How did you clean the kid’s toys? After 7 weeks, I still haven’t, which is not good for the kids. They need to play. Thanks, sorry I keep asking all the same questions!!!

  89. My 9yr old daughter had been telling me for a week she had worms in her poop. At first I laughed and told her she was seeing things. She was correct. I took her to local ER and they prescribed Mebendazole. This medication is no longer available throughout the US so the ER changed to another medication. My daughters insurance does not cover it and it is HIGHLY expensive so seeing this article makes me feel much better. Thank you

    • Angela says:

      Good luck to you Tauna! They tried to prescribe that to a friend of mine as well but they found out from the pharmacy that they no longer carry it in the US. I hope you all feel better soon <3

  90. meMaryEllen says:

    I am a country girl. We treated for pinworms twice a year. MOM purchased a liquid medication from the country doctor. We were informed by the DOC that it is imperative for the entire family and house pets to be treated. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.
    Meantime, I had discovered the DE which we use everyday and a wonderful natural and chemical free soap which kills all ‘critters.’ It is not a soap, but we call it soap because it cleans anything and the green colored product makes suds. I/we use it for all cleaning and personal products. We bathe with it; shampoo; brush teethe; launder; dish washer; auto; you get the idea. I do not have a network interest in this product. Just like to help people, as I am an “energy nutritionist” and a nutrition counselor; NC. for best prices and service. Protects us from harsh cleaners, IE, bleach, ammonia, aluminum, and etc.
    {I am MCS {multiple chemical sensitive, and miracle II gave my functional life back}}

  91. Rhonda says:

    Thanks for this blog. just wanted to share while doing a cleanse I bought some DE and was told the food grade needed to be CHARGED with water for several hours or overnight, not sure why… but wanted to share this… so I put out a glass of water each night with DE and drink first thing in morning.

  92. Rhonda says:

    I just wanted to share that I was told that the DE needed to be CHARGED in water for several hours or overnight. not sure why I suppose you can google it. I bought some during a cleanse, i sit out a glass of water each night and drink upon awakening.. Thanks for your article

  93. Nicole says:

    Hi Angela,
    Are you still using DE for your family? We all got pinworms, but I am the only one who seems to be having a problem clearing them. So I started taking DE yesterday (1 teaspoon to start), and I want to know, through your research, what put your mind at ease that DE is harmless to ingest? I see a lot of articles about how great it is, but I also know that it’s not approved by the FDA for internal use. I am conflicted about taking it. Do you not worry that it is causing harm to your stomach or intestines? Are there any scientific articles that you’ve come across that convince you that it is safe? There are also a lot of people out there that are skeptical about the safety of DE. It’s very hard to understand why something that cuts up parasites wouldn’t cut up our insides as well.

    I’d love to get your opinion on this and find out if you found some good research on the subject that I am unable to find. Thanks so much.

  94. marie says:

    I cannot express how relieved I was when i read this post. We found out 3 days ago that our 5yo has pinworms. He has has been complaining about an itchy bum for awhile off and on but we thought it was an internal hemmroid. I have been having intense itching that started about 2 months after I had my 7th child, so for about 16 months but I thought it was MY hemmroids! After 7 kids it isn’t pretty down there. Oy. However, I never saw any evidence of worms although now I’m sure they are there.
    I am confident in de for the most part, but will it work for us since the infestation has been ongoing? I have started the extreme cleaning, washing, showering routine and already feel a little better and my 5yo is complaining less. My de won’t be here until Tuesday! 3 more days to wait! how long did it take to notice a difference after taking the de? And did you do a build up or just start with a tsp dose for the Littles? I’m 11 weeks pregnant, so I have to hit this hard! Thank you again for the post!

    • Angela says:

      Hi there! I am glad that this post gave you a piece of mind 🙂 The itching can drive you batty and then the cleaning is insane, I am sorry you are going through this. I would start with 1/4 to 1/2 tsp for the littles and build up. Add garlic to their diet and cut out as much sugar as you can (I forgot to mention that in my other comment). I am not a doctor but this totally worked for us, good luck to you and your family!

      • marie says:

        Thank you for the reply! Do you have any idea how slowly we should do the build up? We have started a sugar fast along with the cleaning routine. You mentioned you had a re infestation? I am not that worried about the reinfestation, it happens in meds too ! I just would like to know if it was in the forest 8 weeks after you noticed the initial infestation? Or was it later? I was reading about the retro infection and I think there is more of a risk of that from taking meds and having the worms desolve internally and expel their eggs in the gut! What are your thoughts on garlic oil on the bum? It helps SO much! When did you consider your house “safe for visitors?” We are started a garlic routine as well which will be fairly easy as my kids love garlic humus! Yay for the little blessings in the chaos! Sorry for all the questions! Thank you do much for the help!

        • dmomn says:


          How did it go for your family? I think we have a reinfestation. I am about to insist on the garlic oil consistently for my kids. I live with others, so suggesting they do it is slim, as I heard a slick comment from one of them about the fact that we take DE. Couldn’t believe it. As if doing all that is possible for your family is a bad thing, and as if anyone wants to have worms or do all of the extra cleaning??? I wanted to know if you knew of a time when your home was “safe for visitors?” I as asked to watch a child of a friend for a weekend so they could go on a retreat, but had to decline.I felt horrible, but couldn’t tell them why, nor did I want the thought of possibly infecting their child. My kids are bored out of their minds! I don’t know how to clean their toys. Good for your kid that they love garlic hummus!!!! We took the meds, but I was reading about a hyper infestation or something like that and it’s having me rethink, Also , what did you use to clean? Thanks!!! P.S., I have asked a TON of questions on this site and have used various names because at first, I was paranoid of ppl who knew me reading this, then I forgot the other name I used!!! Crayzay! lol

  95. Athena Emmanouilidis says:

    Wormwood is very good for pinworms.You can take it as a trea and drink it 3x daily,it paralyzes the worms so that they disconnect and leave the body

  96. Bob says:

    Jeepers that was some massively excessive cleaning you did! Way over the top and unnecessary. Go to the pharmacy and get some worm pills. Give them to everyone in the house. Wash the bedding straight away once you have a worm diagnosis, then proceed with your regular cleaning. Get kids to wear tight-fitting undies day and night. Be careful when taking undies off not to spread eggs. Job done!

    • Angela says:

      Tight fitting undies are a great suggestion!! We certainly had a no naked boodie rule in our house during this time period. You certainly could go to the pharmacy and get some worm pills,and many people do, but I wanted to avoid giving these pills to my family. I also found it necessary to perform a deep cleaning in our home (and vehicle) to avoid re-infestation. Thank you for stopping by!!

  97. monica says:

    I Have Been Doing some reading on DE my daughters and I got treated for pinworm 2 months ago now they are back! They wake up crying in pain and say they are itching. I want to try the DE but have read that it just makes the pinworm spread to other parts of the body. Does anyone know anything about that?

    • Angela says:

      I am sorry that you are going through this Monica. I have not read anything saying it makes the pinworms spread to other parts of the body. I did read about them spreading to the vagina but that wouldn’t be caused by taking DE. I hope that you are able to get rid of them quickly. <3

  98. Elizabeth says:

    thank you, I do feel better after reading this, I will follow your advice. Sorry for your little one going through it, cuz it’s heart breaking watching mine go through it. Thanks from one mamma to another

  99. Tara says:

    So, in my household of 4 people, 2 of us, my son and myself have pinworms (for him its the second time). I am pretty sure my son picked it up at pre-school the first time around as he sucks his thumb. This second infestation I discovered just over a week ago in my sons stool. But I just discovered my alarming state at about 10 pm tonight.
    I came across this website/blog about 5 weeks ago and wanted to go the natural route. I bought diatomaceous earth from a health food store along with some black walnut tincture. I made up a garlic and coconut oil paste and then proceeded to take the crazy train to cleaning-madness ville!
    The first night I gave both my son and daughter diatomaceous earth in some plain yogurt, my children did not sleep well and complained of tummy aches (3 yr old twins). I was not sure if this was just die-off reactions happening or if the DE was too intense for their little bodies. I took the adult dose and felt a little uncomfortable too. I stopped after the 1 dose but kept up with other protocol. For three days the worms were still present in my sons anal area.
    At this point my partner, with whom I have vastly differing approaches to just about everything health related, insisted that we treat with over the counter anti-parasite pills from the pharmacy so I relented. The pills gave me a bit of stomach discomfort but Boom! The problem seemed to disappear. I kept up with the laundry thing for another week or so as well as a pants/unders-on-at-all-times rule and with the garlic ointment. As the box suggested we need only do one treatment, I did not administer the pills two weeks later.
    Fast forward to a month later and my son has worms again. The infestation does not seem to be as bad this time but this time around I have it also and in my vagina too! So sorry people for the TMI. I just feel sick about it and I want other women/girls to know this does happen. My intense sugar cravings and recent tummy aches should have tipped me off. I’m still trying to figure this all out.
    Where I think I went wrong the first time around:

    1) My partner refused any kind of treatment the first time around (“I don’t have them”). And also not treating everyone at the exact same time.
    2)We only treated with pills 1 time.
    3)I stopped using DE out of fear and concern for my little ones
    4)Taking the easy way out with pills made me relax a little more on the frenzied cleaning and non-stop laundry after a week or two
    5) I did not wear a mask when dealing with bedding removal and the overwhelming amounts of laundry that must be done.
    6) I did not shower kids but continued to bathe them (albeit separately)
    7) I continued to inspect my children’s poop just a little too closely maybe (holding my breath but really I should have just worn a mask) for the next month.

    And so we are re-infested. And my son is a confirmed thumb sucker and hates garlic and loves sweet things as do I (though I love garlic). And its Christmas and the world is filled with sugary, starchy deliciousness for the next few weeks!!!!! The sugar and carbs are my downfall!

    And what of this theory that once you get them you may be in the percentage of people who just battle with it the rest of your life? Without buying into alarmist theories, what are the known long-term adverse effects of hosting pinworms for long stretches of time? Is this about digestive health and diet? Is this yet another health problem to be attributed to poor gut flora? Can fermented foods help with parasites too? These and many more questions are rattling my brain and its 1:30 am and I can hear my children in their restless sleep crying out periodically. moaning and groaning even after taking the pills a week ago.

    Back on the crazy train to hyper- cleanliness-ville first thing in the am. Then a call to my Naturopath and then I have to go to work at my bread and butter job where I work with other people’s children! Hmmm….I need to re-think EVERYTHING.

    • dmomn says:

      I know I’ve commented way too much on this site. Forgive me, these stories hit home and break my heart! I learn from others, too. I have family members who refuse to clean, and who knows if they’ve even taken the 2 doses of pin-x that I’ve gotten them? It’s maddening because the cleaning is very crazy, the idea of having them is depressing, and seeing your kids suffering from it is the worst. I did notice that when I regularly applied garlic oil to their bottoms that they slept. I gave 2 doses of meds, although the first dose was too little, and after the second dose, they felt so much better. That lasted for 3 weeks as last night my baby was up in the middle of the night because of an itchy bottom. Her sister is now complaining of pain in her private. Great. My eyes feel squirmy and blurry. It sucks. And I’m being told I take things too far, from someone who has not helped to clean more than once, after weeks of endless cleaning stripped the skin off of my hands, front and back. I will return to using the garlic oil, although my youngest absolutely HATES getting it on. I have kept it a little too long, although I still was using it and it worked, lol. I need to make a new batch. My older kids won’t go near it, but they would swallow garlic cloves (everyday is highly unlikely, though). I pray your husband decides to hop aboard, as he can be asymptomatic and reinfect you all (fingers crossed here). If not, I will pray that no matter how perfectly anyone can follow the needed protocol, that you guys will all be healed and have NO reinfections. 🙂 P.S. I’m up because after 7 weeks of washing every sheet and towel each day, I’m still doing it and fell behind…the joys…

  100. Kari Agnew says:

    I have pinworms and am having a hard time getting rid of them. I have taken pin-x 3 times and within a day or two, they are back. I have been taking DE and it is killing other stuff, but not sure on the pinworms. How long did you have to take it to notice they were gone? Is there a difference in effectiveness between Pin-x and Reese’s (I think they are two different medications). I was going to call the doctor. I assumed he would give me a pill and not antibiotics. Do they usually just prescribe antibiotics?

  101. syd says:

    I’ve been battling this pinworm thing since June and still have it. I’ve tried everything, cloves, black walnut, pin X, albenza, garlic, oregano oil, olive leaf, myrrh resin, apple cider vinegar, high doses of vitamin C, a few different parasite cleanse, coffee enemas garlic enema, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar enemas, clover black walnut and wormwood enema and I still have them. Although some have slowed it down I still haven’t gotten rid of them completely. The longer I take the herbs the more resistant they become. I’ve had little success with diatomaceous earth (de) and have read elsewhere that it has to be dry in order to work which has me thinking do I have to make capsules with the de in order to get it down dry an intact? Has anyone else come across that information? Although I haven’t taken de for more than 3 weeks I hadn’t seen any changes inactivity. And when it’s full moon the anal wiggling and squirming drive me nuts! I’ve also read that the de must be grey in color and not white or it won’t work. Back in April I had my gallbladder removed as I’m wonderin if a low acid content then the stomach can create the perfect environment for these buggers to thrive. My MD is an idiot. He doesn’t know anything about parasites the doesn’t believe it. Anyone who can share their experience will be greatly appreciated.

    • dmomn says:

      Thank you for sharing. My heart goes out to you, sincerely! I didn’t know that about the DE.. We’ve been taking it for about 6 weeks…the white stuff. I don’t know about the dry thing…only reason why is because even when it is in capsule form, eventually it will be in your body, where it isn’t dry. I have the white-ish kind. I have purchased two different kinds, one is slightly heavier and a little grayer when you mix it with water. I know how you feel about the drs not knowing or believing. Then you feel horrible for even sharing that you have this with them, and feel like a freak of nature! I feel like the world’s worst mother. I thought I was doing something right and all the while, what I was missing was time with my kids. I feel like I have them in my eyes, and so don’t even know if I can hug them or let them give me a kiss, play on my computer, use my phone, as they might get them from me! I don’t even know how to have that checked out. They try every night to sleep under me, and it makes me feel even worse…I want to snuggle with them, but have to push them off because what if I have them in my eyes? It is heartbreaking to say the lead. All of our labs (sticky paddle tests) came back negative after 3 days of swiping, but I know what I feel, unless it is paranoia (but the eye feeling is REAL) Lord, help!!! If you don’t mind me asking, which cleanse did you try? If I tried anything other than what you tried and it helped I would share it with you. All I can offer right now are words of encouragement. You are not alone, not a freak, not paranoid, not wishing for this to be, as the drs responses might have you think. You’re precious, suffering from something probably many more people have and should have more resources to help. I don’t know if you believe in prayer, but I do, and on this journey (since Jan for me), I’ve prayed because the stress of facing each day starting the showering, cleaning protocol and having to have the entire household remember to take this and that, to wash hands, don’t touch this/don’t touch that (many ppl here, I have lots of kids and others living here) and dealing with the sadness of it all, not having my kids play with their toys, keeping this a secret from everyone, had me going CRAZY! I am normally optimistic and keep challenges in perspective, but I couldn’t even get out of bed. With prayer, I found the strength to do so, plus the peace to carry me through the day/night of the crazy cleaning, not knowing if I was doing any good. I prayed for my Dr, as he was so CERTAIN that he did not under prescribe my little ones (hence, causing to start OVER!!!!) and thought my cleaning was neurotic. Well, one day, when it was time for the second dose, he called me many times, and when he reached me, apologized and humbly admit to giving my kids the wrong (lesser) strength of the meds they were on! I believe in prayer, so I will pray for you. I’m sorry I couldn’t offer a pill or potion that worked for me, but you’re in my prayer!

  102. Micduck says:

    Thanks you so much! After one very sleepless night I needed to do something! She was so raw from scratching. I made the coconut oil and raw garlic (in my desperate sleepy state) and added DE to make a paste. Worked like a charm she slept all night! AND so did I! Now on a hunt for human safe DE (as mine came from a feed store for live stock and isn’t white not sure the quality). At least I have hope I don’t have to put her on pharmaceutical medicine. My only suggestion would be if your child is small enough for a diaper put that on to save any extra oil from staining sheets or clothing…she is excited to wear one tonight!

  103. Emily says:

    Been using de for possible pinworms for 5 days now. My son is still waking at night with pain, doesn’t complain of itching. Worms have not been confirmed,just suspected because of night waking. I’ve been giving him 1/4 tsp daily in the morning. Throughout the day he continues to complain of pain and attempts to relieve the pain by passing a bowel movement. Does this sound like worms, or fissure or internal hemorrhoids? We were hoping he would be feeling better by now. His bottom is red and inflamed,no external hemorrhoids. He is not constipated,and doesn’t complain while passing a stool. Should I press on with de treatment, or try something else? Thanks for your response.

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  107. Lindsey says:

    Can I use DE with my 13 month old? My 4 yr old has had pinworms recently and I’m looking for something natural to help make sure they stay away (we treated her with OTC meds)

  108. Jessie says:

    Dear Nik and all parents struggling with pinworms, I have had pinworms for over ten years (I’m a 48 year old mother of one). I’ve tried many different routes to cure myself, some methods worked for a year or so and some for only 3 weeks. But the most helpful thing that has really worked, and Nik this is especially for you, is carrots. EAT RAW CARROTS. The chunky, roughness of them help scrape your insides which internally scratches the pinworms out. For Nik, I am so sorry you and your kids are suffering from this. One other thing I’ve found very helpful, get a shower-hose attachment to your bathtub faucet. One of those hand held shower head attachments. With this you can easily rince off for childrens’ bottoms every morning and at night before bed. Another really helpful this is it aquafor/ Vaseline around the child’s anus before bed. This sticky aspect of the Vaseline prevents the eggs from flying around if they are laid during the night. Kids can touch crayons and all house items, that’s not where the eggs are. The eggs are in bedrooms and bathrooms, sheets, bath mats, and towels. All clothes need to washed on super hot or dried in the dryer on super hot. Good luck. Remember – CAROTTS.

    • jessie says:

      Nik and dmomn – try and carve out a simple, strict routine – in the morning rinse off with shower head, wash with soap the front and back fanny, with breakfast before the kids meal eat one raw, whole carrot (not shredded). During the school day raw carrots for snack. At supper time, eat one raw carrot before the meal. At bedtime, with soap wash front and back fanny, put vaseline around anus –if the kids can stand it you can include crushed raw garlic in the vaseline, the garlic kills the eggs. Sleep with clean underwear-on. In the morning repeat. FINGER nails – keep them very short. Toys do not usually get infected with eggs, but if you want to clean toys use white vinegar mixed with water – it’s not expensive, non toxic, and dries out the eggs. Also tea tree oil kills the eggs – you can mix it with water and spray it around the bed/bathroom. But beware if the mixture you make is too strong – with too much tea tree oil — it can stain or marre your items. Tea tree oil is very strong and dries things out quickly (great for lice too!). But you have to use it responsibly so you don’t mess up your house-floors-linens-toys, it will literally melt plastic. Ladies, parents, you can do this — trust yourself, try not to get overwhelmed, you will take care of this. And please remember, having pin worms is not life threatening, will not travel to your organs, and does not damage your immune system. The worst thing is it’s uncomfortable. Take a deep breath, use small sized towels since you have to wash them often – always wash in HOT water, and HOT dryer, this kills the eggs. Let the kids play, they’ll be fine and the worms won’t hurt them it’s just super annoying. GOOD LUCK — take care of YOURSELVES, deep breath.

      • Nik says:

        Hi Jessie,

        Thanks for all of your advice and encouragement. As of today, my kids have all tested negative. Two were retested and they were negative. I have JUST started to allow them to sleep on sheets that I didn’t wash for the past couple of days. I’ve developed OCD from this, albeit I’ve tried to live as normally as possible after the first month of being completely overwhelmed with everything that comes with this. I’m relying on faith at this point, and will continue to wash towels daily. I’ll back off on the sheets and do those every couple of days. My kids will still have to be reminded to wash their hands before reaching for food or anything common. I’m so exhausted, so the good news of the negative tests hasn’t penetrated enough yet to allow me to relax. Wait…maybe not being able to totally relax is just a normal part of being a mom! 😉 P.S. I’m grateful that my kids do love carrots and don’t mind eating them at any time (even better to not have to shred them…it’s like eating shredded cardboard!). Thanks again for your post! I’m sure that it has also helped others who are frantically rummaging through this site for answers/hope!! Be blessed! 🙂

  109. dmomn says:

    Hi, it’s me again. This is past week 7, and I’m going out of my mind. I eased up on daily cleaning at week 3 or 4, then went to bi-weekly. My kids’ pediatrician did not give my younger two the full dose of albenza, then for their second dose, he did. I am still washing everything all of the time. My family is getting super fed-up and don’t understand my neuroticism about cross-contamination, etc and I’ve gotten flack from the family members we live with about constant washing, and how we take DE. We have taken the DE regularly for little over a month now, as well as GSE. I cut sugar out for most of the 7 weeks because I know my kids will get it from somewhere, then some times I let them have a little something because they were doing so well with taking their GSE, DE, probiotics and vitamins. They also rolled up their sheets, etc. and wiped down their rooms with a cleaning solution I made (vinegar, peroxide, clove) and would endure me reminding them constantly to wash their hands. With the other family members, I can only share what I know, but since we are at their mercy since we live with them, can’t enforce. I have been doing ALL of the cleaning solo, and was told that I was taking it to the “Nth” degree. For a while (a few weeks) all of my kids were symptom-free. Then last night, my daughter woke up in the middle of the night because her butt was itching. The other child, who shares a bed, told me this morning that her bottom had been burning and itching the night before. I noticed that in her, after the 2nd dose of the meds, her private area pain had gone away. Now it’s back, just not daily. For me, I don’t want to admit to anyone that my rear itches and has not felt more relief than for a week. My eyes also feel crawly and at least one of them (usually the same one) weeps like I have pink eye! My face also broke out in a fine rash, and my ears and face sometimes itch as if there are pieces of fuzz floating on them. Pleaaaaaaaaase help me! I feel like all of the cleaning is in vain and the sticky tape lab tests, which came back negative for all of us (3 days worth of testing), but I 1. Can’t stop cleaning 2. Can’t seem to keep up the level of cleaning 3. Don’t know what to do or how to find out about my eyes! I have read HORROR stories about these critters in other parts of the body! HELP! I’m so worried of passing this to my kids via shared beds that I’m thinking of either sleeping in my car or at my desk! My ped and my own primary doc don’t seem to know much about this, and I took one of the kids to an infectious disease specialist and she, although she may have known, didn’t seem to know much at all as to how to help. I have a stack of albenza refills for my kids staring me in the face…what should I do? Also, what did you use to clean with? Did you have a separate bucket/mop for the bathrooms vs. the rest of the house? Did you clean knobs/handles, etc. with a bucket and sponge? Paper towels? New sponge daily? Did you rinse the shower after each person or scrub it down? Four of us use the same shower back-to-back. I was rinsing it, then spraying it down to soak with the vinegar solution, then rinsing it again before the next one used it. I also clean the toilets after everyone uses it. I don’t know what else to do. Oh, also I don’t always fold up our sheets, but rather open up the blinds in all of the bedrooms and let the sun hit it until I can get to washing one of the bed’s linens. How did you clean computer keys, and what about the car? I leave it outside sometimes for the sun to shine in. THANK YOU FOR ANYTHING YOU OR ANYONE CAN HELP ME WITH.

  110. Alec says:

    Can you get rid of them forever or will some stay in you an would it harm you or kill you cause I have them an I found out yesterday I had them.

        • Angela says:

          We did get them back once, the same year that we got them. I blame it on my thumb sucking daughter, but who knows. We still take DE almost daily, some days I run out of time and don’t make smoothies, as we enjoy the other benefits of taking DE.

      • noname5 says:

        I am holding on to this comment 🙂 because I want this to be the case for everyone on this site. Kids and our tests all came out negative, but then the day after finishing an elimination diet, when I reintroduced certain things back into my diet, I noticed a ton of pure white things (non moving) in my stool. Prior to that, I never saw anything definitive in my stool. Is that what they look like in the stool? Pure white specks everywhere? I’ve googled the pics, and I just can’t take seeing all of what comes up. I need SOME type of mental break from all of this, lol. Simultaneously, one of my little ones started feeling sick, and has had nonstop runs for 2 days. I saw some branchy/wormy things in her stool, but they weren’t white, but stool (red/brown) colored. I don’t get it. My whole family has been taking DE for almost a year every day, except for the one or two days we ever ran out of it. We had been taking acv several times a day for months (need to get back on that…that helped bit with my little one’s GI issues), we’ve taken GSE (stopped doing it, will reintroduce, I guess), among other things, but it gets overwhelming to see who took what, when, what not to take with DE, etc. I’ve been cleaning like crazy. My hands are cracked, swollen and painful from the constant washing. I know I can’t clean everything perfectly, as there is always something I realize I could do better. I also realize I am losing precious time just being able to snuggle up and do normal things with my kids…seems everything they do, touch, eat, handle their clothes, wash themselves–everything– frantically revolves around this. The kids are so over it but they march on (their quality of life, psychologically speaking, while dealing with this, is depressing, to say the least). I guess at this point I just would like anyone to drop a word of encouragement and any knowledge. Could what I saw be fungus? None of our doctors are knowledgeable, and despite having test codes for parasite/fungal (etc) tests given to me by a naturopath I once saw (too expensive to keep going and do the tests through him), my doc (a nice doctor, but one who knows I’ve been struggling with this for almost a year) won’t even look them up or write the order for the tests my insurance will cover. Those we live with don’t help to clean and don’t care to be tested or treated. Makes all we’ve gone through seem like it’s all for nothing. One day I know we’ll be past this, but right now, I would appreciate anyone’s success story 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂

        • noname5 says:

          Oh, also to add to the above, if anyone can share how they manage to live normally; I know you can’t avoid everything, including this (think of how many times you touch things in pubic, i.e. pin pads, credit card exchanges, your wallet or purse, car keys, people riding in your car, movie theater seats, lunchrooms, gyms, work lounge tables/chairs, gas pump, etc.). How do you avoid paranoia? How do you avoid a scared child from hopping in bed with you (they need that, so do I) or tell kids to stop throwing around their stuffed animals (I fear any eggs flying) or tell the kids that their friends can only play with certain toys in a certain area, etc. The kids can’t get up and walk around in their pjs; they have to get up and hop straight in the shower. Their hands are chapped from all of the washing of them. 🙁 How do you feel comfortable having people over your house/go out to others’ houses, let your kids go play at others’ houses or even allow the kids to attend public schools? From working in public schools, I have seen that in some of them the routine is that the kids go to recess and then straight to lunch; they do not wash their hands first! Anyway, just wondering…how to be normal… 🙂 Thanks again.

          • Thistooshallpass says:

            Hi, I’m a mother of twin 6-year-old girls. Last year, one got PW from school which turned my life upside down. I had some ‘sensations’ as well. Every test came back negative. A Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist at a major NYC hospital smirked and laughed during our entire appointment, told me my daughter was anxious and I had hemorrhoids.
            We finally went the Albenza route – I just could not deal with clove oil and papaya seeds anymore. I think we did 2 Albenza protocols (so 2 pills followed by 2 pills — TWICE). Also massive cleaning and hygiene. Then they were gone in my children, but not sure about me. I wound up doing a Humaworm cleanse followed by more Albenza. After months, my stools were clear of dead ones.
            I was just about to relax when school started and numerous kids at school got them. My girls started with UTI symptoms but tested negative and I finally realized it was PW so started Albenza but a bit too late. The same daughter now has a massive fungal infection as she has scratched herself raw, and both girls are still exhibiting UTI symptoms. We’re only three days into treatment so praying things improve rapidly. I know this is a natural thread so please forgive my mentioning meds, but I just thought I’d share some thoughts as well as questions:
            1) The “very helpful GP” to whom people refer has, in my opinion, helped only to terrify people. The advice given was not only counter-intuitive but, I believe, quite incorrect. Why would you have PW forever? I think true ‘threadworms’ which is a stronglyo-something — ‘may’ stay for life as it gets into your blood. In the UK they use the word threadworm for PW so this possibly causes confusion.
            2) PW eggs are ubiquitous; by simply leaving your house, you will encounter them. But not everyone “has” PW. Some of these people may be asymptomatic. But I believe that much of the time, our bodies (ie stomach HCL, etc.) kill them; they cannot live and thrive in a healthy gut. However, when the parasitic load becomes too great (when we ingest thousands of eggs at once…or when a child ingests them with their much more delicate constitutions), infestation and thus symptoms occur, and we “have” PW.
            3) If doing Albenza, I do not wait two weeks for the second dose but instead 10 days. It just seems illogical to me as females are gravid (will be laying eggs) in two weeks. Why let them get started?? Also, you can have the pedi do liver enzyme tests during / after treatment.
            4) Bleach kills all organic matter and 91% Isopropyl Alcohol apparently kills PW eggs. It comes in spray bottles. I clean the bathroom and kitchen counters/knobs with this. I spray their backpacks, lunch boxes and coats every day after school. I also spray the sheets and let them air out in the morning if not doing the wash. I feel that this really helped to stop it last year. Avoid breathing it in of course! Also, I eliminated our clothes hampers. I do pjs/sheets/towels in the morning. And school / day clothes in the evening — two loads a day, right into a plastic bag which I bring down to laundry room and put directly in washer. Sanitize unless colored and high dryer if possible.
            5) Wearing leggings at night really helps to contain eggs. The unknown is whether they stick their hands in their pants while sleeping, of course. I wet my children’s pjs / undies and remove in tub each morning so any eggs don’t fly around. We dry front and back bottoms ONLY with paper towels — never real towels. Helps eliminate massive laundry.
            6) I saw them for the first time the other night when inspecting my ‘completely’ asymptomatic daughter’s poo in the toilet. It literally waved back at me. They were not super active probably because we dosed with Albenza the day before. But they were moving enough. Anyway, she never, ever complained of being itchy, never in pain, never woke up in the middle of the night — no symptoms whatsoever except for suddenly UTI symptoms (a little pee coming out throughout day). Bedwetting is a very common lesser known symptom.
            7) As someone else mentioned, CLOVES are the only thing that kill eggs. I’ve been taking 1 TSP of cloves twice a day. First thing in morning and before dinner. I bought a spice grinder and grind them myself so they’re fresh. I think this is key to eliminating / preventing infection. I just cannot get my children to ingest cloves – not sure what to do?
            8) Am seriously considering DE so I don’t have to worry about these things every fall/winter for the next 5 years. But am really nervous about which brand to buy — and will it hurt my daughters’ bottoms when they wipe? What if bags are mislabeled “food-grade”? I can test first on me but worried about give to my children. Is there any documentation anywhere that speaks to safety? Thanks so much for reading this!

            • Nik says:

              Dear Thistooshallpass,

              Omg can I relate to the smug ID doctor! My kid was trying to touch something in the exam room, I stopped my child and the doc looked at me and literally told me, “There are pinworms on that. ” Unbelievable!!! I am gratefulnto have read your post. In it, you brought up something I have wondered about, which is what to do about lunchboxes and backpacks. I recently washed their lunchboxes and backpacks, but hate the idea of the lunchboxes and books touching. I may use a separate bag to put
              those in. See what we do because of these stupid things???!!! Also, I want to reply more to this pst, but my device is acting strange. For now, just know that your post has been helpful and I pray you and your kids have success in ridding yaourselves of these! I have several questions to come soon,

              • Natalie says:

                Hello, I’m in the same situation now. Were you able to get rid of them. My daughter experiences the same symptoms as yours did. We’re on meds but two pills in total, take one and two weeks take the second one. Felt relief at first but now feeling them again. I’m unable to find the 91% Isopropyl Alcohol only 99%. Is that okay? Doctors are not helpful with this. I’m trying to find a holistic one but so hard to find someone knowledgeable. Can you please let me know if you and your kids beat this and what made it successful? The pills you mentioned are prescription, it’s so hard to get the doctors to write the prescription.

  111. You so much. comforted and helped me .may you all be blessed.
    I slept on black garbage bag and am horrified to find so many eggs.
    I’m on medication & it throws out some of the worms onto the sheets and underwear.I wear thick leggings not tights .I bleach all my sheets and towels and ruined a lot of clothing as I didn’t remove the eggs if you can as much as possible from the sheets before laundering them.and after your daily shower I know this sounds bazaar but I stopped washing the bottom area around the anus as the eggs stick to my legs and transfer to my clothing.I wash with a cloth and try to rinse while remaining to sitting on the toilet.but caution to throw away those clothes. I use bleach added to my pail of water to wash the floors also.a reminder that the eggs remind me of dust sooo many of them highly contagious .but it needs be injested to start the worm cycle again.wishing every one success in ridding them buggers!!

  112. Angela Berkley says:

    First of all thank you for posting this! Question: there are so many brands of DE out there, which is best? Which is safest aside from food grade which i know it has to be.. I hear some brands dissolve in water better then others? Does anyone have one they buy they love? Price and all? I know you have DE in your Etsy store, where do you get yours from? I do not know of any places here that sell this and Amazon seems a bit high priced? I’m frugal, so I want the best deal, but I also want safe and trusted. Just looking for some reassurances before I jump in with both feet I guess. Thank you.

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  114. Keirah says:

    My daughter had threadworms and I don’t understand how she has them because she is a very clean girl who washes her hands before and after dinner on the toilet etc. Can you help me.

  115. Dalexa says:

    Hi! Thanks for all your wonderful tips! This is the worst thing to be going through, in my opinion! Have you had them come back? Another really important question, has ANYONE seen actual pjnworms in your bedsheets? I have been seeing some white pieces of floss like pieces on my bed, not sure if they are pin worms or just threads from the blanket I’m really paranoid! Thanks!

  116. Zilmara Hernandez says:

    Can children have the Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade? Starting what age? Please, I need help!!! Thanks!

  117. Ruth says:

    Thank you so much for your post. I have been going crazy trying all types of remedies on my own since fecal tests came out negative after having 2 sets of 3 times each done. I am so upset with doctors and with what Pharma does in this country that I don’t care if what you share has been approved or not by FDA. I have pinworms, I have pictures, documented everything, the symptoms but found no solituion. I hardly sleep and when I itch I run to the bethroom and use wipes. Is there where I see this black tiny round dark things attached and also catch a worm or two. My stomach is huge and these creatures are sucking my energy. They are also crawling all over my body. Please provide me with more information if you have more. Thank you!

    • Angela says:

      Oh gosh Ruth, that sounds just awful. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I would be thorough with cleaning and add DE to your diet and remain consistent and hopefully you will have positive results so that you can feel good again. Adding garlic and eliminating sweets helps a bunch too! Good luck to you <3

  118. Lala says:

    I have been taking 2 tablespoons of diatomaceous earth diluted in 2 cups of water every day before going to bed for 8 days. I have noticed more worms coming out the perianal area and spreading further and more anal itching. Is it true that DE is a good way to get rid of pinworms or I should take the DE in the morning or after meals? Should I take more DE per day? Please let me know because these pinworms bother like hell!

    • jo says:

      I would love some advice on DE which my 7 yr old son has been taking for 2-3 weeks and still has loads of alive thread worms in his stools… I need to know – how long does it take to work…? Thank you anyone who can answer this!

  119. John Ola says:

    This is a fantastic article. I don’t know why people can’t stick with DE and incorporate it as part of their daily drink. Beyond eliminating intestinal parasites, DE has very good minerals. Natural food grade diatomaceous earth contains 15 trace minerals: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc iron, phosphorous, selenium, etc. People note shinier coats, better overall health, better production, etc. in their animals who are fed food grade diatomaceous earth regularly. So, as you are eliminating those critters, you will be supplying your body with essential minerals that are HIGHLY beneficial to your body.

  120. Christina says:

    Dear Angela,
    Like many of the readers, I have also dealt with pinworms. It looks like my children are showing signs again after nothing for a year and a half. I have read through many comments and you mentioned that you had 2 re-infections since the initial time. Did they show up in everyone, or just your daughter who you mentioned sucked her thumb? Was the person who was re-infected not taking the DE at the time? I would have thought the DE would have caught it. Also, do you know the time frame between infections? How long since the last infection have you been all clear? I am just trying to piece things together for my own family. The children and I had it for the first time a year and a half ago, then 6 months later I had it again, and now 1 1/2 since they originally had it, they are showing signs. Thanks for your help. Christina

  121. Sandra McArthur says:

    What worked for us in South America was uping our garlic intake, side effects included: repelling fleas, ticks, mosquitoes,… & some other humans. FYI wrapped a piece of meat around a tooth of galic the dog would swallow two to three times a day – he got cured too! We just cleaned regular they were gone in about a week – we kept it up for around 30 days. Re did it around every 3 months for a week each time: with no more episodes – out there – with no electricity or running water had to hand pump from well! Washed clothes with bars of coconut soap. No detergent out in the middle of no where 30 miles from civilization!!!

    • Maria K. says:

      Hi Sandra, so I understand you REALLY have no sign of pinworms anymore whatsoever? Great to hear that…for how long have you guys been clean of them now? I am asking cause I am sooo worried when I fall on people saying they have had them for years..I hope one day some vaccination can be found for this!

      • leslie says:

        No vac needed! They are self limiting and in inhospitable gut environments die quickly and easily. A the problem is endless cycles of reinfection due to poor hygiene practices. Please read my comments below for the comprehensive protocol. Follow this and you should see complete eradication with no or very low recurrence in three days.

  122. Robert Downs says:

    I got sick about two weeks ago. Real bad flu like symptoms. No vomiting or diarrhea, but high fever, aches all over and it lasted about three days. Just got under the bed covers and sweat it out. Did not use the bathroom much other than urinating. Two or three days later, I had regular bowel movements again. Then the itching and burning began. I thought it was a case of “monkey butt”…LOL, adult diaper rash. But I believe I was dead wrong as the itching began to escalate. Especially at night. Started to do some research and pegged pin worms as the culprit. Wanted to do a full internal cleanse, but naturally and read a lot about diatomaceous earth. I just started with it two days ago and waiting to see how things work out. I will do this for a minimum of one week. Probably two just in case. However, I am reading how many of you keep taking DE and hope you know of side effects. DE will leave high traces of metals in your body that it cannot expel. I have read that Selenium should be taken afterward to help expel these metals. If anyone cares to add to this, please do so. I’ll repost in about a week or two with a follow up.

  123. leslie says:

    I am fascinated with this thread! What an interesting topic! I have had them a few times as a kid and once, recently, as an adult. Look, guys, I want to point out that this is a self-limiting condition and I feel the difficulty of eliminating them is overstated here. and remember that there are natural protocols which are more efficacious and those that are less so, safer ones and more problematic ones.

    First off, an infestation need not ever last more than one week. Generally, the die off should be accomplished in one to three days. However, and this is the real issue, the reinfection rate…that is quite another matter. You MUST break the cycle. Otherwise, it will simply appear that your treatments protocols are not working and that would be false assumption in many cases.

    I do a lot of natural remedies, both for myself and for others. I like to think outside he box, do some sleuthing and connect the dots in a way that uncovers the idealized treatment protocol. I have an amazing track record, so please allow me to share with you my thinking on this, which, admittedly, is currently evolving.

    The conventional treatments are with sulphur based compounds, which, as allopathy goes, probably is one of the safest remedies most natural remedies you could wish for, with virtually no side effects. This is because the main indgredient, as well as most of the fillers are, if not organic, per se, in pretty much unadulterated states. So I wouldn’t hesitate to say a sulphur drug from the drugstore is probably the best way to go, efficacious and safety are very high with these products.

    You can also create an inhospitable gut environment by taking garlic in raw form in a nice salad with plenty of green cabbage and raw broccoli and mustard greens. The worms are gonna HATE that, yo, they can’t live in the environment that that creates in your gut… because that is a lot of sulphur with tons of roughage that really makes those ol’ intestines work hard, so gets the compounds really deep into your tissues, quite a bonus!

    Perhaps the hardest and most essential part is hand washing. bAmericans are dirty and lazy. We don’t bother with things like covering our mouths when we sneeze. We don’t bother to wash our hands. Our kitchen towels are black with germs and dirt because we skipped the soap and careful practices for a quick rinse and a wipe. Do this and it is guaranteed you won’t ever be rid of these parasites. And if we have kids, we let them run around looking like wild animals, covered in germs and we kiss them, accept food out of their hands. DUMB Just plain incredibly dumb.

    These are not hardy or long lived organisms, but their eggs are quite another matter! I believe if you skip the DM (too many metals, too long to see results makes it a rather poor choice, IMO) stick with a three day treatment with sulphur ointments and caps, and eat the salad morning and evening. This is a one-two punch that will knock those critters out almost overnight. If you add one or two small doses of wormwood, that is fine. Used sparingly, in synergistic combination with sulphur and sulphur rich foods, you have got an unbeatable recipie.

    The tough part is reinfection. I believe that the tendency to inhale the ovum, which are tiny, is very high, and vastly understated in the medical literature. Therefore, wear a mask when you strip bedding off. Make certain you are using top and bottom sheets, not just top, or ovum will cling to blankets. Make certain everyone is wearing PJ bottoms and underwear to minimize cross contamination. Treat this like salmonella and contain it!!! Only this will break the cycle. It is all about cross contamination leading to endless cycles of reinfection. Again, killing the adults is the easy part. Fixing the underlying causes of the infestation should be your focus. And no more sodas, pastries and sugar laden “coffee” drinks. It has been repeated here and elsewhere that they appear to feed on sugar.

    In all instances I have gotten complete relief in three days, and I didn’t even have this protocol, I just used chlorine bleach on all surfaces, washed the bed and stayed away from sweets and had one dose of wormwood.

    Think like the worm, my friends!

    • Natalie says:

      Great post, What type of Sulphur meds do you recommend for kids and what dose because I can’t find any. What brand did you use for yourself? I would greatly appreciate a reply. Thank you.

  124. Dave says:


    Well I’m happy to say I finally kicked the little annoyances out of me. It did take me a while however to find the right combination for me. That’s what’s important because what works for me might not work for you. I tried Pin-x multiple times. I was either being reinfected of the formula was not working. I ate plenty of garlic cloves and supplements, washed my sheets, cleaned, you name it.

    Here’s what worked for me and hopefully it help someone else.

    1. Wash your hands before every meal, before you brush your teeth, anything that involves putting your hands close to your mouth.

    2. Never use your bath towel more than once.

    3. Change your sheets everyday.

    4. Clean any surface you touch everyday (I live alone so it’s easy for me)

    5. Take a 1/2 table spoon of DE every day. The cycle of worms is such that it’s likely you have new ones hatching all the time. Therefore this is a commitment to killing them as they hatch and diminish them before they lay new eggs.

    6. Drink lots of water

    7. Keep your toilet seat clean. Clean it after every use and wash your hands thoroughly.

  125. AnaKaren Diaz says:

    Hi! Wow seriously God answered my prayers!! Thank tou so much for this post! I’ve been a mess for the last month reading only horror stories. And finally I found yours. Thank you so much uou gave me hope when I was feeling completely helpless. If you could email me back that would be great you don’t know what a help you would be.

  126. Heather says:

    Hi Angela, I didn’t read through all the comments to see if this has been posted already so I apologize if it is a repeat of someone else’s info. I am almost certain I’ve contacted pinworms because I have never experienced such a desire to itch my butt as I have over the last two days. I read about all kinds of natural treatments & what I settled on relieved my symptoms within an hour, and although I may have to repeat it a few times to lick them for good, it is still worth knowing about. Last night I drank an entire 32oz bottle of blueberry Lifeway Kefir, a probiotic smoothy, kind of like liquid yogurt & I cut all other sugar out of my diet. I swear that the itching stopped within an hour & so far has not returned. I feel some weird sensations so I’m thinking they aren’t all dead yet so I am going to get a second bottle to hopefully lick it for good. I found it in the dairy section & it costs about $3/bottle.

  127. Kelly says:

    My family has been afflicted with these parasites on and off for months now. We have been taking DE everyday but the worms have returned. I’m not sure what else to do. We found out a few days before I gave birth to my 5th child and now she’s almost 5 months. I am so paranoid and I do not want her to get them (she is currently EBF and not mobile but does share the bed with my husband, myself and sometimes my 2 year old). I am do tempted to do the PinX every 2 weeks for a few doses because I feel like we’ve exhausted the natural remedies and I cannot keep everything as clean as it needs to be. HELP!

  128. Carol S says:

    Good blog. Lots of information.

    I have done some of the things listed above.

    I cleaned and cleaned. Telling the kids to keep fingers out of eyes, mouth…
    Cleaned their toys. Did bed linen all the time. Changed towels daily.

    I was told by naturopathic doctor to give a nightly garlic enema. Give enemas for about 5 nights in a row. I also got a nightly garlic enema. Was lots of work doing nightly garlic enemas. Divorced mom here with three kids. Was told to treat everyone in the house.

    The garlic enemas did work!

    • Natalie says:

      Can you pleas share how you prepared it for the kids and yourself. Where did you purchase the enema and how big was it? I think this is something that will work and I would like to do it correctly.

      • Beth D says:

        Natalie, look for book Prescription For Nutritional Healing. Has garlic enema in it.
        Also, look at optimal health
        I think Kristina has information there too.
        Also, realfoodrecovery has the garlic Elena
        Mandy has great pages there.

        You can but enema syringe at local drug store. For few dollars.


  129. Raissa says:

    What has really helped our family while we attack the worms with DE and Combatrin (we live in Canada) is using Dr. Cassar’s skin detoxing tincture to rub and scrub on areas of the skin that they’ve spread to, mine spread to wrists and arms, eyes, nose and my little one has rashes on his belly and legs. So we scrub with this tincture every second day and it attacks the adults and eggs from the outside in those areas where swallowing something wont do anything. The rashes have gone away and those areas are calm now. They can absolutely travel and they do, use the tincture on q-tips to clean nose and ears. We scrub with the tincture in our hair as well. Youtube Dr. Cassar skin detox and learn all about parasites, he is amazing.
    We have gone through absolutely every natural remedy in the last six months, we even have the Orgone zapper we use on top of all of the herbal tinctures and foods and I have to say using over-the-counter as well as DE and scrubbing with Dr. Cassar’s tincture we are finally seeing results. We’ve gone vegan, we wash absolutely everything after one use because we are so committed to being parasite free. It sucks that we live in a world with so many advances yet in the world of parasites we have very little that is a quick fix. DON’T FRET PEOPLE, it DOES get better.

    • Aura says:

      And… lots of garlic too. I cook with it all the time. And swallow little pieces of fresh garlic that I have diced up. I make sure to eat lots of cabbage and onions too.

    • Aura says:

      And i forgot… I cook with coconut oil and was eating a spoonful couple times a day. Also, I made a bum butter with melted coconut oil, pureed garlic and DE. I put it on my bum at night, and up there too, so I could get some sleep. But, try not to let any fall into the toilet cuz it could cause plummimg issues.

  130. Atlanta Girl says:

    I’m befuddled. I am having my 2nd year in a row with pinworms. I’m a 40yr old female with no kids and haven’t been in the company of kids in months.

    Last year, I did FOUR courses of Reese’s and it didn’t work for more than a week. (and I did all the thorough cleaning). Then I did Wormwood + raw garlic + DE + 3 pineapples and 1lb of pumpkin seeds over a weekend. and it cleared.

    I continue to take 2-3T of DE daily for hair, skin, etc. I eat raw garlic almost daily.

    Three days ago, I noticed an itch. Last night, I realized it was itching at night and realized – crap they are back!

    I backpack a lot. I was on a 5 day trip when I realized it this time. Sure, one can try to be as clean as possible when backpacking…but stuff happens. How am I picking it up in nature? I’m not backpacking with anyone else. And why the heck am I getting it when I take DE regularly? And why mid-March each year???

  131. Abi says:

    I’m 11 now and I’ve had pin worms for a year now but I’m to worried about telling my parents I also live wity my 2 brothers and my sister but is their any way o can get rid of them without my parents finding out

    • Hey bud, I was in the exact same situation you were. I was embarressed to tell my parents at your age so I wrangled with them for four years. I finally managed the courage to tell them and I am only just now trying this DE thing (I really hope this stuff works, so far the coconut oil+ garlic stops the itching). You do need to tell them, its not your fault harmful parasites invaded your body, I’m sure your parents will understand your plight and you can lead them in the right direction using this article.

  132. Deb says:

    I am embarrassed to say I am 53 and have pinworms AGAIN….I have had them off and on for 36 yrs. The first time at 18. The second at 26 while pregnant . I am afraid of passing this on to my 21 month old grandson who sleeps with me baths with me and sticks to me like glue. I am going to do the garlic paste and hope it works. I am infected now and very miserable. Should I go ahead and treat my grandson as a precaution with a over the counter or something else?

  133. Harmony says:

    im curious how much DE did you add to smoothies? i have an almost 3 year old, who is the one we discovered has the going to start making the smoothies for her, but not sure how much to add. The Dr prescribed a one time pill for her 2 days ago that she took, but we’ve just discovered her poop tonight still had worms. My 4 & 6 year old are also complaining of itchy bottoms, but no signs of worms husband & i are feeling incredibly itchy everywhere, which i think might be because we’re so grossed out & upset about this. how bout a probiotic? any info on a good probiotic helping to fight them off? or any essential oils? im feeling defeated and its only been a week of this! lol 🙁

  134. Krysta says:

    I just found your post on pinworms.

    My daughter’s have had them for about a year now and I starting to get them as well.

    I am definitely going to pick up some DE tomorrow, but I wondering if you remember how much garlic you added to coconut oil.

  135. Marissa says:

    Wow, thanks for this! My 1 yr old daughter and I have contracted them. She’s had 3 doses of albenza, but I’m still seeing them. I’m pregnant and can’t be treated with meds yet. Ordered some D. Earth and am anxiously awaiting!! We live abroad and AMA on takes a bit. Been washing and cleaning to no end for the past month, trying every natural remedy that is pregnancy-safe. Clean-eating. Showers first thing in morn. Etc, etc. I’m wiped and am praying this will end before baby #2 comes in November! Thanks again. I feel a little encouraged and see a glimmer of hope.

  136. Sara says:

    ok, I discovered the pinworms late Wednesday night, and now saturday afternoon, I think I have the upperhand on these suckers. First of all YOU HAVE to accept the fact you are at war with these @#CKers! From the time you discover them you should be bleaching and pooping and taking meds. If you want to do this on your own without a script you HAVE to get Pyrantel Pamoate. The dosage indications on the bottle are too low. I could tell by the first night it wasn’t going to get them all. I did some online research and found a Dr. that recommended doubling the dose for one guy, and a couple sites that said 5ml (1 tsp) per 25 lbs of body weight. Im 126 the bottle said I should take 2.5 tsp this new recommendation would put me at almost twice that. So, the first day I took the 2.5 tsp, the next morning I took another tsp and another the next day. After my 2nd dose I saw the dead in my stool. My kids got 1 tsp 1st day and then .5 the next 2 days. And we are just fine. I don’t know why they set the dosage so low? Maybe so you keep buying it, or even better go get the expensive script. Secondly, DO NOT STOP CLEANING!!!! Put all bed linens and dirty laundry in garbage bags, wash on high temp with adding Borax. Vacuum the WHOLE house at least 3 times a day, take the dust bag to outside trash. Keep on ALL the lights in your house unless your sleeping open up all curtains, they hate light and eggs will die when exposed to 17hrs of sunlight. Also keep your house hot and dry, turn up the heat and turn on the fans. BLEACH EVERYTHING!!!! I use 1/4 cup bleach in an old spray bottle and fill the rest with water. I sprayed my couch, mattress and black futon mattress with no discoloration. I have cream colored carpet and I spray that too. Bleach all the floors expecially the bathroom, wipe everything you can think of down. I put 30 drops of clove oil in antibaterial liquid soap in the bathroom, don’t let it get in your eyes it will burn! Clove oil kills eggs. Do not use bar soap in the shower or wash cloths on butts or privates, just your soapy hand and rinse well. Don’t reuse your towel. Paper towels in the bathroom for all other drying needs. Boil your toothbrushes and hairbrushes. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. Ok now for the supplements we are taking along with the Reese’s: we are all drinking Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) 1 tbs with water for me 1 tsp in a smoothie for the kids. I cut out almost all sugar and starches and Im cooking with lots of herbs like garlic and cloves. 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract twice a day, mix it with juice for the kids, its bitter. O-W Wormwood Complex Im taking 3-4 pills a day and the kids get 1 a day,Im also taking 1 Purely Holistic Candida Cleanse a day. Im taking 2 500mg garlic oil gels and the kids get 1 a day. They also get 1 TBS coconut oil daily. Drink tons of water, Im also taking a cranberry supplement to keep my kidneys healthy and rieshi mushroom for my liver. DRINK TONS OF WATER!! Other good drinks pineapple juice and coconut water. You will probably get diarrhea and feel nauseous I puked violently on day 2 but that was just die off. (look it up) Everyone will be cranky and sick, if you are doing it right, it will get better though. Showers for everyone twice a day, if you have small kids YOU have to rinse their butts for them. don’t expect them to do it completely. Have a nice long talk about hygiene, kids are NASTY! I’ve seen mine eat boogers and scratch their bare asses and sniff their fingers. Welp, that ain’t going on in my house ever again! Tight underware all the time and at least shorts as well to bed. Every night, about 2 hours after they fall asleep, do a butt check and front check, you will see worms coming out scoop them up with a coconut oiled napkin and throw them away. The first couple nights I was scooping up around 10-20 on each kid, last night I only saw 1 per kid. yay. ALSO the oil will deter the females and they will migrate elsewhere in the kid’s underware area. 2nd night they were around the privates. I do the butt check and clean twice a night. in the morning they take off their underware in the tub and rinse off. then I put peroxide down their butt cracks. I also dab my butt with tp soaked in peroxide after peeing at night. everytime. WASH YOUR HANDS ALL THE TIME!! If you want to get rid of them you have to do the whole lifestyle change and for a long time, like 3 weeks at least! Im EXHAUSTED running on 6 hours of sleep a night, I’ve been pooping every 4 hours, Im so tired, BUT Im starting to feel better!! I’m starting to feel clean. Im going to continue the supplements until they run out, prbly in a month. And do another dose of Reese’s in a week and then another week after that. It is a HUGE endeavor that requires alot of work. If you are lazy about it even one day, you will lose progress and maybe even make the worms more resistant. So best of luck to you all I hope I helped someone out. It sucks but its better to go through exhausting gruesome detox and ass kicking house cleaning then to have worms crawling out of your behind. 🙂

    • Sara says:

      I forgot to add that on Monday I plan on bug bombing the house, I don’t know if it will work but its worth a try. Im using the one that kills bedbugs as well as a ton of other bugs. I hope it helps

      • Sara says:

        OK, its Sunday and last night I did 3 butt checks a couple hrs apart and the kids had NO worms!!! I didn’t follow up with the extra Reeses for the kids. I was too worried about any side effects. But it seems they didn’t need it anyway. Today the kids are taking a body rest day and only drinking the DE and garlic and eating cleansing food. I hate to say it but I think the infestation started with me and I have the worst. YUCK so Im sticking to the herbal regimen and hopefully I get rid of all of it, in the next couple of days.

        • Nancy J says:

          Sara, omg you have been through a lot. I agree with you CLEAN, CLEAN and do more CLEANING.
          I enjoyed reading your comment. Lots of information given.

          Did you give enemas?

          I found the garlic enemas helped.


      • Nancy J says:

        Sara and others, omg I would not do the bug bomb in the house! Why release toxic chemicals into your home???
        That will not kill them anyway.

        I do, and still do when needed, the things listed in this article. And the things listed in the link on this page for getting rid of them naturally.

        Cleaning the house and kids is very important. Yes, hard to do with kids but a must. Clean, clean and clean!

        Teach no fingers in mouth. Good hand washing.

        The DE and pumpkin worked great for mine. Garlic is great to give and do.

        I liked the topical garlic paste mentioned in the article. Going to do that next time.

        Giving the garlic enemas helped. I think the enema helped more than anything besides the DE.

        If you give the enema make sure the enema bulb syringe is cleaned very good after each enema is given.

        Clean the bulb syringe with hot soapy water. Rinse few times with plain warm water. Rinse final time with hydrogen peroxide. The air dry for a few days.

        Clean the towel and bowl for the solution with hot soapy water. Rinse well. Air dry.
        Also clean the table where the enema was given.

        Garlic enema is listed in book Prescription For Nutritional Healing book. And on optimal health network OHN page.

        Before giving any home remedy check with your pediatrician, naturopathic doctor etc first.


  137. Christine says:

    How long before you noticed the pinworms completely gone? we are taking DE now for almost two weeks (we will continue for 90 days), 1t for the kids and 1 T for the adults. I’ve seen three worms spaced out within a week, the second week. I’m curious if these are eggs hatching but either way, they are getting past the DE. Wondering if I should up her dose?? also we are taking clove, wormwood and black hull.

  138. Julie Rotermund says:

    Hello, thank-you so much for this article! You helped me feel so much better. I thought if my child got worms that it would be because I didn’t keep a clean enough house and I am one where I keep a Martha Stewart schedule, so when my daughter said she had works I thought how in the world.
    I am using the garlic/coconut oil right now until I get the other items from Amazon. Question though, how long did you wait until you went to church, school, where ever? I am wondering if we stay in the house for the full 90 days or what. Can you help with that?

  139. Nancy J says:

    Very interesting blog! OMG gives me the creeps.
    I keep the house and kids clean, clean, clean… and more cleaning.
    Now over, or so I think, from them for now. Pray will not have to deal with this again.
    Yes, hard to deal with this. Especially when divorced mom with two kids.
    Have faith and keep fighting. Pray.
    Book Prescription For Nutritional Healing has many great natural home remedies it.
    I learned how to prepare and give garlic enemas from that book.
    I did many different things to rid them. The nightly garlic enemas helped. Made a huge difference.

  140. Emma Ciaravaglia says:

    Great article. I tried the pharmaceutical approach but I found it incredibly laborious doing all the cleaning and hygiene, hated giving my young boys chemicals and ultimately it failed as my eldest (the only one who manifested symptoms) was back to itching only a month or so later. By then I was pregnant and did not want to take chemicals myself or give them to my boys again. So I tried DIATOMACEOUS EARTH – It worked miraculously!!! The whole family took about a teaspoon (less for the kids, more for adults, increasing quantity as time goes on) with juice every morning about 20 minutes before breakfast. We did this for 6 weeks (some do it one week on, one week off). Well the worms disappeared with no need for insane washing and cleaning as our systems just became impossible for the worms to live in. Also the powder is actually great for ridding of all intestinal parasites and has many other health benefits. 18 months later we are still pin-worm free. The only cautions I would add with taking this powder is to make sure never to inhale it. Also to drink plenty of fluids while taking it as it can be dehydrating. I got the kids to drink a big glass of water after each dose. Hope this share is helpful to any struggling parent! Thanks PS. Homeopathic medicines can also completely heal a disposition to worms in a child. But accurate constitutional prescribing is necessary.

  141. Luu says:

    I’m pretty sure i’ve had pinworms for years & been reinfecting myself without knowing it. I got some of the OTC meds yesterday & took the recommended dosage and felt some relief, no itching overnight. I also drank apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, ate some raw carrots, & yogurt today (i read all of this can help). I cleaned & washed as much as i could at home. Can these things spread to other parts of my body? I’m very worried that the OTC meds won’t be enough to treat this as i’ve had the itching for years w/out knowing what it was. Any advice would very much appreciated.

    • Leanne says:

      Yes! People, our prayers have been answered. I have just last week read (for 4 hours when I couldn’t sleep) the entire postings on this blog. Thank you for all your contributions. Please do yourselves and your kids(girls) a favour and listen to this podcast: FX Medicine Podcast Central (with guest Rachel Arthur, Chronic Threadworm infections), also see her website, and see the FB page The Worm Whisperer. Such helpful info. There is hope!!

  142. I figured out that I had pinworms the first night I had the itching. I googled right away what the possibilities could be. After waking up at 3am with lots of itching and scratching, I had taken all of the sheets off my bed, showered and wiped down everything by 5am. By 7am I had taken Reece’s pinworm medicine. Because I had caught it so early before I had even left my room, I figured there was a very little chance that it had spread anywhere in the house. My room and bathroom was bleached, vacuumed and every inch was cleaned. I pooped worms for the next 2.5 days. I am worried that I could have infected one of my friends that came over 2 days after. Although everything was cleaned and I had been medicated I am still concerned. I suggested she take DE for the following week just incase. MY QUESTION- Does DE kill pinworm eggs in humans? Or should I have her take some other precaution?

  143. I believe it’s a really great and necessary post! It is really much better to know how to identify the symptoms and them call your doctor as soon as possible because only she can find the real reason behind the symptoms

  144. R P says:

    I’m wondering how to clean things like cell phones, electronics, and everything else I can’t slather with hot water and soap!

  145. Stephanie Jeffords says:

    I can not tell you how appreciative I am for your post. I started my DE and vinegar and garlic regimen tonight. I thought I had hemorroids. I have battled this for months. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Natalie says:

      Can you please let me know what you are doing with vinegar and garlic? My whole family is being treated with medicine but I want to do more. Although I’m not sure if I should be mixing herbal with prescribed medication. What do you think? Did the DE work for you? I’m sorry for so many questions I just want to get relief for myself and my family. I feel disorganized and overwhelmed. My daughter keeps crying to me about the itching.

      • Carol A says:

        Natalie, praying you have talked with doctor by now and have gotten help.
        Find a good holistic provider and find out what is best for you to do.

        What home remedy is used is a person choice and a choice made with the doctor.

        What may work for one may not work for you hon.

        Don’t feel overwhelmed and disorganized. Sit down and make a plan. Stick with it. Make adjustments as needed.

        I do know it takes time. Takes patience. And all in the home must be treated.

        Bless you

  146. Natalie says:

    Can someone please guide me with DE, should we add fiber or enama to the process? Also, can dairy be eaten and what type of carbs are okay? My two kids and I have pin warms and I’m begging for some help.

    • Carol S says:

      Natalie, praying you have been able to rid yourself and the kids of this menace!
      After reading your comments I feel it is important that you talk with a holistic doctor or doctor. Ask what would be the best course of treatment to take for you and the kids.
      I think it is not good to be mixing too many different things at one time. Work with your doctor and find the best one, or ones, for you and your kids. Best not to over do it!

      You can find instructions for the DE on many pages and from your doctor. Adding fiber in the process? again, talk with your doctor.
      Enama? I guess you meant to type enema?

      Not giving medical advice. Not telling what to do or not do. You must talk with your doctor and then decide hon.

      Growing up in the 50s and 60s the enema was given in our home. I gave enemas in my home. I now do a coffee enema often. Always feel good after getting an enema.

      Bless you and all. Hopefully, this horrible COVID mess will be over with soon. And we can get back to a normal life. Please pray!

      I think Mandy, at read food recovery, has some good articles on health and how to get rid of parasites. Here are some of her pages::

      Mandy has a article on how to Eliminate Parasites Naturally with Papaya. Find at:

      She also has another article Removing Worms from Our Body. Find at:

      She has another article for Repopulate the Gut For Immunity. Find at:
      Where she has directions for the the supplanting enema.

      She has many health articles. Scroll on here pages and find the pumpkin seed remedy for parasites.

      Mandy’s garlic enema can be found at:

      I gave the garlic enema for fever reduction and parasites. It works.

      Most important is to consult with a holistic doctor before embarking on a home remedy, cleansing, program.

      This page, by earth mama, is very good too. The comments left by others are very good. Many helpful comments left. I pray all have found the best course of treatment to do. And it worked.

      One thing that has been repeated over and over again is keeping every thing and everyone clean. DE is mentioned often. I also used DE. Be careful NOT to breathe it in and make sure you have food grade DE.

      Growing up in the 50s and 60s we were given pumpkin (seeds??). Herbal remedies, which I cannot remember the type or name of them.
      Also, given castor oil often. I hated that stuff!
      My aunt was a nurse. Her and my cousin lived with us for a while after her divorce.

      Being the oldest I remember some about how parasites were eliminated in the child. And, fevers were reduced. Seemed my cousin some how had parasites more often than my siblings and I. Which meant all of us were treated. The house was cleaned from top to bottom. In addition to pumpkin, garlic, herbal remedy, some purple colored medicine (wish someone today could tell me the name of it), the enema was given. The enema was the warm mild soapy water enema. Made by swishing a bar of ivory soap in a pan of warm water. Making mild soapy water. Given with the bulb syringe on a table or across the lap way. That was a common home enema given by most, if not all, moms in the late 50s and 60s. It was also given for constipation. A cool water enema was given to help reduce a fever. There were no OTC junk to give then.

      Now the garlic enema or other herbal enema is suggested to be given instead for parasites.

      In addition to this wonderful page by mama and Mandy’s pages listed, I believe the book Prescription For Nutritional Healing is a must have for every home. It also talks about parasites and other ills.

      Again, do not take this as medical advice or what to do, or not to do. YOU talk with YOUR doctor and decide what is best remedy..remedies.

      Bless all.

  147. Tastentier says:

    Very interesting, thanks! I didn’t know about diatomaceous earth. But I know that in addition to garlic and other allium plants, pepper also has anti-worm and generally antimicrobial properties. Especially hot sauce contains large amounts of the active ingredients capsaicin and piperine. Cinnamon is yet another spice with antimicrobial properties. Finally, there is vinegar. As a cat owner, I’ve made it a habit to drink a glass of apple cider vinegar in warm water in the morning, use plenty of pepper and garlic/onions in my cooking, and add Ceylon cinnamon to everything sweet. It has cured my Helicobacter-related stomach issues and helps a lot with my Crohn’s.

  148. maaike says:

    This is great. thanks for the awesome post and thanks for speaking up about it.
    I found out, after I startet talking about it, how many many families around me suffer from these little creepers, a LOT. Almost every family I talked to, told me they regurlarly have them and take the medicine.
    It started some serious questions in my mind, why do they keep coming back..?
    My kids are not in school, (we homeschool) but ofcourse they come in touch with several kids arount them.
    Then I learned after some research, that (what I suspected) that these parasite medicine Not only kills parasites, but also lots of other good stuff living in our gut !! (like good gut bacteria, that is essential!) So we all actually need probiotics and a very good diet to build that up again after taking these seemingly innocent pinworm medications.

    I just discovered a first itch and worm again. Took my oregano and clove essential oil caps,
    Made a very groce smoothie with pumpkinseeds, DE, avocado peel, some garlic, vinegar and lots of greens (ramson is growing here around the corner) and also some other greens since they hate greens, and drank this.
    took three more of these EO capsules, and the same night no itching.
    I also made a spray, that I use every time i go to the bathroom. (it has water, some carrier oil mixed with anti parasite essential oils in it as well). I checked my kids and found worms with one of them. Used the oregano with plenty of carrier oil in his belly several times a day. (since he s too young to take capsules internally)
    ofcourse I did all the washing, showering the kids every morning, changing underwear etc. as well.. plus cutting the nails short.
    They seem to have vanished again. It is soo much work i hate them its more than a year ago that we had them, and I hate them sooo much, they give me nightmares. But, I am soo grateful to have natural remedies for them so that I dont need to take these damn chemicals that do ..knows what to my gut and immune system.

    Another question.. other than places like sand play grounds and schools where lots of kids can infect eachother.. Where do these pinnworm eggs sit? Obviously, kids stick their fingers in their mouths a LOT (at least mine do..) but seriously, these eggs, do they stay alive outside? I read they are in the swimming pool water where we swallow them, since chlorine doesnt kill the eggs. do they sit on the grocery wagen in the store? I just keep wondering where we infect ourselves…
    and how we can make our immune system strong enough to NEVER catch them again, bc obviously there are families that NEVER had have them……

  149. Rebecca says:

    When you start this did the DE seem to make the pinworms mad? Once I started this with my family my youngest daughter who never had any symptoms had a dirty diaper with several pinworms. My 2 other kids who I knew had pinworms seemed to have more. Not sure if anyone else notice an increase in activity?

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