Homeschool Week 8


Halloween fun has come and gone.  The transition to Thanksgiving is underway.  We will now to move on to a topic that Alex is very excited about…Native American Indians.  I am still researching the lessons that I am going to use to teach him about the Native Americans and how the English came to be on this land.  I want to teach it accurately, not as sugar-coated as I was taught in school, but not to dreary and graphic as he is only in kindergarten.  My friend shared a scholastic link that I want to check out and I would like to make a really neat lapbook on the subject.  So while I plot how I am going to teach this in the next few weeks will be simply be reading a few books and doing a few fun crafts to introduce the subject.

We will be working on Horizons Math 1 Lessons 12, 13, and 14.  I am going a little slow on this week since he is needing to learn the months of the year.  I have not introduced this until now so I want to make sure he masters them.  I have found a few cute songs that I hope to introduce to make it fun and I made a cute poster board to help him.  We will continue to practice counting to 100 by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s but he really has this down.  I will back up these lessons with our 1st grade Math Made Easy workbook because he simply loves earning the stars.

We are finishing our consonant book in Primary Phonics and I can’t wait to move onto the level 1 book (vowel sounds) so he can finally read a book!  I am so excited for this milestone.

I am excited for our homeschool recess this week since we didn’t have it yesterday due to the rain.  I really enjoy getting together with the families and their kids.

I am cutting this one short as bedtime is proving to be tough tonight with all of the sugar flowing in the kiddos bodies.  Glad we made it to week 8!!


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