Homeschool Week 7

Sooo…I am going to start numbering our weeks of homeschooling and what we are doing in that particular week so that I can keep track of everything.  We started homeschooling September 1st so this is our 7th week of homeschooling.

The chaos of my life may serve as amusement to many.  I am typing this while baking about 50 cupcakes for our Halloween Homeschool Party tomorrow and shipping about 20 things.  Multi-task much?

This week is the week before Halloween so we will be discussing Halloween.  I am totally addicted to lapbooks now and found a cool free Halloween lapbook that we will be working on throughout the week.  I love the vocabulary words that are suggested for the lapbook so we will begin our vocabulary box with this list.

Alex is doing great with the Horizon’s Math 1st grade curriculum.  This week we are working on place value tens and ones and the number line.  I love that I was able to meet his needs and advance him to 1st grads Math once he proved that he was ready .  Love homeschooling.  He takes his first Math ‘test’ tomorrow.

We are finishing up our consonants in Phonics and reading.  He has suddenly become interested in this and I have added an additional letter each week and he is doing great.  He no longer complains that reading is boring.

Science and Social Studies will be built around our Halloween lapbook.  Spiders and bats oh my!

Ava is begging to ‘do schoolwork’ so she has been working on writing her letters and numbers.

So that is it for this week now I need to go put the icing on these cupcakes!!

I feel like I needed to add a Halloween photo!!

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Week 7

  1. Sunshine says:

    You are doing so great. It must be a wonderful feeling to teach the kids yourself and assess their progress. And I LOVE the picture!! Thanks for sharing it.

    • Angela says:

      The kids amaze me everyday. I love being their teacher. I can respond to their individual needs in such an intimate way. Alex is rocking out the Math! I know that I will get become re-educated while teaching them.

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