Homeschool Lesson: Learning About Skin (Human Body Unit)

This week we are beginning two new unit studies in our homeschool learning.  In Science we are going to learn about the human body, we will begin the unit by discovering cells and skin.  We just finished the American Revolution in History and we are moving on to learn about Westward Expansion.

This was a super fun week filled with videos, books, and experiments.  This was one of those weeks that I we got a bunch of indoor learning completed and we had fun along the way, I love homeschooling!

We are just beginning our human body unit (second time around) so we kicked it off with Ms. Frizzle.  We read Inside the Human Body then watched it on Netflix.

In this post I share the learning activities we did for the cell, I previously wrote a detailed post about our cell learning activities, you can read about that fun here.

 I typically introduce a topic with a video or two, it seems to really get their attention.  We started the day with these two educational and fun videos about the skin:

A video about skin:

and this one:

They all enjoyed coloring several worksheets & coloring sheets from Skin Cancer Prevention and Have Fun Teaching.

This is one of the worksheets:

Human Body:  Skin

This is what our learning space looked like this week:

Human Body:  Learning about Skin

We also have the Elemental Science Biology lapbook, they completed activities in this as well.  You can print a free human body lapbook over at Homeschool Share.

Human Body:  Learning about Skin

Alex read this book to his sisters (I love that!):

We read this one together and it led to wonderful conversations about how people can look different yet be very much alike.

We had fun learning about skin with our Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope.

I rubbed a pencil on a piece of paper then had each child put their finger on it then put their finger on the sticky side of tape, next I taped it to a piece of paper so they could see their distinct fingerprint.  This was helpful while explaining the two layers of the skin.

The kids recorded each of their fingerprints by rubbing a pencil on paper then placing their finger on it, pushing their finger on the sticky side of the tape, then sticking it on a piece of pater.

Human Body:  Learning about Skin

They used the zoomy to explore their prints, skin, hair, even their noses and ears!  Using the zoomy is always fun!

Human Body:  Learning about Skin

We get great experiment ideas, like the fingerprint one, from this book: Janice VanCleave’s Biology For Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments That Really Work.

Here are a few other really fun skin lesson ideas:

Our Time to Learn had several really great activities to help teach about skin, like this hand craft extension:

photo credit:  Our Time to Learn
photo credit: Our Time to Learn

If you wanted to round out learning about skin with a treat there are several edible projects out there, like this one from Once Upon A Family:

photo credit:  Once Upon A Family
photo credit: Once Upon A Family
photo credit:  Once Upon A Family
photo credit: Once Upon A Family

We are having a great time learning about the human body and I know that we all had fun learning about skin!  If you have activities to share, please let me know!

To see a list of all of our learning activities (with links) please click here.

Learning About Skin:  Human Body

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