Homeschool: Learning About The Skeletal System

We are continuing along our human body learning journey.  We have already learned about skin and cells, this week we are discovering the skeletal system.  I am really excited about our human body learning unit, we did this a few years ago but they are older now and I know that I will be able to go a bit more in-depth this time around.  Learning about the skeletal system can be fun.  I share a few activities, videos, and books to help you with this learning lesson.

Learning About the Skeletal System

Skeletal System Lesson Activities

Here are several fun and mostly free ways that we discovered and learned about the skeletal system.

Skeletal System Videos

First we watched a few videos to introduce the skeletal system, we started with Schoolhouse Rock!

They really enjoyed this Learning Station video as well, they recognized them because we saw them live a few years ago.

Skeletal System Activities

Then we traced out Alex’s body and hung him on the sliding glass door.  I then printed bones out for him to cut and glue onto his body.  I found the printable bones over at Games Crafts Coloring.

Learning About the Skeletal System

I have to tell you that this hanging body and startled me on more than one occasion!


I really wanted to make a model of a bone.

photo credit: All Things Beautiful
photo credit: All Things Beautiful

I was inspired by All Things Beautiful, but we never got around to it.  Life happened and we ended up at Legoland with our homeschool group instead!  I will make it a point to include this model of a bone activity the next time we learn about the skeletal system!

I found another fun noodle activity to help discover the backbone over at Spell Out Loud.  She shares detailed instructions on how to create this model.

photo credit: Spell Out Loud
photo credit: Spell Out Loud

I found several great printable skeletal system worksheets over at Christian Home School Hub.

Skeletal System Worksheet

We also did a few skeletal system crafts that everyone enjoyed.

We made a Q Tip Skeleton of a hand, inspired by Crafty Morning.

photo credit: Crafty Morning
photo credit: Crafty Morning

We made a skeleton out of noodles.

Noodle Skeleton

We also enjoyed several books about the skeletal system.  I got these books at our library.  You can click on the book image to find out more information about them.

Skeletal System Books

This book was great at helping my children discover many amazing facts about the two hundred and six bones that make up their skeletons!

This was a great book as well.

We had a really fun week learning about the skeletal system.  If you have any activities to share I would love it if you would share them in the comments!

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