Homeschool Helper: Reading Eggs

I recently posted about our daily learning drawers.  In that post I included what a typical learning drawer for Alex contained.  I now realize that I left something out.   Alex and Ava’s daily learning drawers contain a laminated computer card.  They look something like this (these came from KinderTastic):

photo credit: KinderTastic

At some point during the day they bring me their card and I log them on to the educational online program of their choice.  Right now their favorite website is Reading Eggs.  I have to say that this is my favorite as well.

Currently, Reading Eggs has 120 lessons set for 4-7 year olds.  The Reading Eggs program focuses on a core reading curriculum of phonics and sight words.   I use this program to supplement our homeschool reading and phonics.   This program has boosted Alex’s confidence in reading immensely.

Here is an example of an activity….

As the reader progresses through the levels and activities they earn golden eggs.  You can see his learning path here…

This is Alex’s motivation….he loves to build his number of eggs.  The eggs can then be used to play fun games.  Alex also likes creating his own avatar on Reading Eggs.  Creating his own avatar allows him to add his own personal and silly touch to the game.  He changes his ‘guy’ up frequently and loves to show him to me and his sisters.  Alex is aware that he is learning and he also knows that he is having fun while he is learning.

Ava is working through the levels at a slower pace than Alex.   She spends about half of her time working on the lessons and half of the time in the Play Room area.  Here she is learning in bed (we keep it casual in our home!)….. 

The play room area is perfect for pre-school aged children, it contains lots of fun games and activities to help with mouse control and observation.

The program is also adding new lessons for our older children, 6-8 years old, who already know the basics of reading but have more to learn about reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension.

There are also worksheets that you can print that go along with each lesson.  I place these in Alex’s learning drawers on occasion, he thinks they are great because they are a familiar and fun way of learning.

Reading Eggs makes it very easy to track your childs progress.  I print Alex’s progress reports and place them in his homeschool portfolio that I use for his annual state required homeschool evaluation.  I have also downloaded a few Reading Eggs apps on my phone that they all three enjoy!

Alex has been using Reading Eggs for almost a year and Ava a few months (you get a discount for multiple kids!).  I would definitely recommend this online learning program to my friends (you).  AND they offer a free trial!  Simply click here to see the details.

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