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I often feel as though I am flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to homeschooling.  I have always said that just when it seems that we find our homeschooling groove it changes.  There are some things that I have found to be extremely helpful to our family when it comes to homeschooling.  I am going to begin posting about these things, some are ideas and some are items, that help us out on our homeschooling journey.

For my first homeschool helper post I want to write about our homeschool organization.  We don’t follow a curriculum in our home, we are very relaxed eclectic homeschoolers.  What we learn follows the interests of our family.  In the past I would plot our learning day in the morning but that led to hectic mornings and I do not like hectic.  To keep the chaos to a minimum, if that is even possible, I put together daily learning folders for the two older kids (7 and 4).  The folders became learning drawers when I found this set up on sale and with a coupon….

Each drawer is labeled with a name and a day of the week.

On Saturday or Sunday I place all of the bins on the table and fill them day by day.

Here are the contents of a typical daily learning drawer for Alex….

Independent Readers
Phonics Game / Folder
A Few Pages In Reading Workbooks
Math Game or Folder
Math Worksheet
Pages to go into a lapbook
Book to read as a family

Some days we complete everything in the drawer and some days we don’t.  On the days that there are left over items I simply place them in the next daily drawer.  At the end of the week if there is anything left over I simply roll them over to the next week.  This set up has worked great for us.  The daily learning drawers provide Alex and Ava with the confidence that they are in charge of their learning.  Alex has been known to do two or three drawers in one day so he can skip a few days.

I would also like to say that the contents of their learning drawers does not sum up all that we learn.  We learn all of the time.  We are constantly learning outdoors through nature,  field trips, and everyday life.  We love to learn about new topics on the computer or through streaming on Netflix.  We visit the library multiple times a week….we stack our library books and current lapbooks on the learning tower so we don’t misplace any.

Library books and lapbook up on top

We may grow out of our daily learning drawers but for now they work great for us.   What is your favorite learning organizational helper???

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4 thoughts on “Homeschool Helper: Daily Learning Drawers

  1. To help organize my life, I use a calendering program (Outlook in my case). I put an appointment called “Today” in and it has my to do list–for now and things that are deferred. Just like your drawer, whatever doesn’t get done gets moved to the next day!

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