Homeschool: Colonial Life (American History)

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Alex loves History.  Currently, he is intrigued with American History.  One of our favorite things about homeschooling is the freedom that it provides us, one of these freedoms is deciding what topics we want to learn about.  I believe in following my children’s interests in our home learning so this year (and maybe next) our family will be discovering and learning American History together.

I have divided American History in segments and will plan them out segment by segment – that is about as far out as I can plan!  I will share the topics and resources that we use to chronicle our learning and maybe to serve as a resource for other families studying American History, as always, if you have an idea to add please share in the comments!

We have started our American History learning journey this year with Colonial America.

We previously completed a very thorough study of the early explorers, first settlements including Jamestown and felt it unnecessary to revisit these topics.  The following information includes the resources that we used while learning about American History during colonial times and the timeline that we (hopefully) will follow.

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A History Of US:  Making Thirteen Colonies  :  This is a series of books that we plan to use as the spine of our American History learning.

A History Of US:  Making Thirteen Colonies Binder Builder (Journey Through Learning)  :  I will pick and choose pieces of this that I feel my children will enjoy – we will not be completing the entire binder builder.

America The Story of Us DVD (History Channel) :  I scored this for free a few years ago (It’s currently on Netflix!) and am happy to finally unwrap it, I knew that I would use it one day!

America The Story of Us Classroom Activity Guide :  This is a nice free guide that accompanies the DVD

History Pockets:  Life In Plymouth Colony :  My kids love working on History Pockets.  Some call it busy work, my kids call it fun!

History Pockets:  Life in Colonial America

What Was the First Thanksgiving? :  We adore these books.  We started with the ‘Who was…’ books then discovered the ‘What was…’ books and now the ‘Who is…’ books (Who is George Lucas was a HUGE hit!)

Who Was Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin lapbook (Homeschool Share FREE) :  yes, we love lapbooks!

American Adventures book series :  I stumbled upon these books in a homeschool forum and although we are secular in our home learning I just couldn’t resist these books.  It is a series that follows several generations of the same family from the Mayflower to WW II.

Life In Colonial America coloring book : who doesn’t love coloring?!?

We learn through reading so we will be checking out LOTS of library books!  I will create a (growing) list at the bottom of this post sharing the MANY library books that we read.

 Timeline:  (I will make this printable soon)

Life in Plymouth Colony 1620

Week One:

Read chapters 13-15 A History of US

Read What Was the First Thanksgiving

History Pockets:  Life in Plymouth County

  • Voyage to the New World
  • The New World

Week Two:

Read chapters 16-20 in A History of US

History Pockets:  Life in Plymouth County

  • Building a Village
  • Home Sweet Home

Week Three:

Read Chapters 21-24 A History of US

History Pockets:  Life in Plymouth County

  • The Family
  • Working in Plymouth Colony

Week Four:

Read Chapters 25-29 A History of US

History Pockets:  Life in Plymouth County

  • Going to School
  • What did Pilgrims Give Us?
  • Hasty Pudding
  • Thank You, Pilgrims

Squanto 1622  Read Squanto:  A Friend to Pilgrims

Week Five:

Read Chapters 30-35 A History of US

History Pockets:  Colonial America

  • Introduction to Colonial America

Week Six:

Read Chapters 36-38 A History Of US

History Pockets:  Colonial America

  • Memorable People

Week Seven:

Read Chapter 39 A History Of US

History Pockets:  Colonial America

  • Comparison Chart
  • Reflection Sheet

Week Eight:

Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

Read Chapter 29 A History of US

Read ‘Who Was Ben Franklin’

Work on Benjamin Franklin lapbook.

This is a loose outline, divided into weeks.  This seems extremely structured for me (I am not used to being so structured) but I feel that it is needed so that we can cover American History and *hopefully* not miss too many moments in history!

Library Book List (this will grow!):

If you Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 Ann McGovern

On The Mayflower (Voyage of the Ship’s Apprentice & a Passenger Girl)  by Kate Waters

Sarah Morton’s Day (A day in the life of a Pilgrim Girl) by Kate Waters

Samuel Eaton’s Day (A day in the life of a Pilgrim Boy) by Kate Waters

The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce (A Pilgrim Boy) A Dear America Book

The Pilgrims of Plimoth  Marcia Sewall

Pigrims of Plymouth Susan Goodman





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